Best Coffee for Cold Brew

5 Best Coffee For Cold Brew To Refresh Your Mind Easily

A cup of joe in the morning takes you to a unique portal that creates a flavorful essence essential for all-day productivity and well-being. There is no better way to start your day than sipping your favorite java no matter where or how the weather is.

While summer brings that warm breeze which makes a piping hot of java out of line, coffee aficionados won’t stop enjoying the most beautiful part of the day–a cup of coffee-– is it cold or warm. Good thing, cold brew coffee is introduced, now all you have to do is find the perfect coffee bean to match the hot summer days with a chilly shot of coffee you’ll be coming back for more.

Down are the top 5 most excellent flavorful grounds of coffee beans you should take along with you. Plus we’ve included a comprehensive guide afterward to make things as easy as possible, because we know how to truly relax, like how you want it.

This organic Arabica whole bean is ideal for cold brewing and other processes you may want to try. It is bold and flavorful with multiple aroma essence to provide that kickstart caffeine you need to complete your day. This bean is intensively prepared and selected to make sure that you only get premium-quality products suitable for your sophisticated lifestyle.

Buy smart today, buy organic. It is a process of careful selection and smart farming which provides the most excellent quality from planting to harvesting to make sure you have great flavorful coffee worth your time and money.


Benefits And Features

  • Whole Beans Dark Roast 
  • 100% Organic 
  • Multiple Aroma
  • Arabica Beans
  • Fairtrade, Kosher 
  • Multiple Tasting Notes
  • Variety Of Approved Brewing Method
  • Fresh And Flavorful 
  • Environment-Friendly Processed

There is no better way to enjoy summertime than a cup of cold-brewed coffee with no acidity and no bitterness taste but smooth and lovely chocolatey flavor to enjoy. It is conveniently easy to prepare with less effort but huge benefits and amazing results. It comes wi9th individually sealed packs that you can just drop into your pitcher and will be ready after 24 hours of preparation.


Benefits And Features

  • African And Columbian Origin
  • Individual Steep Packaging
  • Ease Of Use And Preparation
  • Full-Flavored And Bold 
  • Low Acid- No Bitterness
  • Refreshing And Convenient
  • Multiple serving Packs
  • Can Last for A Week After Preparation

When it comes to selecting the most excellent organic coffee beans for your cold brewing process, the Kicking Horse Coffee is one of the finest selections in the market today. Made and processed from an all-natural method to produce only the best tasting, flavorful coffee beans suitable for a variety of brewing styles to match your preference and go with the weather.

You will know that every ground is intensively planned, grown and harvested with perfection through its organic procedure. The fairtrade enables growth not just for the finest Arabica beans but to every farmer’s benefits and is eco-friendly at the same time.


Benefits And Features

  • Dark Roast Coffee Ground
  • Multiple Tasting Notes And Brewing Method
  • South And Central America Origin
  • Fairtrade, Kosher, And 100% Organic
  • Shade Grown 
  • Arabica Beans
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Certified
  • Sweet And Smooth Aroma
  • All-Natural Roasting Process

This highly caffeinated coffee ground is a great choice for a great punch to help you be productive and start the day right. It’s made with the finest combination of Robusta and Arabica beans which double the amount of coffee extracted flavor in one. Ideal for any brewing method but most especially with cold brewing processes.

This coffee bean is 100% all-natural from planning, planting to harvesting. It’s an eco-friendly process and procedure provides you with a premium quality cup of joe, be it hot or cold.


Benefits And Features

  • Dark Roast
  • Combination Of Robusta And Arabica Beans
  • Strong Fresh And Intense Flavor
  • 100% Organic, Fair Trade
  • USDA Certified
  • Flavor Notes: Chocolate And Cherry
  • All-Natural And Eco-Friendly
  • No Bitter Taste
  • No Artificial Ingredients Added
  • High Caffeine Content

The brand that manufactures only the best tasting flavorful coffee grounds suitable for cold brewing and other brewing procedures. It is made with all-natural ingredients, no preservatives added to make sure you only get the freshest and organic Arabica beans you need.


Benefits And Features

  • Medium Roast Ground
  • All Organic, Fair Trade
  • Kosher Coffee
  • USDA Certified
  • Arabica Beans
  • Ideal For Cold Brew
  • Natural Roast procedure
  • South ANd Central America Originated

The Best Coffee For Cold Brew Comprehensive Buying Guide

Before buying the first coffee ground that pops on your search button, you need to make sure you have selected the most excellent quality beans to provide the finest rich-tasting flavorful essence cup of cold java suitable for a hot summer day. The best way to refresh your day is to start it right, a cup of aroma filled flavor chilled java.

