How To Buy The Best Coffee Siphon That Will Impress Your Guests

Last Update: April 14, 2021
One of the best types of coffee to try is a coffee siphon. Learn interesting facts about why this coffee is considered the perfect among its kind. Learn to brew like a pro today!

Nothing beats the flavor and aroma of coffee brewed from a quality, hand-siphoned cup. But, alas, for many people it’s an unattainable luxury. Thankfully there is now an affordable solution: the coffee siphon.

Let's explore the 8 best coffee siphons and find out why this product is so popular.


Best Coffee Siphon With Sophisticated Designs Ideal For Home

The vacuum coffee, AKA siphon, is one of the most unique and great-tasting coffee makers you must try. It uses a full immersion type of brew system with constant heat that creates a vacuum from one chamber and forces the water forward to the next chamber.

If you haven’t tried this type of brew system, you can say that you are missing so much in your coffee journey. This guide will help introduce you to our 5 top-rated machines specially designed for the vacuum coffee brew system.

Keep reading as we introduced you to the most comprehensive guide about the coffee siphon. From features to expert reviews and recommendations. Plus tips on how you can enjoy coffee to the best level!

With excellent coffee options and brewing technology, Ninja is known for producing multiple selections of recipes and cup sizes to match your preference for a cup of java. It produces a bitter-less coffee with the perfect Thermal extraction innovation that unlocks the full coffee essence.

With its multiple selections of coffee recipes and a variety of cup sizes to select, your coffee experience will never be the same. It’s convenient and convenient to use, and easy to maintain. It’s affordable and multifunctional.

Ninja CFNinja CF080C Coffee Bar Brewer080C Coffee Bar Brewer

Benefits and Features

  • Auto iQ 1 Touch Smart Technology
  • Thermal Essence Extracting Technology
  • Multiple Size Of Cup Selection
  • 10 Variety Coffee Recipe
  • Accurate Heating Temperature
  • Glass Carafe (43Oz)
  • 2 Hour Automatic Power Off
  • No-Bitter Flavorful-Tasting Coffee
  • Removable Liquid Tank Reservoir
  • Ninja Easy Milk Frother
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2. Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker

This innovative single-serving pod-free coffee maker has multiple receipt settings you can customize for your preference. It allows you to brew both cold and piping hot drinks with multiple size selections. With its built-in milk frothing suitable for icy or hot drinks, specialty and cafe forte.

With its innovative iQ technology, intelligent coffee essence extractions. You only get the finest and full-body flavor every single cup. Ideal for hosting house parties or enjoying alone time with your love cup of java.

Ninja Coffee Bar Auto-iQ Programmable Coffee Maker

Benefits and Features

  • Multiple Customize Brew Settings
  • Multiple Selection Coffee Servings
  • Single-Serve Podless Machine
  • Milk Frother (Built-In)
  • Advance Thermal Essence Coffee Extraction
  • Auto-iQ 1 Touch Smart Innovation
  • Full Body Cafe Forte
  • Delay Brew Programmable Settings
  • Stationary Filter
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3. Ninja CM400C Specialty Coffee Maker with Fold-Away Frother and Glass Carafe

This premium-quality brewing machine helps you create multiple customized traditional and specialty coffee of any cup size. You can brew hot piping coffee drinks or ice-over drinks, which makes it suitable for any season on any occasion. Guaranteed fresh and richly-tasting coffee every time. It also allows you to save and cut with coffee pod consumption making it cost-efficient without compromising quality, taste, and flavors.

Ninja CM400C Specialty Coffee Maker with Fold-Away Frother and Glass Carafe

Benefits and Features

  • Multiple Brewing Coffee Options
  • 6 Multiple Cup Size Settings
  • Pod-Free Coffee Machine
  • Foldable Milk Frother
  • Auto iQ 1 Touch Smart Technology
  • Advance Thermal Essence Extracting Innovation
  • Cost-Efficient CoffeeConsumption
  • Easy To Operate And Clean
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4. Ninja CF020C Coffee Brewer

Savor the essence of full-body coffee or any brewed style java straight into the comfort of your kitchen countertops. With multiple cup size brewing selections. Select from rich and classic brewing technology that allows you to complete customization and control. The device is super easy to operate and maintain.

