Best Espresso Machine

Finding the best espresso machine could be the difference between a great brew and coffee that could hardly satisfy you. The best espresso machine is very much different from your regular drip coffee maker. It makes coffee through pressurized water that is close to the boiling point that is forced through the ground coffee and filter basket. The brew produced is a thick and concentrated coffee that is commonly referred to as espresso. The espresso is a nice brew but unfortunately, very few people know how to use an espresso machine.

Top 10 Best Home Espresso Machine

We have spent time and effort checking and researching the field to come up with a list of the 10 best espresso machines for your home in 2019. The list below was made based on the experts’ review and the opinion of experts in the field:

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express has enough adjustable controls and manual settings that will make you feel like a real barista when you use it. It is simple to operate and performs as well as espresso machines that cost hundreds more. It grinds coffee beans right into the portafilter. This machine, however, requires some patience and effort to operate. It is not an automatic machine with a minimum of fuss that normally costs thousands of dollars. 

The Breville Barista Express is about the size of a standard drip coffee maker but double the width. It is significantly larger than the average compact espresso machine, making this machine physically robust and larger. It would still be a good fit on the kitchen counter. The Breville machine’s chassis is made of stainless steel, with a steel portafilter and a handle attachment. The bean hopper is large with a burr grinder that gives the machine some serious looks. These features are normally seen on premium and automatic coffee makers.



  • A superior quality of material
  • Easy-to-use compact machine
  • All accessories are included
  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • Default settings


  • Issues with the steam wand
  • Extraction procedure could be improved

Brewing Capability

Even if you are new at the art of pulling the best espresso shot, this machine will give you an amazing quality espresso. The machine comes with 4 filter baskets – single and double filter basket with pressurized and non-pressurized versions. If you are not yet familiar operating the machine, you can start with the pressurized baskets to eliminate adjusting the grind level and amount. Just check with the pressure dial and make the needed adjustments.

Milk Frothing

This machine is not an automatic one, which means that you have to learn how to steam and froth your milk. Using the 360-degree steam wand allows you to find the right angle for the steaming pitcher, and let you get a head of milk froth for your cappuccino or a silky microfoam for your latte. The conventional wand allows you to make practice runs until you have mastered the art of the milk frothing.


Espresso machines are notorious for the amount of time needed to clean the parts. Some machines require so much time disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling back the parts that people would rather go to the nearest coffee shop to order their espresso than to brew one at home. But not the Breville Barista Express that can be cleaned with some simple twists to remove parts for cleaning. 

Build Quality

The Breville Barista Express consists of Italian-made parts that ensure the finest Italian taste of espresso. But while the machine has a stainless steel casing, it has plastic internal parts, something that is expected with a machine at this price range.

Espresso lovers are impressed with the way Barista Express is built. For added peace of mind, the machine comes with a one-year limited warranty.

The Breville Barista Express has:

  • Integrated conical burr grinder – It has a maximum ground coffee surface area to provide users with the best full espresso flavor.
  • Adjustable grind size and amount – This feature allows users to find the optimal fineness and extraction.
  • Half-pound bean hopper – It provides enough space for the storage and transfer of coffee beans.
  • Hand-free grinding – It helps users dispense the freshly ground beans into the filter for a perfect cup of aroma coffee.
  • Adjustable temperature control – Helps users get the best coffee flavor regardless of the coffee beans used.
  • Thermocoil heating system – It controls the temperature of the water.
  • Automatic filter size – It lets the user choose from a single or double filter holder by default.
  • 67 oz. removable water tank – It has a replaceable water filter to reduce scale and impurities. 
  • 54-mm tamper – It provides a flat surface for pressing the ground coffee.
  • Instant hot water – It increases the speed of making coffee.
  • Clean me light – It shows when it is time to clean the machine.
  • Dry puck feature – It provides easy disposal of the coffee puck.

Breville is a trusted name in coffee machines, particularly espresso machines. The Breville BES840XL the Infuser is built for both home kitchen and office use. It is a semi-automatic espresso machine, which gives you better control over the espresso you are making. However, semi-automatic espresso machines require some experience before you can master the techniques.



  • This machine offers an easy way to make the best espresso drink.
  • The Thermocoil Heating System and Electric PID allow easy temperature management.
  • The performance is on par with more expensive espresso machines
  • A removable 61 fl. oz. water reservoir
  • An easy to manage control panel


  • Manual control of temperature is not possible
  • The build quality is quite low

Finish and Dimensions

The Breville BES840XL the Infuser is made with stainless steel. It offers the best looks and strength for both brewing the perfect espresso and related tasks. It is perfect for the modern kitchen. Every part of the machine speaks of the strength of build. At this price point, this machine is one of the best choices when it comes to espresso machines.

