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You can always buy pre-packaged beans from your favorite store but until you have tried real, freshly ground coffee, then you haven’t lived the Vida Loca as only blessed coffee fans as they so well known.  They, who have used coffee grinders for a long time now to brew their coffee, already knew it by heart and mind. They know that they want the best coffee grinder they can find.

Before we tell you the best coffee grinding experience that we have for you, we are almost sure that you knew nothing about using a coffee bean grinder for yourself and you have not realized that you been losing that exhilarating coffee high.  All you probably knew of coffee is drinking it and the beans you knew were those available in your local supermarket. This listing aims to help you understand the nuances of a fresh ground coffee experience.

The Top 5 Best Coffee Bean Grinder For Home Use

Consider this scenario: given a certain amount of money to buy either a brand new beverage maker or a new coffee grinder best  (not important for now if they are high priced or budget), what would you choose? Any person on the street who loves to drink a cup of coffee will be expected to select the first option, and you would think it is a correct and reasonable response, right?  However, our friendly neighborhood barista will tell you the right choice is contrary to what you expected. 

The truth is, given that you know what you want for your coffee, you will get to realize later that buying that new coffee grinder will give you a much more rewarding experience in your coffee drinking.  Your coffee-making ritual will be much more exciting and more invigorating as you wait to smell the newly pressed coffee, savor the full and satisfying delicious flavor of brewed beverage every morning.  

With your coffee grinder safely perched on your kitchen counter, you can expect a precise type of grind that your barista told you to use for your French press or if you are one of the luckiest coffee fanatics, your espresso maker and not just the stovetop one. We are thinking of coffee snobs here if you will allow us. You will get to get the exact flavor and strength you enjoy and it will not be out of a lucky guess. The current crop of available coffee grinders in the market have different options to select the right grind size you want, and for how long the grinding process should last as such option greatly influence the final product. 

The label on your store-bought pre-processed beans will not tell you that you have bought stale coffee.  Just look at the label and check the date when it was roasted and you will have your answer. Such coffee by default lacks the flavor, aroma, and taste you want to have in your favorite coffee brew shop and isn’t that what you want to drink at home, either daily or at any time you want?  The best cup of coffee in the world that you can drink is the one you freshly processed but that is assuming you bought the best coffee beans also, although that is for an entirely different discussion. You cannot get the real fruity, earthy aroma from store-bought beans because, by the time you open that bag, oxidation has already set in and the aromatic oils you expected to get a whiff off at home has already begun to evaporate right where the beans were roasted, maybe several hundred or even thousands of miles away from where you are now.

Your very own coffee grinder at home will be capable to grind coffee as fine or as coarse you want and thus will give you the option to use any beverage maker you own.  Every coffee maker requires a specific type of grind. This freedom to choose means you are not confined to the type of grind you bought if you opted to buy pre-processed beans.  This gives you the creativity in blending or even experimenting with your beans and allows you to open your palate to the more exotic aroma, and taste in your cup of coffee.

The Breville Brebcg820bssxl Smart Grinder Pro Silver strength lies in its complete control in the number of coffee beans you want to grind as well as the length of time you require to complete the process. This coffee grinder can tell you how much coffee to grind and how long it should go through the grinding process for the amount of coffee you want to prepare and then drink. This burr grinder is the perfect companion for the coffee nerd or snob who wants to exactly measure both grounds and water ratio when brewing.


Do you want to realize the full strength and potential of your select coffee beans in terms of aroma, flavor, and taste?  Here is the coffee grinder that will help bloom your beans to its maximum potential. Its precise adjustments in both grind size and grind times are in perfect sync and combination so that you don’t need to guess and get a mediocre brew.  Your prized espresso machine will be nothing if it will not be humming a pitch-perfect tune when you grind the finest grounds in this grinder while your French press will not be singing a great aria worthy of the world’s mightiest baritone if it could not grind your roasted coffee beans to the coarsest possible grind.

You have precise control in adjusting the grind size between the finest and coarsest grind and you will not be in need for any better or lesser adjustment.  This Breville grinder covers them all. And because it is a smart blade grinder, it remembers your settings so that it gives you the same consistent dose and grind size every time you start and proceed to grind your coffee beans.