With the auto iQ, innovative features enable you to simply turn the machine on and it will work how much temperature and liquid needed to extract flavors from your coffee beans.

Ninja CF020C Coffee Brewer

Benefits and Features

  • 24-Hour Delay Brew Programmability
  • 4 variety Of Cup Size selection
  • Multiple Brew Setting Options
  • Thermal Essence Extracting Technology
  • Automatic Calibrated Control Temperature
  • Auto iQ 1 Touch Intelligence
  • 60 Oz Detachable Liquid Reservoir
  • Rich And Classic Brew Strength
  • No-Bitter Coffee Brewing
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5. Ninja CE200C Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer

This brewing machine is strategically designed to provide a no-bitter cup of java for your morning routine. You can select from rich and classic brewed strength suitable for your preference and style. Plus the detachable tank reservoir allows you to fill it up with the breeze. it's easy to operate, clean, and maintain. Customize your brewing experience every single time. You can even pause it mid-way to savor a cup and continue brewing later on.

Ninja CE200C Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer

Benefits and Features

  • Programmable 12-Cup Brewing Machine
  • Rich And Classic Strength Selections
  • 60 Oz Detachable Tank Reservoir
  • No-Bitter Customizable Brewing Innovation
  • Thermal Essence Extracting Technology
  • Precision Temperature Heating Plate
  • Middle-Brewing Cycle Pause
  • Programmable 22-Hour Delay
  • Easy To Operate And Maintain
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Best Vacuum Coffee Makers Unique Peculiarities

While checking for a coffee brewing machine can be daunting at times, with all the different flooding designs all over, it is best to find one that offers you traditional coffee encounters AND new selections under one machine. Truly vacuum coffee devices may seem overwhelming, like when you see their unique designs. However, they are a must-have and a must-try if you want something extraordinary for a daily dose of joe.

With new designs for siphon coffee makers that enable you easy operation and various customized drinks to select, with multiple cup size options to accommodate your daily needs.

One of the things that you have to remember with vacuum coffee makers is that the brewing process, regardless of their designs, operates the same. You will find 2 chambers for the liquid and the coffee grounds. With the siphon coffee makers, there are four distinctive features of how your coffee is brewed.

  • Total Immersion. Or others define as steeping is the first step to a flavorful coffee experience. Your coffee grounds are soaked with water. This is a familiar method you can compare with the French press. However, the common results of this process are like a light and clear coffee essence. You can then move forward to the next step. 
  • Vacuum. Once all your coffee grounds are perfectly soaked with water, the vacuum then creates a gravitational pull of the extracted essence back down into the cloth filter. One of the benefits that you can get with the vacuum coffee devices is its perfect extraction process through soaking the grounds of coffee and a hot water force that enables complete extraction of the essence from every bit of grounds. This provides a unique and flavorful piping cup of joe with an invigorating aroma you’ll surely savor.
  • Consistent Heat. What is special about vacuum brewing technology is how it provides consistent temperature throughout the process. This is one of the most important features of a brewing machine as it enables you to complete control of the brew. 
  • Unique Marvelous Design. Admit it, indeed, we always go for quality (and you bet owning one vacuum coffee device is worth it), but we also consider marvelous aesthetic designs. We want something that looks so lovely sitting in our kitchen countertops like a shining trophy, not just for our sight but even for people dropping by into your place. With a siphon coffee maker, you get that stunning brewing device a good run to your money! And you’ll surely love the beverages it offers.

Excellent Tips In Looking For Great Siphon Coffee Makers

Amount of brew capabilities. Most siphon coffee makers are versatile. It offers multiple cup size selections suitable for your demands. They even enable complete customization, which is a great way to feel like an instant home barista with professional skills with a few button presses (wink).

Standalone Or Stovetop. One of the main differences between these two types of siphon coffee devices is the price range. At the same time, the stovetop tends to be cheaper and affordable. Most standalone designed vacuum coffee makers are pricey but with excellent features and benefits to enjoy.