This Breville machine is available in two finishes: Black Sesame and Cranberry Red. You can choose a color that best suits your kitchen or office interior. The machine is skillfully designed, offering you better control and the sturdiness that you need in getting your espresso ready.

The Breville the Infuser measures 10.2 inches x 12.5 inches x 13.2 inches, a cross between a compact machine and a huge machine. With a weight of 17 pounds, this coffee maker is the best for your kitchen counter or office pantry.


The Breville the Infuser is of professional-level quality and has a performance which provides users a smooth espresso-making experience. The machine is equipped with a Thermocoil Heating System, which is an effective shift from the thermoblock. This new technology allows for a better level of control over water temperature, especially considering that optimal temperature is needed to produce the best espresso shot. The heating system is combined with a 15-Bar Pump and Pre-Infusion technology to keep the beans wet and in the optimal state for brewing, with the pump applying the right amount of pressure. The result is an amazing cup of espresso from the Breville BES840XL.

The Pre-Infusion tech impacts the aroma preservation, offering the best performance for its class.

Usability and Control

It will require some experience in espresso-making before you can operate a semi-automatic espresso maker. Once you have that idea, using the Breville BES840XL will be easy, especially considering the well-built hardware, which makes managing this a lot easier. This was designed for use by both beginners and intermediate baristas.

The machine has four buttons on the control panel – Power, Program, One Cup and Two Cups. There are also lights for Clean Me and Hot Water Steam, together with the pressure gauge. You can have an idea of what is going on with the espresso machine by just glancing at the control panel. 

The Breville BES840XL has:

  • Volumetric Control – It allows you to control the volume of espresso being produced.
  • Cup Warming Tray – It keeps your espresso warm as long as you keep it in this position.
  • Drip Tray – This tray is removable to keep it clean all the time.
  • Dedicated Hot Water Dispenser – This gives you hot water any time you need it for your tea or soup. A perfect addition to your kitchen counter.

With De’Longhi ECAM 35020B Dinamica True Brew Over Ice Fully Automatic, there is no need to settle for a watered-down version of iced coffee that you want to drink at home. It is the world’s only fully automatic coffee machine in the world, featuring the latest technology for making iced coffee. It brews coffee at a low temperature, pre-infused with the option to customize the coffee strength. It brews smooth and full-bodied coffee over ice that does not taste watered down. 

This machine will also allow you to enjoy a wide variety of the best fresh, traditional coffee beverages at home, comparable to the coffee beverages you get from your favorite coffee shops. You can make your favorite iced coffee in your own kitchen. It offers various beverages at the touch of a button, such as an espresso, drip-style coffee, and TrueBrew Over Ice. Just choose the coffee strength of your liking and press the corresponding button and your favorite coffee drink will be available in a short time. 

The De’Longhi Dinamica has an integrated advanced manual frothing that allows you to prepare your espresso classics such as latte and cappuccino, complete with rich and long-lasting foam from your choice of milk – cow’s, soy, coconut, almond, or rice. The frothing quality will depend on the type of dairy or non-dairy milk you have selected.



  • Cabinet friendly with its front-loading water tank and flush hopper.
  • Has a clean interface


  • Slightly customizable

Full-bodied Iced Coffee

De’Longhi TrueBrew Over Ice is the first and only fully automatic coffee and espresso machine that features iced coffee. The low-temperature brewing, pre-infusing and infusing the coffee offers the option of customizing the strength of your coffee, you will get the perfect cup of coffee over ice that does not taste watered down.

Heating up

This fully automatic coffee and espresso machine has an Italian 15-bar high-performance pump. It takes the brew unit only 40 seconds to heat up, which means that you can have your quality coffee beverages with the push of a button.

Freshest Coffee

This machine incorporates bean-to-cup science and the best built-in burr grinder made of steel that will give you the best cup of coffee every time. Unlike other machines on the market, Dinamica will not leave coffee grounds in the brew unit.

Adjustable Steel Burr Grinder

Dinamica has an adjustable stainless steel burr grinder that gives you total control of the grind and beverage strength. Dinamica comes with a recommended grind setting but you have the option to customize based on your coffee roast, origin, and taste preferences.

Foam Your Way

There is an adjustable manual frother that gives you the option of customizing steam and foam levels. You can choose from creamy, rich, long-lasting lattes and cappuccinos even if you do not have any barista experience.

De’Longhi Dinamica is:

  • The first and only fully automatic coffee and espresso machine
  • Heat-up time in less than 40 seconds
  • It brews the freshest and best coffee
  • It is the simplest machine to clean
  • It has an adjustable steel burr grinder to let you control the grind and beverage strength
  • There is an integrated manual frother to allow you to customize steam and foam levels
  • It allows you to froth your milk perfectly
  • You can make your favorite coffee beverage using the one-touch process.