  • A clear bright and concise LCD
  • Up to 60 grind size/timing settings
  • Smart dosing

Features and Benefits

This Breville grinder is a product of one of the most popular coffee machines and grinders manufacturers in the world.  They dreamed of modernizing the use of a coffee blade grinder perhaps much like computers and smartphones modernized communication.  They made sure that this grinder is one smart and a tough blade grinder. Thus, to ensure that this grinder lives up to Breville’s reputation, they created this model that features up to 60 settings capable of giving you the precise grind of coffee beans you want.  

It is programmable which means you only need to set it once according to your preference and you can repeat the same operation morning after morning. It is like they put a tablet in the machine so it can function according to the programming the manufacturers and designers taught it to do.  This smart blade grinder has precise settings for your espresso machine, Moka pot, or for your French press. You can even grind your special blend directly into your espresso machine’s portafilter for added convenience or to an air-tight canister. It is fast but quiet, easy to clean, and always consistent with your preferred coarseness settings.


At the heart of coffee connoisseur who swears by Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is a coffee drinker who wants to experiment and discover new aromas and tastes in the beverage they drink.  It is not often we get to use such a burr grinder that does one thing but does it perfectly well always. It gives you the right size and coarseness when you want it but also quite ready to change the settings so you can grind it more finely or more coarsely as needed. 

While other more expensive burr grinders are full of precise controls, this grinder boasts of simple, basic options which in reality is what you only needed. But it doesn’t fall short of what you want to do with grinding your beans. The simple controls are complemented by icons that indicate common settings for drip, French press and of course, espresso grind.  This Bodum grinder might not win design awards but if you want a straight to the jugular functional grinder, this is your grinder. It gives more importance to function over beauty but it is functioning to the best of its ability.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Finest grind setting is perfect for espresso coffee
  • Several grind settings suitable to various grind size

Features and Benefits

This grinder is as a straight-forward grinder without much on the bells and whistles side. There is a limited range of grinding choice and even not all of them will serve your purpose.  However, It does best what it sets out to do. Grinding is its forte and its strength is its functionality more than its form. It is a budget home grinder but perfect for those who are starting to live the coffee lifestyle and start in the best way they knew how.  

While other grinders let you battle your grounds with static, this grinder is constructed with special materials that avoid this common problem while giving you medium or fine beans depending on the settings you choose.  Unlike the manual grinder, this special characteristic prevents the grinder from clogging with spent grounds and thus cleaning is easy and fast, which also makes your grinder last longer than grinders without this feature.  It has a timing feature that determines exactly how long each amount of roasted beans should be processed. This is one feature that is usually taken for granted by many grinders but should be an essential part of all grinder’s functions. You cannot underestimate its importance as the exact timing of grinding can definitely make or break your cold brew or a hot cup of coffee.

You will get the Oxo Conical Burr Coffee Grinder because its stainless steel conical burrs are the best for creating consistent and uniform coffee grounds.  And you will do this because you know that such coffee grounds are the best for extracting the flavor you covet most in your choicest coffee beans. Each person has his or her taste in all things and this couldn’t be truer in coffee.  This could present a huge challenge for many people who want to have a coffee grinder that meets their myriad needs. However, with the Oxo coffee grinder with 15 grinder size settings, plenty of the coffee-drinking population will have enough pretty impressive selection for their individual needs.


Oxo has a one-touch start timer button that is all you need to start grinding and the 1 lb capacity of the hopper is just right to keep your beans fresh for a long time.  The oxo brew conical burr, which is better than ceramic burrs, is just right to keep your morning coffee ritual as exciting in drinking your coffee as much as in grinding coffee beans.  The Oxo system and performance offer quality borne out of the experience of the manufacturer in providing durable products that are reflected in its motto: “Better brewing. Better coffee. A better day.”


  • Easy to use
  • Has a wider range of options than most grinders
  • Has static reduction mechanism which keeps it easy to clean

Features and Benefits

The oxo coffee grinder works fast and does its job of grinding coffee with impressive precision as compared to more expensive grinders. You can thus say that the Oxo grinder does as it promises – making coffee is as easy as it is so much easy to enjoy as well. The OXO models have a simple but convenient operation is what you get but that is all you need to make your coffee drinking as delicious as could be without having to buy expensive coffee from cafes.  

