The 5 Best Automatic Espresso Machines to Choose from in 2021

Last Update: April 14, 2021
Automatic espresso machines create espresso from scratch without human interference. Read on if you want consistent coffee from automatic espresso machines.

Espresso is a real treat for the coffee-loving world, and with these five automatic espresso machines, it becomes even easier to enjoy that cup of joe your way. This article will cover some of the best espresso machines available on the market today and provide pros and cons for each machine reviewed!

These reviews can provide you with a point in comparison which increases your chances of making a smart decision on which machine is right for you!


Choosing the Best Automatic Espresso Machine

Understanding your level of commitment to espresso is the first step to finding the best automatic espresso machine. Are you the type of person who is rushing out the door minutes after you wake up, or do you prepare a good, healthy breakfast?

You need to examine also how you use your espresso machine. If you are the type of person who has the patience to tinker with your espresso machine to prepare a good espresso shot, you may not need to get a full-automatic espresso machine. You can settle with a manual, or a semi-automatic machine allows you to dial in the kind of espresso you want to brew.

One thing’s for sure, the last thing you want is to be buying espresso shots from a coffee machine. We all know that a delicious espresso takes love, patience, and experience to master. With the press of a button from the control panel, you can choose your cup of brew that tastes better than what the coffee shop has to offer.

The 5 best Automatic Espresso Machine

If you are the type of person who wants to dash out of the door right away, drinking your espresso on your way to work, you need an automatic espresso machine, which, at the push of a button, provides your espresso shot before you run out of the house.

The following are some of the best automatic espresso machines you can find on the market. Examine each espresso machine to enlighten you on which one you should be getting for your home or office.

1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

In the mid-price category, espresso lovers worldwide love the Breville Barista Express espresso machine, an unrivaled machine. A semi-automatic espresso machine could be a fantastic choice if you are looking for an espresso machine worth your money.

Whether you are an expert or an espresso newbie, enjoy high-quality espresso-based drinks each day if you choose the barista express. It is rare for an espresso machine to meet the needs of both experts and an espresso newbie.

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express has many manual settings and adjustable controls to make you feel like a professional barista when you pull your first espresso shot. It is simple to operate, and yet it performs like an expensive espresso machine. It has a built-in coffee grinder that grinds the coffee beans straight into the portafilter. However, this machine is only a semi-automatic machine, requiring some degree of patience to operate. It is not a thousand-dollar automatic machine that requires a minimum of fuss to function, but it gives the same high-quality espresso that an expensive machine does.

The Breville Barista Express is not a compact espresso machine, as it is robust and significant with a chassis made of stainless steel, a steel portafilter, and a handle attachment. It has a large bean hopper with a large burr grinder, giving the machine some close looks. These advanced features are usually seen only on premium automatic espresso machines.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Benefits and Features

  • The superior quality of material
  • Easy-to-use compact machine
  • All accessories included
  • It is available in a variety of colors.
  • Default settings
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Brewing Capability

The Breville Barista Express gives you four filter baskets – pressurized and non-pressurized models of the single and double filter. Some people call them single baskets or double-walled baskets. You can start with the pressurized baskets if you are a novice espresso lover or simply feeling lazy. There is no need to perfectly dial in the shot with the pressurized basket by adjusting the grind setting and grind amount. While you still need to make some adjustments, you have a more significant margin for error. You can see the pressure on the dial, and after making some adjustments, you can pull a great espresso shot with nobody knowing that you are just a beginner.

Once you are confident enough, you can start brewing with the non-pressurized baskets. You have to dial in your shot, but you can pull high-quality espresso shots once you get the hang of it.

The controls on the Breville Barista Express allow you different ways of modifying your espresso shot to let you dial it in at a high level. The dose control allows you to change the amount of coffee grind in each cup, 19 – 22 grams of ground coffee, to define the ratio of coffee to water. The grind size control allows you to choose 16 levels of fineness, affecting your espresso's extraction.

Easy Features

The Breville Barista Express has many features that enhance your brewing experience. The most noticeable feature of this machine is the built-in bean hopper and conical burr grinder. You can easily remove the bean hopper for refilling or cleaning the burrs. Breville makes great burr grinders. The stainless steel conical burrs and the 16 grind settings let you fine-tune the grind size and dial in the perfect espresso shot. It does not get any fresher than putting the beans from the grinder straight into the portafilter.

