What Are The Best Espresso Beans on Amazon?

Last Update: April 14, 2021
If you want to have the best espresso beans for your daily demitasse, read this guide of the top 5 coffee beans available on Amazon.

People all around the world are obsessed with coffee. One of the most popular things to do in the morning is to drink a cup of joe. There's something about that first sip that just calms you down and makes your day that much better!

There are many different brands of coffee beans, but which ones deserve your hard-earned money? Here are 5 espresso beans from Amazon we think you should consider.

Choosing the Best Espresso Beans

Finding the best espresso beans starts by knowing the flavor profile of your favorite coffee. If you want a little bitterness in your cup, you might want to get a dark roast blend, or if you want your espresso to have a subtle flavor, you should choose a lighter roast.

5 Best Coffee Beans for Espresso to Try

Here are the best coffee beans for expresso you shouldn't miss out!

1. Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso, Medium Roast, Whole Bean

Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso has been on the market for 20 years, achieving cult status among loyal followers. The brand has been voted the Top Selling Organic, Fairtrade Coffee in Canada for 13 years. 

These are the best coffee bean chosen by many lovers who prefer a medium roast flavor but no burnt aftertaste. The bean may be slightly oily, which makes them not ideal for a super-automatic machine because they stick together and could clog the grinder.

Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso is an espresso blend that combines bean varieties from Ethiopia for fruity tones, Central America for a touch of acidity, and Indonesia's balance that is noted for producing full-bodied bean with lower acidity. The bean is smaller but denser than others.

The bean has a slightly wet look, indicating that they have been roasted for longer, as evidenced by the seeping oils, although this is not a dark roast. Espresso beans are finely ground, and the amount of oil from these seeds might clog a super-automatic espresso machine.

The Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso has the aroma of blackcurrant with hints of brown sugar and milk chocolate, defining a clear cocoa finish. The best beans for espresso create a pleasant and smooth flavor.

The high pressure in an espresso machine results in a layer of foam forming on the top once the coffee is poured into the cup. This layer is the crema. Freshly roasted coffee will have more crema because more chemicals have been released due to the water's pressure. The Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso supplies the crema, but less than what the other brands supply, but the coffee's flavor will more than makeup for that.

The Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso bean gives you the jolt of caffeine you need in the morning. It has a smooth aroma but without the acidic taste that is often found in espresso blends.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso, Medium Roast, Whole Bean

Benefits and Features

  • Strong caffeine boost
  • Premium quality Rocky Mountain roast
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2. West End Coffee Roasters, Signature Espresso, Medium Roast

This is a unique espresso blend created by a master roaster. The bean exudes a sweet and chocolatey aroma, with citrus notes, milk chocolate, floral, sweet, very smooth, savory, soft body, and caramel finish. The bean is ideal for an espresso machine, drip machine, french press, pour-over, or cold brew. These are 100% to grade Arabica coffee bean varieties from Central American and South Amerian origin.

The bean is roasted fresh for coffee perfection, which preserves the coffee's naturally sweet and chocolate notes using small-batch roasters. The bean is roasted right before they are packaged. Every bag has the same consistent quality that aficionados love and enjoy.

West End Coffee Roasters are roasted in Canada.

West End Coffee Roasters, Signature Espresso, Medium Roast

Benefits and Features

  • Ideal for espresso machine and other methods of brewing coffee
  • 100% grade Arabica beans
  • It has a sweet and chocolatey aroma
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3. Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Sweet Espresso Medium Dark Roast

Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Coffee beans are roasted in Vancouver, Canada. The beans originated in Ethiopia.

Ethical Bean fair trade organic coffee beans are roasted to achieve a medium-dark roast. The beans blend the best notes of sugar and cocoa for a bold cup. The roasters use a sophisticated Loring Smart Roaster in a facility that is carbon neutral. The organic coffee beans are multi-dimensional, with a full-bodied taste and a velvety mouthfeel that combines beautifully with milk. The whole coffee bean is ideal for pulling off the perfect shot at home. Ground coffee for espresso can be made in a Moka pot for a straight shot of organic fair-trade coffee. 