Oxo may be designed with simplicity in mind but they follow 15 different grind settings built into this grinding machine. These models can do all the work you want from it as efficiently as you want and more.  You’d expect it to be on the noisy side but it is quiet and its speed in grinding has been timed to beat other more expensive models. in grinding the same amount of roasted coffee beans. Compared to a similarly priced coffee grinder, grind from this product is consistent in shape, surface area, and size – something that should call your attention if you want a consistently performing grinder within your budget.


The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is the best choice for those who want to start grinding their coffee beans at home but don’t want to use a manual grinder. It is made of quality parts with European made burrs that will keep sharp for a long time.  This means durability and efficiency in grinding especially with its 40 grinds (choose from medium, fine, or coarse) settings. And if you take care of this grinder the way you should, as a true baratza virtuoso, it is likely, you may never need to buy or upgrade to another baratza grinder.  

This wide range of settings ensures that you can experiment with different grind outputs from a very fine grind to very coarse suitable for any type of brew maker such as drip brewers, manual brewing and of course, espresso. You can change your settings quickly from grinding fine coffee beans for your cup of espresso to coarse grind as recommended for your French press.  This baratza virtuoso has a powerful motor that delivers a quiet performance which is just perfect for home use. The fact that it is easy to clean makes this a favorite for making a cup of coffee.


  • Low RPM motor that doesn’t generate much heat
  • Great customer service
  • Wide range of grind settings

Features and Benefits

The Baratza Encore has a calibration system comparable to commercial grinders costing a lot more.  Its calibration system, which is the same as the famous Baratza virtuoso, allows that the grinder can cover the full range of grind as selected by the user.  It features a conveniently located front-mounted button just right for its on/off operation. Its 40 grind settings are capable of producing most types of grind that you may need for any beverage maker in your coffee nook. It’s quiet but powerful motor combined with a reduction gear means it can slow down but still capable of grinding your most challenging grinding task while preventing it from generating too much heat.  

Since heat is the enemy of your precious roasted coffee beans, you can be sure that your coffee beans do not prematurely release its volatile oils, preserving it until you brew your coffee. The bottom line in this baratza virtuoso grinder rests in its consistency and control, which after all is what great grinders do. This might just outlive your not-so passing fancy of grinding your coffee. You can choose to make drip coffee from these beans or create a cold brew that tastes full-bodied like expensive coffee.


The Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is for most of its advertised existence, is the ideal marriage of form and function in one elegant and practical bean grinder. The brushed stainless steel body lends visual appeal to its 18 grind settings giving you the precise grind size in an impressive fashion.  Both experts and beginners coffee drinkers can get a heavenly inspiration from this machine to create their coffee blends that could start a new sensational coffee drink with its intrinsic, outstanding aroma, taste and flavor.  

This is after all, what drives all enthusiasts to get out of their way to discover very unique coffee experience. From the fine grind in all its finest sizes to the coarse grind in all its extra bits – these are the beans that could make your coffee making go through the whole gamut of beverage making.  It may not be the best for your exquisite espresso machine with all the bells and whistles but to the simplest but equally stunning French press or your old reliable automatic drip brewer, it flies with highest honors. It may be what they consider as a budget grinder (with some pejorative but undeserved connotations) but what it could do is certainly more than what you get with other budget ones.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Practical and intuitive controls
  • Durable, made of quality materials and can last a long time

Features and Benefits

This being a conical burr grinder is still easily a better choice than a blade grinder.  It provides the most sought after uniformity in the beans you can get. This is important to consider when choosing a grinder even at this price because only this grind type can impart the optimum flavor in your brew.  Not only this grinder is very elegant, but it is also so convenient with its built-in cord storage.  

You will not miss any grind size for any of your beverage maker with its 18 grind selector.  Each pre-set has been designed to combine precision with your selected size to that one required by your coffee maker. The grinder chamber it comes with is easily removed and can hold beans good for up to 32 cups.  Its electric timer is on the dot when shutting it off after the grind operation has been completed. Being a budget grinder, you might expect that it leaves so much to be desired but what you want in the best grinder, whether budget or high priced, is here.  It is beautiful, durable and has enough grind settings to please your palate. The simple controls are intuitive so that even those new to this coffee making and drinking rituals can easily start using a grinder.