The buttons let you decide if you a single or double espresso shot by choosing the filter basket – large or small – and selecting the filter size button. You can opt to dial in your shot using a non-pressurized basket or using the lazy mode by opting for the pressurized basket.

Push the portafilter into the grinding bracket, press a button, and grinds the perfect amount of coffee into your filter. You can now remove the tampers and tamp your coffee. Lock in your portafilter and let the espresso machine extract by hitting the single or double cup button.

Once you hit brew, it starts the pre-infusion stage, where the machine wets the grounds and wait for 30 – 60 seconds before pulling. The short wait ensures that the shot brewed is much better.

The Breville Barista Express has other features to make your espresso journey an enjoyable one:

  • Low-pressure pre-infusion and 9-bar brewing pressure from its 15-bar pump for optimum extraction.
  • 1600-watt thermocoil heating system for less than a 1-minute startup.
  • Brewing pressure gauge to tell you how you are dialing in your shot according to the pressure level.

This machine is an excellent jumping-off point for advanced barista skills.

Milk Frothing

This machine, being only a semi-automatic one, requires that you steam and froth your milk. The stainless 360-degree steam wand lets you find the correct angle for your steaming pitcher, and whether you need milk froth for your cappuccino or silky microfoam for your latte, the infuser does an excellent job.

The steam wand swivels to any direction you want it to go.

The machine uses a conventional thermoblock wand, which means you are in full control and have to get the air into the foam. Practice using it if it is your first time. It takes a couple of practice runs before you can master the art of milk frothing.


Nobody loves cleaning an espresso machine. If you have to spend about three times the amount of cleaning your device than to make your coffee, a trip to the coffee shop looks better and better. Most espresso machines are notorious for the time needed to clean, but not the Barista Express.

To clean the burrs, take out the bean hopper with just a twist, and remove the steel burrs. It is the same way for removing the water tank and water filter – flick your wrist, and it is unlocked, quickly emptied, cleaned, and refilled.

The machine has a built-in “clean me” light and a floater in the drip tray that tells you when to empty it. For easy cleaning, you can remove the drip tray with pop and twist.

Build Quality

The Breville Barista Express uses Italian-made parts to ensure the most delicate Italian taste of your espresso. The espresso machine has a stainless steel casing and internal plastic parts typical for a device at this price range.

Espresso lovers are impressed with the way Barista Express’s build. For added peace of mind, the machine comes with a one-year limited warranty.

2. De'Longhi ECAM35020W Dinamica TrueBrew

If you have been drinking watered-down coffee at home or work, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because you can now buy De’Longhi Dinamica TrueBrew fully automatic espresso machine featuring iced coffee technology. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your iced coffee. The Dinamica TrueBrew makes coffee at low temperatures to pre-infuse coffee grounds, allowing you to customize the coffee strength that pleases you.

De’Longhi TrueBrew can brew smooth and full-bodied coffee over ice. You can now prepare a variety of coffee beverages at home or office. The Dinamica is an auto bean-to-cup coffee machine that offers one-touch coffee beverages of your choice – from drip-style coffee to espresso, from long espresso to TrueBrew Over Ice. Just select the corresponding coffee strength you prefer, and you get your coffee the way you want it.

De’Longhi ECAM35020W Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic has the following features:

  • Adjustable burr grinder – Dinamica has a fully adjustable burr grinder that gives you total control of the grind and coffee strength.
  • It has an integrated adjustable manual frother to customize steam and levels of foam.
  • It has a customized one-touch setting for coffee beverages.
De'Longhi ECAM35020W Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic

Benefits and Features

  • It has an integrated manual frother.
  • The machine is easy to clean.
  • The brew unit is removable and dishwasher safe.
  • 3 years total of warranty, including 1 year when the device is registered
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3. Saeco PicoBaristo Super-automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Carafe

The Saeco PicoBaristo is a new entry in the crowded field of automatic espresso machines. With a price tag of approximately $1,300, the Saeco PicoBaristo machine belongs to the field's upper-middle class. It creates a good impression, but not because of its looks.

The Saeco PicoBaristo Super-automatic espresso machine is similar in many ways to the less costly Saeco HD8924/47 PicoBaristo but has a more extensive set of features. It can brew a choice of coffee beverages that an ordinary compact espresso machine cannot do. It brews the widest variety of coffee beverages automatically with just a push of a button. The device requires minimum maintenance.