Cold brewing has a lot of benefits, including extracting the most subtle flavors for your coffee beans with the absence of warmth. Be that of Arabica or Robusta, and a combination of both is simply a great boost.

Cold brewing is entirely different from iced coffee. These two processes have unique methods of preparing coffee that most java connoisseurs will surely enjoy. With cold brew, you use icy filtered water into the steeped coffee and let it rest for hours without any heat present in the process. The extraction of flavor is done as the coffee beans are submerged into the cold water.

While iced coffee will require you to do the traditional brewing process and let the mixture of coffee cool down before you pour it over a cup or mug of ice.

Facts About Coffee Cold Brew Process

  • Coffee grounds/steep packs are submerged into filtered icy water for hours.
  • You will need twice the amount of coffee grounds to achieve the right flavorful aromatic experience of coffee because you won’t need warmth to extract flavors.
  • The prized peculiarities and unique flavor of cold brew coffee are extracted between 35F – 70F (2 – 21C).
  • Coffee that is cold brewed has no bitter taste and less acidity compared to traditionally brewed coffee process using heat.
  • The perfect coffee grounds is the key secret for a wonderful cold brew coffee.

Important Factors For A Successful Cold Brewing

  • Coffee Grind Size is Important – The size of the coffee grind that you will use matters to the success of your cold brew coffee. The coarse grind ones are more suitable for cold brewing processes. The finely ground coffee beans produce a stronger and harshed flavor compared to coarse grind types. 
  • Roasts Type – It may be a matter of choice to what flavor you will want to use. However, our experts coffee aficionados have recommended dark roasted beans to achieve the right flavor associated with cold brew. Light-medium roasts are also good, but they will provide a muted taste as the beans are not intensively damaged along the process. 
  • Slow Drip Or Immersion – When it comes to cold brew coffee experience, you can either choose the simple way or the easy way.
  • Blend or Single Origin – Whether you go for dark roasts or coffee grounds, when it comes to coffee cold brew method, every expert and java connoisseur will recommend the best beans are the single-origin ones. Blends are good quality for coffee shop experience but the single-origin grounds enable you to create that subtle mixture and flavor easily. 
  • Adding Milk or Not – Not everyone may go with the idea of adding milk but this is a personal preference for every coffee aficionados out there.

Best Coffee Roast For Cold Brew With Intense Flavor

When it comes to cold brewing, the best coffee grounds to use are the darkest ones. This is because of the process of extractions that dark roasts offer the subtle yet intense flavor of chocolatey, syrupy, nutty, and an earthy flavor that can be enjoyed with using the dark roasts beans. 

The Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast is a subtle selection of premium-quality beans suitable for cold brewing. With cold water and these ground immersion, you surely have that cold-brewed coffee with multiple aromas from its organic beans with the all-natural procedure of roasting these beans that uses an eco-friendly process.

Best Coffee For Iced Coffee Maker

The coffee beans that you will be using will determine the quality of coffee you will be sipping. Whether you go for a traditional brewing method or feels like going for an iced coffee, the quality of your coffee is important. While iced coffee has a different process compared to cold brewing.

One is the time that your coffee beans are extracted into the water, whether by immersion or using a slow drip procedure. Ideally, if you will be using the immersion process, it will take about 16 hours for the grounds to be extracted. While using a slow cold dripping process may take up only about 4 hours until your cold brew coffee is ready.

While ice coffee is another process, you need heat to extract the flavor into your brewing machine and wait until your coffee gets cold or pour your brewed coffee over a mug of ice. Most cold-brewed grounds can be used for traditional brewing, French Press, and more. That is why purchasing coffee grounds for cold brew can also be used for any brewing procedures. 

Best Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Features

The distinct flavor of cold brew coffee is one of the reasons more and more people are liking the idea of this coffee. They are great for on-the-move people who want their coffee ready. A good way to refresh on hot summer seasons without compromising that cup of java in your system is what cold brew offers. 

There are a lot of brands in the market and you only want the best of them. Which in fact, may seem like a long task to check them one by one. Great news, you just need to check a few features to help you weigh which one has excellent taste. 