In Search Of The Best Coffee Grinder

The best coffee you thought you have ever tasted may perhaps be that cup or mug dished out by the barista before your lonesome presence in your good neighborhood coffee shop.  But you shouldn’t fret, feel rightfully underprivileged and depraved as a result. You have to realize that most people, even those professed fans before you, knew even less than what you do know now.  Most baristas would jealously guard their secret to creating the best espresso in their arsenal of brews to keep you mystified in the used to be arcane art of coffee brewing. But now for the big reveal: using the best coffee grinders is on top of their most guarded secret. How disappointing could that be, you say. Is it possible that all that coffee goodness could be had with simply using a coffee grinder instead of buying that fancy packaged beans in your supermarket? 

Even if you boast and that you are sure of your claims, that that store bought beans are fair trade and sourced from some exotic foreign land, it is only as good as advertised if you can’t get the whole beans version of the same coffee and grind the roasted beans yourself.  What would even be better, if it is even possible, is the have them roasted in your local coffee roasters then use your own best grinder coffee at home. That would bring you straight to coffee heaven.

But maybe you have already known that too and did that as well, especially if you have tried espresso or drip/pour-over brew in your local cafe. If you observed, you would see that they always use real coffee grinders to serve you their brewed concoction. Observe more intently next time you swing by their place and guess what type of grinder they use.  If you remember how the coffee you ordered tasted, what aroma it gave off and how flavorful the brew was, they surely have been using the venerable burr grinder. So don’t be surprised now that with what we are going to tell you, you can duplicate the same intense coffee aroma and taste experience right at your home cafe set up with the best coffee grinders we have for you.

First off, how coarse or fine your beans have been processed accounts for how consistent and perfect your output will be. When looking for performance, always read reviews and follow sites that monitor various grinder brands and models. It can make a huge difference in how your coffee will taste like each time you make a cup.

What Is The Best Coffee Grinder In Canada To Buy?

What seems your last logical choice in building your home cafe nook is a coffee grinder.  And why not since after you have invested a lot of money on your espresso machine, cups, large and small, other types of beverage makers such as a French press, a stovetop Moka espresso maker, a Vietnamese coffee dripper, and a host of other fancy coffee makers, you’ve lost your energy to choose the coffee grinder that will serve your purpose. After all, you can buy that packaged pre-processed beans that you could use in any of your coffee makers. It would be like trying on your fits all sizes t-shirts and find out that yes, you can wear them all. But there is a noble underlying reason why you’d want a coffee grinder and let yourself be enmeshed in the world of the bean grinder. And if you are asking what are the best coffee grinders in Canada to buy, you have come to the right place.

You’d be asking why do I have to get out of my way to get a grinder for my coffee? The simple yet very profound answer is flavor, aroma, and taste and foremost of these three is the flavor. Think of oils being released from roasted coffee beans and you get the idea of aroma being released as each coffee bean is crushed, permeating your nostrils with their promise of all kinds of notes you associate with coffee. You can’t get the same sensation from your store-bought beans, trust us on that.  And the only way you can experience that is using a grinder for your beans by yourself, first-hand and in real-time.

What Is The Difference Between Blade And Burr Coffee Grinders?

To extract the best flavor, aroma, and taste from your coffee beans for your cold brew, assuming you have the best roasted coffee beans at hand, you need to use a grinder to get your coffee beans to the right size and texture that is best suited to the type of beverage maker you are you using.  Getting store-bought ground coffee is okay but one disadvantage of buying such kind is that they offer it in only one size of the grind and suitable for only one or two types of coffee makers you may or not own. You don’t have much of a choice with that kind of purchase. 

With this information, you now know that you need a coffee grinder that can grind the beans correctly for your homebrew maker to enjoy your coffee as it has always been meant to be enjoyed. Right?  Well not quite, yet. You see, there are blade coffee grinders and there are burr coffee grinders. Each of them can use a grinder on your chosen coffee beans and if you didn’t know any better, you may think that yes, either of them can do the job. So do you have to even care to buy a grinder much less what type of grinder should you get? Of course, the barista where you get to enjoy your espresso or drip coffee has only one thing to say: Yes, get one if you want to enjoy your coffee at home as it is the single most important coffee gear you could ever invest in. Store-bought ground beans are good, especially for premium brands but if you want the best, there you have the answer from your favorite local barista.  