Saeco PicoBaristo Super-automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Carafe

Benefits and Features

  • The AquaClean water filter gives you clean, filtered water for each cup
  • A ceramic grinder that is adjustable for great taste and long life
  • 1-button, eleven choices beverages
  • Automatic descaling
  • Automatic milk frother with a removable carafe
  • Compact size to fit any kitchen
  • Attractive stainless steel style
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It brews the widest variety of coffee beverages automatically with just a push of a button. The machine requires minimum maintenance.

The Saeco PicoBaristo Super-automatic espresso machine is the perfect machine to own when you have no patience waiting for so many minutes before you have your espresso and other coffee beverages. It has a Quick Heat Boiler that works in conjunction with the light stainless steel and aluminum body to almost instantly reach the optimum temperature.

The machine has five settings, which allows you to customize your espresso using five different settings while setting the temperature and the length of the brew. A memo function allows you to easily repeat your favorite drinks, with the machine memorizing your settings.

Another critical design of this machine is the AquaClean Filter, which allows you to make every espresso cup using only clean filtered water.

The ceramic grinder is another essential component of this machine. Saeco grinders use ceramics that are very hard and precise. The ceramic grinders of this machine remove the burnt coffee flavor that comes with steel grinders. The ceramic grinders grind your fresh beans very gently, with no burnt off-flavors of the beans. It is grinding without bruising the beans and results in a full aroma and flavor in the coffee. The ceramic grinder has a longer life expectancy than the steel grinder, able to grind up to 20,000 cups of espresso. The grinder has 10 settings to provide a range of grind, from the finest to produce a full-bodied espresso to coarse grind to make lighter coffee.

The Saeco PicoBariso has an integrated milk carafe with an automatic milk frother. The integrated milk carafe has a unique one-touch feature that provides a ready source of hot milk and froth. It has a quick clean function to let you rinse the milk carafe after each use by just touching a button. The automatic milk frother provides a smooth layer of froth at the touch of a button.

The Saeco PicoBaristo has a touch button that lets you rapidly brew a variety of specialty coffee drinks. The machine has an Italian styling, which is executed in stainless steel to fit any kitchen. The compact design is a convenient addition to any type and size of kitchens.

4. Delonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica TrueBrew

De’Longhi ECAM35025SB Dinamica TrueBrew is a fully automatic espresso machine that features the latest technology for making iced coffee, eliminating the need to settle down for a watered-down version of iced coffee. The machine brews the coffee at low temperatures, pre-infusing the coffee grounds to customize its strength. It brews full-bodied and smooth coffee over ice that does not taste watered down at all.

This machine allows you to enjoy a variety of traditional fresh coffee beverages at home. It offers ‘one-touch’ coffee beverages, including the newest feature -TrueBrew Over Ice. All you need to do is select the strength of coffee to your liking.

This machine lets you enjoy various coffee beverages at home or office, comparable to the coffee beverages you get from your local café. The machine makes different types of coffee beverages at the touch of a button, from drip-style coffee to espresso, including the True Brew Over Ice. All you need to do is press the corresponding button, and you get your favorite drink in a short while.

The De’Longhi Dinamica has a built-in advanced manual frother that lets you make your espresso classics such as latte and cappuccino, complete with creamy and long-lasting foam from your choice of milk – cow’s, soy, coconut, almond, or rice. The frothing quality depends on the type of dairy or non-dairy milk you have selected.

Delonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic

Benefits and Features

  • The first and only fully automatic coffee and espresso machine
  • Heat-up time in less than 40 seconds
  • It brews the freshest coffee
  • It is the most straightforward machine to clean
  • It has an adjustable steel burr grinder to let you control the grind and beverage strength
  • There is an integrated manual frother to allow you to customize steam and foam levels
  • It allows you to froth your milk perfectly
  • You can make your favorite coffee beverage using the one-touch technology
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Full-bodied Iced Coffee

De’Longhi TrueBrew Over Ice is the first and only fully automatic espresso machine to feature iced coffee. The low-temperature brewing, pre-infusing, and infusing the coffee offers the option of customizing your coffee's strength. You get a full-bodied coffee over ice that does not taste watered down.

Heating up

This fully automatic coffee and espresso machine have an Italian 15-bar high-performance pump. It takes the brew unit only 40 seconds to heat up, which means that you can have your quality coffee beverages with the push of a button.