The Breville Oracle stretches the boundaries of what people can expect from an espresso machine. The Oracle Espresso Machine is huge but it offers plenty of features. 



  • Automation for grinding, tamping and steaming
  • An integrated grinder that lets you grind the same amount with the same grind size every time with the press of a button
  • Built-in tamper that lets you get the same pressure every single time
  • Hybrid steam want that creates cloud-like froth for the latte
  • A dual boiler that lets you brew and steam at the same time


  • It is pricey
  • It is too big
  • It is challenging when it breaks down because it is automated

The Innovations

Breville blurs the line between semi-automatic and super-automatic, creating a hybrid that was never seen before. The Oracle has a built-in grinder and tamper, both of which are adjustable using a digital display. It is a hybrid machine with automated features such as the steamed milk wand. This programmability is not usual with a semi-automatic machine, making it easier to brew the best espresso shot while spending very little time dialing it in. The Oracle has an advanced set up with more advanced digital programmability and automatic tamping. 

Auto Coffee Grinding

The first noticeable feature of Breville Oracle is the built-in burr coffee grinder. The grinder lets you grind the same amount of coffee each time you press a button, ensuring consistent results while having the other option of adjusting the grind level.

Auto Coffee Tamping

The machine automatically tamps the coffee into the portafilter once you put the coffee in the group head. This ensures that you will get the same amount of force on your coffee every time you brew. This eliminates the variables that affect the coffee-making process.

Auto Milk Frothing

The most interesting aspect of the Oracle is the two settings for milk frothing. The first is fully automatic, with the machine automatically frothing milk and auto purging upon completion. This is perfect for beginners who want to learn the correct technique for steamed milk. If you want to take full control of the process, simply bring the steam wand forward and you override the auto functions.

Auto Espresso Extraction

Being a semi-automatic machine, Oracle’s extraction system can be pre-programmed. It can also be used manually if you want to adjust your brewing times.

The combination of the automation features allows you to create good quality coffee straight out of the box. The best thing about this machine is that automation is optional as you can go manual easily. It is a true hybrid machine.

The Breville BREBES980XL The Oracle Espresso Machine has:

  • Dual steam and espresso boilers
  • Automated tamping, dosing, and grinding for commercial quality espresso
  • Automatic milk texture wand.

The ECAM23260SB machine comes with some amazing features that are not normally available in most fully automatic coffee makers. It is a lot cheaper than other espresso machines, yet capable of brewing high-quality coffee better than most high-end espresso machines.

De’Longhi ECAM23260SB differentiates itself from the rest with its rich crema, great aroma, and flavor. This is a Super-Automatic Espresso Machine and Super Automatic cappuccino machine that simply prepares many coffee beverages. It features superb visual and functional design, with fully digital controls that is intuitive and a snap to use. Cleaning the machine is quite easy because of its advanced design. This machine lets you enjoy a tasty and high-quality coffee beverage any time you want. It has many features that are easy to use and it is reasonably priced. This machine is an excellent choice when looking for a super-automatic espresso maker.

This machine has a one-touch double-shot 2x function that allows you to prepare your coffee by pressing a button. The thermos block is an interesting feature that is available in the espresso and cappuccino machine, ensuring that the temperature is perfect when you brew your cup of coffee or cappuccino.

There is a milk carafe with an auto-cleaning system. Once you select the auto-clean function, the machine rinses itself automatically. The hot water spout comes in handy when you want to make tea or hot chocolate.

De’Longhi ECAM23260SB is a bit heavy, but still lighter when compared to other machines of the same caliber. It has a 250 g capacity, making it ideal to brew coffee for several people at the same time, which makes it perfect also for commercial use.

This machine has an extractable brewing compartment that is small enough to ensure perfect temperature and pressure during infusions. The unit can adjust itself for up to two shots of pre-ground coffee.

This espresso machine has a water tank that can hold 1.8 liters of water. There is a level indicator in the tank for convenient filling and cleaning. Also, there is a drip tray and a removable coffee container. You can easily remove the parts for effective cleaning.

De’Longhi Fully Automatic Magnifica Smart Espresso and Cappuccino Maker has:

  • One-touch simplicity – All it takes is one button to enjoy exceptional espresso beverages.
  • Perfectly layered espresso beverages – It makes dense, long-lasting, and rich foam in every cup.
  • Consistent brewing – Each cup is automatically brewed to the perfect temperatures, density, and richness.
  • Perfect amount – The automatic milk carafe dispenses milk in adjustable levels for taste.
  • Breakthrough design – The machine has a contemporary design with exquisite lines and subtle curves.
  • Fresh espresso – The stainless steel burr grinder with adjustable grind level affords a fresh batch of beans every time, ensuring freshness.