Ethical beans use only organic, fair-trade coffee beans that have been certified from harmful pesticides and chemicals, meeting the highest standards of environmental and social performance, accountability, and transparency, which clearly shows through fair trade organic coffee.

The beans have a crisp and bergamot-like citrus flavor, fir, and lavender aroma. It has soft acidity with a silky mouthfeel. It has a citrus taste that rounds toward the taste of ripe lemon in a cup, with a hint of savory and more profound fruit, which slightly fades in the finish.

The beans are certified to be organically grown. It is also certified as Fair Trade, which means that the coffee was sourced from small farmers at a fair and sustainable price. Ethical bean is an environmentally-aware and community-minded coffee roaster focusing on certified Fair Trade and organic coffee. All the coffee bean bags are stamped with an ‘emark’ to allow consumers to track the coffee journey.

The coffee beans are recommended for white wine drinkers who love floral and spicy notes.

Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Sweet Espresso Medium Dark Roast

Benefits and Features

  • The company is organic and fair trade
  • Beans are shiny and fragrant
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4. Bean Around The World Coffees Organic Espresso Coffee

This coffee combined various profiles to craft a balanced and organic blend. This coffee will let you enjoy hinds of toasted caramel and chocolate notes. Something people from the South love!

Coffees are not created equal, which is why Bean Around The World Coffees don’t take it for granted when it comes to the quality of their coffee. All of their beans are genuinely 100% Arabica with no preservatives or other ingredients added. The company buys only the top 3% tier of beans on the market to ensure that the coffee you are drinking reflects what they believe in. the company’s artisanal roasting methods and high-quality beans result in rich flavors. Life is already complicated; your beans don’t have to be. 

The company is all about good people and good coffee. You will fit right in if you are a doer, a get-outsider, and an explorer. The company is fueled by caffeine as they are passionate about sharing the best coffee in the world for you.

Bean Around The World Coffees Organic Espresso Coffee

Benefits and Features

  • Organic and fair trade
  • Caramel and toasty sweet
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5. Lavazza Espresso Crema E Aroma Beans

Lavazza Crema e Aroma is an aromatic and creamy blend of coffee with a smooth flavor, delicious aroma, and consistent, long-lasting crema. Lavazza’s coffee combines Central and South American Arabicas with Africa’s select Robusta’s to create a full-flavored coffee.

It has a very creamy and velvety taste, which makes it ideal for espressos and French dips. This coffee can also be used to make fancier drinks with plenty of whipped cream and creamers. The beans are not too oily, making them better suited for super-automatic espresso machines.

The coffee has a rich dark brown color. The beans' aroma is excellent as they have been perfectly roasted for that incredible and creamy taste. This coffee has a very European flavor as it lacks any fruity flavors.

Lavazza Espresso Crema E Aroma Beans

Benefits and Features

  • Carries a delicious blend of sweet and earthy flavors
  • May be used for milk-based drinks
  • Comes cheap
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What Kind of Best Espresso Beans for Superautomatic

To make flavorful and aromatic espresso at home, you will need three things: a good machine, a better grinder, and the best espresso beans.

After it is brewed, a cup of espresso has around 12% dissolved coffee solids from your grounds, compared to the mere 2% of traditional coffee. It is no wonder that there is a noticeable difference in intensity between an espresso and a standard coffee.

There is so much of the essence of the coffee grounds that make it into a cup of espresso, making it essential that the beans to use shall match well with the process of brewing. Not every coffee bean is equal when it comes to brewing espresso.

The common question people ask is why not just use regular coffee beans when making an espresso? There are reasons why most cafés use a unique blend of beans for the espresso and not only regular filter coffee.


Espresso has always been roasted darker than other types of coffee. People have learned to expect that a particular espresso flavor cannot be achieved using regular beans.