A stovetop is the basic type of siphon brewing device you can place on top of your stove, be it electric or gas. At the same time, the standalone brewer is quite fancy. It has its stand with either a separate alcohol burner or a built-in gas burner. This burner is usually resting underneath the machine’s bottom chamber. 

An Eye For Sophistication. Since you are considering buying one of these stylish brewing machines, it’s safe to say that you are royalty when it comes to java. You don’t just stumble for something fancy with vacuum coffee makers. You can be all in with the best designs or go with simplicity. Either way, every siphon coffee maker model comes with great style and a premium-quality cup of java for every single brewing experience.

Siphon Coffee Maker History

If you were tracing back the history of siphon coffee makers, it would be in the 1830s. It was Leoff who filed the copyright of the said siphon coffee maker. However, commercially introduced and designed by A French lady thus became a success to this date. In 1856, Madame Vassieux designed and commercially sold the “2 glass balloons” with a frame coffee brewer known as the siphon coffee maker.

During the same period, a marine from Scotland has his model and version of the vacuum coffee machine, which won an award in the same year.

What is more beautiful about this type of java brewer is showing it off to your guest and letting it do the fancy job with excellent rich-flavor tasting coffee to a new level. Surely everyone will savor every cup, thanks to its aesthetic and beautiful design.

How It Works: With Intelligence

The intelligent design is what makes the siphon coffee maker one of a kind. If you’re wondering how this device works, it’s not magic but pure intelligence and a bag full of science!

Every siphon coffee brewer has the same method of brewing. It all falls within the 2 chambers. The first one is filled with crystal clear water, and heat is applied at the bottom chamber, then the vapor pressure provides the water's force to rise through its upper chamber, where your favorite java grounds are waiting to be mixed.

Once the water vapor is mixed into the coffee grounds, it pulls back, going down to the bottom chamber, thus giving it a vacuum-like effect due to gravitational force. It passed through the machine’s cloth filter that is placed underneath the upper chamber glass. You will notice that the chamber for water, as the machine operated, fills up with your freshly brewed flavor-rich java.

Facts About Siphon Coffee

Most java aficionados who have tried the vacuum brewing method describe it as a taste of perfection. As a certified java connoisseur, a siphon is a must-try when it comes to trying something new.

Here are some of the interesting facts about a siphon coffee maker you may have or haven’t heard of. Read along and discover something new today!

  • Every cup of coffee is made with perfect extraction. 
  • This device has 2 glass chambers strategically designed to use science when brewing every cup of joe. 
  • The vacuum coffee maker uses gravitational force to create a unique brewing process.
  • The bottom chamber is where water is placed while you put the coffee grounds on the upper chamber. 
  • You can have a simple stovetop vacuum coffee maker or a fancy and sophisticated standalone design. 
  • It has multiple brewing technology.
  • There are a variety of cup sizes to select from. 
  • The design is complex, but the operation is easy.

Vintage Siphon Coffee Maker

Dated back then, or rumors may have it, about the oldest siphon coffee maker you need to check. According to a reliable and credible source, you can find this antique machine at a hotel in Florence, Four Seasons, to be exact. Not everyone may have heard it, but if you are close to the area, you may want to check how lovely a cup of java could be, right?

Another thing that set spotlights to siphon machines was this cafe in San Francisco. It only serves vacuum coffee and even purchased a pricey $20,000 machine. This cafe serves only beverages that are brewed along the process.

Why Is Siphon Coffee Better Than Traditional Java

With much deliberation and guaranteed unique experiences, you might still be wondering what is there to siphon coffee maker that makes it special from traditional brewed machines. Here is why siphon coffee makers are much better and why you should get one today. 

1. It provides a unique sensory experience every single time.
One of the things you will love about the siphon coffee maker is the sensory experience. You will have a first-hand view of how art and science are working in providing a perfect cup of coffee just for you. It can also be a good way to relax with style. The design is beautiful enough to marvel as it is interesting when operating.