Freshest Coffee

This machine has the bean to cup brewing technology and a breakthrough built-in burr grinder made of steel that gives you the freshest cup of coffee every time. Unlike other machines on the market, Dinamica does not leave coffee grounds in the brew unit.

Adjustable Steel Burr Grinder

Dinamica has an adjustable stainless steel burr grinder that gives you total control of the grind and beverage strength. Dinamica comes with a recommended grind setting, but you have the option to customize based on your coffee roast, origin, and taste preferences.

Foam Your Way

It comes with an adjustable manual frother to give you the unique option of customizing your steam and milk foam levels. You can choose from creamy, rich, long-lasting lattes and cappuccinos, even if you do not have any barista experience.

5. Breville L.P. BES878BSS Breville The Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Breville’s attention to user experience is very much on display with its new Breville Barista Pro. It is an excellent update to their famous Barista Express. The Barista Pro has better usability in a very sleek and shiny case. At the heart of the Barista Pro is the new ThermoJet heating system with greatly improved heat-up time, reducing the delay between brewing and steaming.

The fast workflow lets you move from the preparation of the shot to latte art at a much quicker pace than any machine could provide. Other improvements include a redesigned hot water spout, a backlit digital screen that shows grind and shot times, and a curvy and polished backsplash made of stainless steel.

The machine has 3 seconds startup with its Thermojet heating system. The intuitive interface has an LCD that features progress animation of grinding and extracting. You can get from the screen all the information needed to make coffee the way you exactly like it.

Breville L.P. BES878BSS Breville The Barista Pro Espresso Machine

Benefits and Features

  • Can reach extraction temperature in 3 seconds
  • Single-touch burr grinder
  • Powerful steam wand
  • Made of brushed stainless steel
  • It has an intuitive interface with an LCD that shows the progress animation of grinder and espresso extraction.
  • It has a ThermoJet heating system
  • Single-touch controls
  • Powerful steam wands
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The new ThermoJet heating system can reach the optimum temperature for extraction within 3 seconds, instantaneously transitioning from espresso to steam. It is ready to make your coffee as you wait.

The machine has a built-in, conical burr grinder that operates with a single touch. It delivers the right amount of coffee when needed because of the dose control in the grinder.

The machine produces a consistent and balanced espresso with the right amount of ground coffee. The primary key to full-flavor and café quality coffee is the 54 mm portafilter.

The machine has a digital temperature control that delivers water at the right temperature to ensure optimal espresso extraction. Its powerful steam wand allows you to hand texture your micro-foam milk to enhance coffee flavor while allowing you to create your latte art.

What is Automatic Espresso Machine?

The main difference between an automatic espresso machine and a semi-automatic espresso machine is the timing. An automatic espresso machine shuts off the flow after 25 to 30 seconds from the start. Some other variables are automated, but the flow length allows the user to step away from the machine, knowing that there would be no spills.

Choosing the Best Automatic Coffee Machine

The automatic espresso machine is for people who are always rushing out the door each morning. These machines require very little to no barista skills as they typically operate at the touch of a button. Getting an automatic espresso machine is similar to having your barista right in your home.

Depending on the model, some of these espresso machines offer a fundamental option, such as espresso. In contrast, the more advanced options provide various coffee beverages, customized coffee temperature, or milk texture. The super-automatic espresso machines have different beneficial options, ranging from Panarello-style steam wand to the milk carafe and more. You can choose the option that works best for you.

When choosing your espresso machine, think of the one you like as your barista. Choosing the best one lets you start your morning on the right foot and right mood. Choose the wrong espresso machine, and you end up drinking bad-tasting coffee coupled with a feeling of regret for having squandered your hard-earned money for nothing.

Who Makes the Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machine?

It is a close call to decide on who makes the best super-automatic espresso machine. Breville and DeLonghi, and other brands make great super-automatic espresso machines, but the Saeco has a machine in the same class and quality. The PicoBaristo from Saeco is better and more affordable than other super-automatic devices from other brands.

Why You Should Read Auto Espresso Machine Reviews

The number of automatic espresso machines available online is truly mind-boggling, with their respective advertisements claiming that each one is the best on the market. While it is true that every machine is a product of a long process of research and design work, making each one truly a remarkable machine, they may not suit your needs. An automatic espresso machine that is good enough for one person may not be good enough for another.

Every automatic espresso machine has features that differentiate it from the rest, and each one has its advantages over the other.