  • Packaging. When it comes to quality and concentrated grounds, you can easily determine it with the full package and its appearance. The overall packaging will tell you a whole new story of how your coffee is made and selected.
  • Convenience. There are a variety of options to select which provides you comfort and ease of preparation. This will fall on which category is suitable for your demands. A pour content or individual packs, with serving cups or not. 
  • Taste. The taste of your cold-brewed coffee depends on which type of beans are used. It can be Robusta or Arabica. All have unique and distinct flavors. 
  • Strength. The strength of your coffee will depend on the number of coffee grounds that you put into water. It does not mean cold-brewed coffee has higher caffeine content than traditional coffee procedures. 
  • Storage Since cold brew is known to be stored into your fridge to justify its extraction and the procedure, you can check for open that enables you easy access and storage, whether to your office or at your home. 
  • Flavors. Most cold brew coffee grounds have unique and distinctive tastes like nuts, chocolate, earthy, vanilla, or fruity. You can check for a variety of packs that have different flavors to help you explore with a myriad of flavors. 
  • Price. Looking for the most excellent coffee for your cold brew needs to have a distinctive taste that will suit your preference. You can find products suitable for your budget but still provide excellent rich-tasting flavors. Our selection offers both quality and unique yet interesting flavors to every coffee connoisseur.

Can You Use Any Coffee For Cold Brew

With all the variables and experiences when it comes to making cold brew java, you can experiment with any kind of coffee to differentiate flavors, taste, and caffeine strength. While most java connoisseurs like darker roast beans, regardless if it’s Robusta or Arabica, it’s all about the process and individual preferences.

You can use whole beans or fine grounds for chilled brew java. The steeper the java, the stronger it will be. If you will be using fine grounds, your chilled java will be as strong as it may taste with longer immersion into the water.

What Roast Is Best For Cold Brew

By individual preferences, most java aficionados will recommend dark roasts beans. This is because of the all-natural procedures which extract the flavors of beans when they are processed properly. While others would go for medium or light beans, this is all about personal preference and how you want your chilled java to taste.

Between traditional processes over-brewed in chilled filtered water, the latter has less caffeine content. One of the key secrets to a successful chilled java is the amount of time you need to extract the flavors out.

Which Starbucks Coffee Is Best For Cold Brew

Every popular coffee shop, like Starbucks, offers convenience and a homestyle barista experience. That includes with their multiple selections of java grounds. The best product for the chilled process is the Starbucks Cold Brew 2 Pitcher Pack.

The full-flavored and bold flavor of Starbucks Cold Brew 2 Pitcher Pack enables you comfort and convenience when it comes to preparation. With its packs that you will just instantly drop into your pitcher with filtered water and let the flavor immerse. What’s best about this extraction is it can last for up to a week when prepared. You’ll be having those refreshing drinks you’ll surely enjoy.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

There are 2 ways on how you can easily prepare chilled java, either by slow drip or through immersion. Here’s how you can easily do this at home or into your office. With guaranteed flavorful and lovely refreshing java on a hot summer day.

The Immersion Process

The immersion process is the most convenient way of preparing cold-brewed java. If you’re a fan of the French Press process, this is most likely similar to that one. You just need to add water into your grounds of java and let the steeping process for about 16 hours depending on your preference.

You will need to prepare a few things, including your chosen coffee grounds, your container or pitcher, and space into your fridge to chill.

  1. Prepare at least 200 grams of your chosen java (if you will be using coarse grounds) or use an individually packed steep java.
  2. Add your ground beans into your selected container or carafe (If you will be using your French press machine).
  3. Pour into the container your filtered (icy) water. Approximately 1L of water will be ideal.
  4. Mix and let the grounds be saturated completely into your liquid. 
  5. Place into your fridge or dark place with the container completely covered. You can let the mixture sit for at least 16 hours but not required. 
  6. Take it out of your fridge and remove the container’s cover.
  7. Remove the grounds of your mixture using a filter (secured cloth with bands on the mouth of the container will be a great deal).
  8. Drink and enjoy. Your icy java can last from days to one week.

The Slow Drip Process

While the drip process may take up to 4 hours with a device, this is another way to prepare chilled java. The process is how it should be, water dripping into your grounds little by little until your grounds get wet and extracts essence along the process.

Here’s the most fundamental way to drip your cold brew.

  1. Check with your manual if it’s compatible with the drip process. However, it should be good to go. The middle container or vessel is where you usually place your grounds. 
  2. You can place ice and filtered liquid into your vessel or middle chamber.
  3. Check with your machine concerning adjustment to dripping water flow. Find settings that enable the dripping to be 1sec/1 droplet of liquid. 
  4. Let the water container be empty and drip into your grounds to the carafe container.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee

Just how it’s named after, you are processing your grounds of java with icy filtered liquid that takes some time to extract the essence of your coffee grounds without using heat. There are 2 ways on how you can do the process, either using a drip device or through immersion.


With all the different selections of java grounds promising you excellence, our verdict about the best coffee for cold brew goes to Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast. These beans are intensively prepared under the natural process which makes them an excellent choice concerning cold drips. It provides the most flavorful experience that every coffee connoisseur will surely adore.

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