So let us show you the difference. Your beans, for much as they are the best, freshly roasted and even fair trade, will not amount to much if you didn’t have the right coffee grinder for the type of beverage you want to drink and beverage maker you have. The coffee grinder indeed plays a large role in your coffee drinking.  At this point that you still haven’t understood this significance, you might have thought that this is only for snobs, nerds or elite. You might not have given it much importance but once you knew what you have been missing and what you could do, you too would say, well it’s not for being a coffee snob or feeling elite but it is a necessary part of your coffee enjoyment.

The blade grinder is chiefly identified by their rotating double-pronged blades. You can see the same grinder mechanism in your common kitchen blender.  Your blender works by chopping up whatever you put inside the chamber and a blade grinder does much the same job, as in chopping into small pieces the coffee beans you put inside it.  You get the coffee beans to be ground coarsely or finely, or any size in between. You get coarse coffee after a few pulses or several seconds on the switch to get your desired size from the grinder.  The longer or more pulses you do, the finer the grinder works. It depends much on your feel or visual reckoning of the ground-up ones you see on the container.

The burr grinder, on the other hand, does one thing, only one thing but they do it the best way they can. The grinder works on your coffee beans and they grind it very well.  There are two types: flat burr grinders and conical burr grinders but they do the same thing we have mentioned here. Baristas will tell you that the conical grinder is used for slow speed grinding. Either type of burr grinders are precise in their operation and the size of your ground coffee doesn’t depend on your reckoning but on the distance between the two revolving abrasive surfaces called burrs in your grinder, One burr is usually stationary and the other pair rotates, creating the crushing action of the beans.  Both manual or electric burrs can do the same action although of course, the electric grinder model makes it easier and faster.  

The most important characteristic of the conical burr grinder is that they give you uniform results whether you want it fine or coarse ground.  You have precise control over the resulting ground coffee than blade grinders, which is harder to control especially when you want to use the ground coffee for your French press.    

Your next concern in building your coffee arsenal after you have gone for a conical burr grinder is getting either a manual or electric burr grinder.  Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, mostly due to your perceived needs and wants in a coffee grinder, a conical burr grinder or a blade model. There are plenty of choices in the market but your final selection would depend on your circumstances – like available space and budget.  For some, manual burr grinders fit perfectly under these circumstances but if space and budget are of no concern, then your best option is an electric one, especially if you are considering getting an espresso machine as well. There is not much to tell about price and quality, as you would know that you get the one you paid for. Electric burr grinders usually come with settings you can adjust for the type of grind you require.

Why Is A Conical Burr Grinder Better?

Conical burr grinders are made so that the beans introduced into the machine are ground to a uniform size.  Such uniformity is the basis for getting the same rate of extraction from the coffee grounds and thus gives you a balanced and full-bodied brew. The burr models are usually made of ceramic or stainless steel, depending on the manufacturers and the model they market. These burrs generate very little heat during the grinding process which means the flavor you get is as much as you expected. And since you get precise control in determining the grind size, you can get the ground coffee size that suits your coffee maker. Each type of coffee maker requires a different ground size. With the burr grinder, you can be sure to get the correct grind size for your stovetop espresso maker or from your French press. 

With burr grinders you get consistent, uniform grounds that suit your coffee maker of choice, giving you balanced flavor.  This type of grinder is fully adjustable so you can get the size you require easily and without fuss. The best quality burr grinders are durable and will last for several years of daily grinding.  

Blade coffee grinders have their pros and cons too.  They are convenient and you can get your ground coffee in a few presses of a button.  They are usually inexpensive and available everywhere. On the other hand, the ground coffee you get is inconsistent and unbalanced as you can occasionally get small and tiny pieces in one batch and the quality of the grinder build is not durable.  Precise control is virtually not existent and the heat it produces during the grinding process takes away some of the flavors from the coffee.

Choosing The Best Burr Grinder

As we have been saying from the beginning, pre-ground coffee is not good enough if you want to enjoy the best coffee.  You can’t get even a decent cup from a stale package of such kind of ground coffee – less aroma, less taste or even non-existent in some cases, as compared to freshly ground coffee beans. For those who go for fancy coffee blends, this difference will be more distinguished and noted. However, not all coffee grinders are the same.  We can talk about the quality, materials, and size of the coffee grinder you want or need. We can also add hopper size, dosing options, the number of grind settings and cost. But in addition to those things, you would also want to know what type of grinder is best for your purpose.