Automatic espresso machine reviews provide detailed information about a particular machine based on the reviewer's knowledge of who has tried that specific machine. The information shared by the reviewer may differ from what the manufacturer has provided. Reviewers are typically fair in their analysis of espresso machines, guided only by the desire to present what is right and wrong about a particular espresso machine.

Reading automatic espresso machine reviews guide you on the best espresso machine to purchase.

The Advantage of an Automatic Espresso Maker with Grinder

It is always a great advantage to have an automatic espresso machine with a built-in grinder. You save valuable real estate in your kitchen when you have an espresso machine with a grinder. Instead of having two devices sitting on your countertop, you have only one.

There is also the Advantage of convenience. Instead of buying an espresso machine and looking for a compatible grinder, you have both features in one device – an espresso machine with a built-in grinder. There are many types and sizes of grinders, and not all of them fit your espresso machine.

Having an espresso machine with a built-in grinder will save you money as you don’t have to buy a separate grinder. The right grinders are quite expensive. So, you save a good deal of money here.

Also, there is the question of compatibility. You can pull a delicious brew each time if your grind is consistent, as consistency can be tricky for commercial grinders. It is not easy experimenting with the type of grinder because they are quite expensive. You cannot merely buy a grinder and put it away when it is apparent that it is not compatible with your espresso machine.

You save plenty of trouble by choosing an automatic espresso machine with an integrated grinder in it.

What is the Best Automatic Espresso Machine for Home?

To answer the question of the best automatic espresso machine for home, you need to look at the features and benefits of each one. Read some auto espresso machine reviews to find the right espresso maker.

Of the five automatic espresso machines that we reviewed, the Breville BES8870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine is the best for your home. It has many excellent features, such as the integrated burr grinder, the ability to clean it quickly, and the dosing and brewing capabilities. Make the Barista Express a superb buy to bring out the best espresso shot each time you want it.

No wonder the Breville Barista Express is the top-selling espresso maker over the internet. From its brewing capabilities to the very smooth espresso production, this machine is worth every penny of its price.

The Breville Barista Express is a mighty and flexible espresso maker that requires only a little practice and understanding for you to master all its nuances. Learning the best coffee machine's operation puts you in the same skills level as a professional barista who knows the tweaks and adjustments needed to prepare the freshest and best-tasting espresso right at the comfort of your home.

The best espresso machines have features that give you an enhanced brewing experience. The noteworthy part of this machine is the built-in bean hopper and conical burr grinder. The bean hopper is easily removable, which is very handy when you are refilling it or cleaning it. The burr grinder has 16 grind settings to allow you to fine-tune your grind size so you can dial in the perfect espresso shot. You get a fresh cup of coffee after putting the beans into the hopper and the grinder sending coffee grounds straight into the portafilter.

The Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine is what you need if you want to make your café-quality espresso.

What is the Best Coffee Beans for Automatic Espresso Makers?

There are plenty of coffee brands that cater to automatic espresso makers, even an automatic espresso maker with a grinder. However, the user needs to get the machine's feel and how his favorite beans transform into coffee. If you are comfortable with your usual blend, then the espresso machine should extract the full flavor without any problems. Most coffee enthusiasts have their stash of different coffee types from a variety of sources. As a general rule, coffee drinkers would stick to their hard sourced coffee beans rather than change beans to fit the machine.


Every espresso lover has his own needs when it comes to the best super-automatic espresso machine. Some people want to rush out of the door first thing in the morning, but they need their cup of espresso before running out. This type of espresso lover is one that requires an automatic espresso machine. While getting ready to go out, they can push a button in their automatic espresso machine, and by the time they are prepared to rush out of the house, the espresso is waiting.

There are also espresso lovers who want to tinker with the best automatic coffee machine to brew an espresso shot according to their specific likes and dislikes. These are the espresso lovers who want to work with their device as a professional barista – making adjustments here and there to create the perfect espresso drink.

The first group of espresso lovers should buy an automatic espresso machine, while the second group should have a manual or semi-automatic espresso machine.

We reviewed five espresso machines for various espresso lovers in the world. The first group of espresso lovers who are always rushing out of the door each day should get a fully automatic espresso machine such as the De’Longhi automatic machine. The second group of espresso lovers should be getting the best automatic espresso machine like the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine. This semi-automatic machine requires the user to fiddle with the controls while preparing a fresh cup of espresso to start the day.

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