2. Premium-quality, rich-tasting coffee, you'll be coming back for more.
Every single java aficionado that has tasted siphon coffee tells a unique story. However, if you sum them up, they always say the taste of perfection for every single cup of joe. It a unique experience as you stare at the process. The truth is, your vacuum coffee maker does not boil water to destroy the essence of fresh beans. That is one of the secrets of a unique and flavorful experience with this machine.

3. You have full control of the machine's variables.
One of the things that you will enjoy with your siphon coffee devices is the functionalities that it offers with optimum convenience. You have full control of the strength your drinks will be. If you want it more classic or rich, it’s up to you. You can add little or more grounds of beans suitable to your preference. Another good thing is that you can brew as much as you want at once. Now that is convenient caffeine.

Next is the heat present in your device. Most models enable you to have full access to the amount of temperature present in the machine. What you need to do is savor every cup to complete your day.

4. Its versatility makes it the best kitchen countertop, a great investment for sophisticated design at your home.
You may get overwhelmed when you see the aesthetics of every siphon coffee device. However, the trick is, it may look like a stylish and complex design until you try it on your own. The process can be done even with the least expertise homegrown buddy you ever knew. You need to prepare your water and your favorite grounds and flip the switch, marvel, and savor the moment!

This is one of the reasons why most people love siphon coffees, the experience which takes you to a different yet wonderful portal of new caffeine boundaries never explored before.

5. An intensified and invigorating aroma to ignite your senses.
One of the things you have to prepare yourself with siphon coffee is the aroma intensity. What you’re about to experience with a siphon coffee maker is the trapped aroma that explodes and produces a vibrant, crispy, and fresh-tasting java that you can only experience on this machine. Even drip machine makers cannot replicate this intensified aroma.

What Is The Best Siphon Coffee Maker

Ninja has been setting the trend for the best siphon machines. If you can, have them all sitting on your countertops, but you need to only choose one. So we go for Ninja CF080C Coffee Bar Brewer. It’s an excellent choice with the perfect features you’ll surely benefit from. What sets Ninja apart from other manufacturers is its IQ technology. It’s a smart feature suitable for perfection, comfort, and style.

What Does Coffee Siphon Taste Like

The distinctive taste is what siphon java sets it apart from traditional beverages. The process and design are sophisticated enough to ignite interest. However, describing your experience can be tough unless you taste it for yourself.

While the thumb rule with java selection differs for every process, it means the java drinks process through vacuum devices means the taste and flavor differ widely than common methods.

It’s full-body, luxuriously smooth to taste, with a crispy and clean, aroma-rich flavorful cup of java every single experience. That is how you can describe the encounter, and it’s even breathtakingly invigorating when you are at that exact moment.

How Do You Make A Coffee Siphon

If you look at coffee siphon machines, you may feel intimidated. However, knowing that they are super easy to operate keeps things easy. Here’s a super easy tutorial. Check it out. 

  1. Measure your grounds and grind them. Check the recommended amount of grounds suitable for your vacuum pot. While traditionally, 4 oz of water is equivalent to 8grams of fresh beans.
  2. Pre-heat your water first. Whether you are using an alcohol burner on your vacuum coffee maker or using butane, it is best to prepare hot water. This may vary for the model that you own. 
  3. Secure the two chambers together. Do this after you refill the water and grounds to their respective chambers. 
  4. Light the device’s flame. Turn the machine’s knob to light the flame for gas or alcohol burner types of vacuum pots. You can press its pedal to navigate its flame.
  5. Brew and gently stir when it’s at the top chamber. Let the cycle reach 90 seconds before turning off the light or flame.
  6. Let the mixture return to the device’s lower chamber. Serve. Once you have turned off its flame, the upper chamber will be emptied, and water will return to the bottom. Remove the upper chamber, and you can serve.


Our verdict for the best coffee siphon is Ninja CF080C Coffee Bar Brewer. It’s an excellent selection with innovative technology that provides multiple options for cup sizes and brew types. It’s easy to clean and convenient to use with the right vapor pressure to brew every glass or coffee cup with a unique taste to complete your day.

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