There are two general types of coffee grinders.  We have mentioned them above as blade and burr grinders. Blade grinders are best for anything but grinding coffee beans. On the other hand, burr grinders can make or break your morning coffee and either wake you up or ruin your day as a consequence.  Burr grinders are the choice of baristas as they produce the consistent size of grind, depending on the size setting you select. This means better control in getting the coffee ground you want. There are two types of burr grinders namely: flat and conical.  Of the two, most coffee connoisseurs and baristas swear by the efficiency of conical burrs and they assure that this type of grinder can last longer than flat ones. 

When it comes to burr materials, there are two schools of thought that try to influence us in choosing one over the other.  The steel burrs proponents say that this material conducts heat more and thus not a better choice for burrs. The ceramic team says that this material is better because it has lower thermal conductivity which means the burrs will not get hot as fast as the steel ones Choosing the best burr grinder could be a daunting task but if you know what you want to get from your grinder and what type of coffee you want to enjoy, you could it easy for yourself.

Read Coffee Grinder Reviews

Most coffee lovers or even ordinary lay people could learn the ins and outs of picking the right coffee beans, blending of beans, roasting them, storing and grinding their special blends.  And for snobs and nerds, they would include knowing how to taste and distinguish the notes they love to describe to muggle types among us. You can stay in your blissful ignorance about coffee culture, rituals and gustation (or gustatory perception) and continue existing in the world but if you want to elevate your coffee experience and life in general, you can try to read more about coffee, its origins, and how they are cultivated, harvested, roasted and brought to us for your enjoyment.  And if you are serious about grinding your coffee then you can start by reading coffee grinder reviews such as this one, online. You can subscribe to websites dedicated to coffee and reviews of the latest coffee equipment to those who offer free newsletters. They can provide important updates and news in the world of coffee.

The Best Coffee Grinder For Espresso

The espresso coffee is the base for many other coffee concoctions many coffee lovers drink everywhere such as caffe latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, Americano, espresso macchiato, and espresso con Panna.  However, whether you have the top of the line espresso maker or the stovetop one, you would want to use the right coffee grinder that will best give you the fine grind needed for this type of coffee maker.  You cannot get the maximum enjoyment in your espressos, such as the right taste and aroma if you didn’t have the grinder which can give you such fine grind. However, having known this fact, you will see also that the best coffee grinder for espresso is one that can give you a consistently fine grind. 

We have explained the difference between blade and burr grinders and it should be obvious that the burr type is the one for espresso coffee.  Blade grinders cannot just cut it right, as it would you give the inconsistent size of the grind and being made usually with metal, it could easily get hot and dissipate the oils from your beans and lessen the character, aroma, and taste. Burr grinders, on the other hand, are the best as they produce consistently even fine grind most suitable for all espresso machines including stovetop Moka pots.


Discovering the joys of grinding your coffee beans could be a Eureka moment for some and could be quite enlightening experience. If you’d be so lucky to discover it now that every coffee lover and barista are open to sharing their experiences and discoveries, don’t spurn that moment but rather cherish, keep it and then share it with people you will be meeting in the future as you expand your coffee culture and rituals. Grinding your coffee using a Breville Smart Grinder Pro, a Krups gx5000, or a Capresso Infinity, may not be a social activity like coffee drinking that follows it but it is a prelude, a preamble if you may, to open your world to the aroma and taste of the coffee.  

It is an open secret of successful all baristas as they knew before all of us that the most delicious coffee they serve comes from freshly roasted beans and then freshly grinding them.  This is the point in time when the oils present and given off by the crushed roasted beans give off the best aroma, taste, and become so manifest and most pleasurable to the senses associated with drinking coffee.  

When thinking of grind settings – fine, medium depending on your preference – all experts are one in saying that a consistent grind goes hand in hand with the perfect grind size. Remember this: do not waste your time drinking coffee made from stale coffee beans; that once you started grinding using the best coffee grinder and enjoying the fruits of your grinding labor, you will never think or consider going back to buying pre-processed coffee.

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