Better with milk

You will need a darker roast of coffee if you want to use the espresso in a milk-based drink such as a cappuccino or latte. The dark roast is necessary to cut through the creaminess of the milk.

It is cheaper

When it comes to filter or French press, single-origin coffee has increasingly become the way to go, but blends are still the best way of making espresso. The primary consideration here is the saving on cost. Single-origin coffee is a lot more expensive. It becomes cheaper to use base coffees from countries such as Indonesia and Brazil in the blend.

We already know espresso should be darker than regular beans. We also know that there are many shades of dark. Espresso beans should be somewhere in the middle of the dark spectrum, which will produce good results when drinking flat whites or lattes, as well as single-shot espresso.

The bean becomes dark when the oil migrates to the outside of the bean. Beans with an almost shining surface are considered a French or Italian style roast, which means they are dark. If the bean is still dark but dry in its appearance, the beans are called full city roasts.

When to Try The Best Italian Espresso Brands

Espresso is coffee that originated in Italy. It is made by forcing boiling and pressurized water through coffee beans that have been finely ground. Espresso is a lot thicker than those brewed by traditional methods, has a significantly high concentration of dissolved and suspended solids, with crema on top.

Italian coffee, the preferred choice for espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, has a velvety smooth taste with a balanced combination of sweet and bitter flavors. 

With an intense and rich flavor, real Italian coffee carries a tradition of excellence in every sip. Italian coffee uses 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Central America and the highlands of Africa. 

The Italian espresso came into fashion during the 18th century, thanks to a businessman who wanted to cut short his employees’ coffee breaks. The solution he introduced to solve the problem was a shot of espresso that could be consumed in a minute or less.

The Italian coffee culture became an integral part of the Old World traditions, resulting in espresso drinks becoming more sophisticated with frothed milk. Royalties and intellectuals spent time lingering over lattes and cappuccinos at Italian sidewalk cafes while watching people and making their conversations. The Italian coffee tradition today is stronger than ever. It is now an essential staple in every café, office, and kitchen—a lot of people who love coffee dream to have the bean direct Italian roast wherever they are.

You don’t have to be in Italy to try direct Italian roast espresso. You can make your perfect Italian-style brew at home or work after purchasing some natural Italian roast espresso brands. One of them is Lavazza, a brand that became popular because of its premium quality. It has a smooth yet robust and creamy flavor to let you enjoy the real taste of coffee bean direct Italian brew.

It is now easy to buy Italian espresso brands from your grocery store or online. Your coffee bean direct Italian experience will be complete if you brew your bean natural Italian roast in a quality machine. Now that is coffee joy sourced from local and ethical producers.

How to Enjoy The Best Espresso Coffee Beans Canada

Italy is famous for espresso and coffee beans that were roasted locally. But Italy does not have a monopoly on espresso coffee beans. Canada also boasts of arabica coffee beans that are roasted within hours after an order has been placed and shipped to the customer immediately, guaranteeing that the coffee beans will be received as fresh as they could be. 

There are various Canadian brands of espresso coffee beans that were sourced from multiple coffee plantations all over the world. The Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso beans are roasted in the Rocky Mountains and are certified organic and fair trade. This famous brand of Canadian espresso beans can be purchased only, which means everybody can try the smooth taste of espresso from these beans.


People agree that the rich smell of freshly brewed espresso in the morning is one of the best aromas that could start your day right. The aroma is even better when it comes from newly ground coffee beans. The use of the right beans and the proper brewing method is essential in producing that perfect espresso shot that is aromatic, dark, and with a rich crema.

Finding the best beans is easier said than done with so many types of single blends and single origin coffees available for various kinds of roasts. We reviewed some of the bestsellers to take a look at which kinds of roasts tend to make a better espresso and the flavor notes they have. We hope that our reviews will guide you in choosing the best espresso beans that you will use to brew your perfect espresso.

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