  • Makes tasty espressos using the highest quality of ingredients
  • Warming trays to keep your espresso at the right temperature
  • Self-cleaning milk container
  • Allows you to control the froth and foam of your milk
  • Adjusting the grinder gives you a nice cream


  • Somewhat expensive compared to other makes
  • Makes noise when you start
  • Needs to refill the water jug after every 6 cups

With Delonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic, there is no longer any need to settle for your version of iced coffee at home or work that tastes like it is watered-down. This machine is the first and only fully automatic coffee machine in the world that includes iced coffee production.

Delonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic brews at a lower temperature, pre-infuses, infuses and offers the ability to customize your coffee to extra strength. This machine brews full-bodied and smooth coffee over ice that never tastes watered down. It will allow you to make various traditional coffee drinks at home and office. An automatic machine that delivers beans straight to the cup, it offers four beverages, namely espresso, drip-style coffee, espresso, and TrueBrew Over Ice at the touch of a button.

To give you the freshest brew ever, Dinamica’s revolutionary grind technique delivers the exact amount of coffee beans without leaving residual coffee in the brewing section, to ensure your next cup is just as fresh. With its integrated advanced manual frother, espresso classics like cappuccino and lattes come complete with right and long-lasting foam, regardless if you use cow’s, almonds, soy, or coconut milk. 

Clean-up is very easy as it takes only half the cleaning time of other machines. In other machines, you need to use a chemical to clean after brewing. All you have to do is pull out the drip tray, and put it in the dishwasher. Dinamica has an adjustable steel burr grinder which allows you to control the grind and coffee strength depending on the origin of your coffee. This machine was designed to make your daily brew as easy as possible.



  • Heat-up time is less than 40 seconds
  • Adjustable frothier
  • It is the simplest machine to clean
  • 2 years, plus an additional 1-year warranty when the coffee machine is registered


  • It is big and heavy
  • Frother wand needs to be cleaned after each session

Delonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic has the following:

  • The True Brew process gives you a smooth and full-bodied iced coffee using lower temperature brewing, pre-infusing, then infusing the coffee over ice that does not taste watered down.
  • The heat-up time is less than 40 seconds. It has an Italian 15 bar high-performance pump, taking only the machine 40 seconds to heat up and start brewing.
  • It brews the freshest cup of coffee, with beans to cup brewing system and a built-in burr grinder to enjoy the freshest cup of coffee every time.
  • The adjustable frother allows you to choose cappuccino on the frother to enjoy classic Italian cappuccino with a dry milk-foam texture or select your hot milk setting for a latte.
  • It is the simplest espresso maker to clean with the removable brew unit and dishwasher-safe drip tray. It takes only half the time and cost to clean compared with the competitor models.

Jura is a Swiss-based manufacturer of a wide range of automatic coffee machines. They use high-pressure brewing to make coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and other coffee beverages that rival those prepared by any coffee chain. The machines are easy to use as they could handle everything, including the grinding of the beans and the cleaning of the machine.

As with other Jura models, the Jura E8 can make espresso, coffee, and ristretto as long as you press the right settings to make additional drinks such as macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and the elaborate barista-inspired recipes. 

Jura E8 has a six-level Aroma G3 grinder for the perfect coffee beverage that you want to prepare. The Jura E8 is the choice for the discriminating coffee drinkers who want the most advanced coffee maker in terms of technology. The machine uses PEP to deliver an efficient, effective brewing while featuring a water system that prevents scaling. This machine has 12 programmable coffee specialties and eight levels of coffee strength to guarantee the best-tasting coffee possible. This coffee maker cleans itself.



  • Its Aroma G3 coffee grinder has six levels
  • It has a high-performing pump that has 15 bars of pressure
  • It is equipped with a professional frother to produce a fine foam for barista specialties.


  • The machine is on the heavy side

The Jura E8 has the following:

  • Touchscreen controls – It has user-friendly controls to make grinding beans, brewing coffee, frothing milk, and cleaning the machine easy. This is a high-end Jura coffee machine and espresso maker that features touchscreen controls that are extremely easy to use.
  • Coffee strength levels – Jura E8 allows you to adjust the strength of each cup of coffee. This is a handy feature for all coffee lovers. The menu of choices can have everyone in the house, coffee just the way they want it.
  • Pulse extraction process – There is a pulse process that pushes hot water through the coffee grounds before brewing to pre-infuse it, resulting in a brewing process that pulls the aroma and flavor from the grounds in half the time, letting you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee as soon as possible.
  • Powder chute – This has the option of using ground coffee to the chamber, allowing you to brew delicious coffee in an instant.
  • Programmable timer – You can program the timer so you can have your coffee ready when you need it.

The Breville Duo Pro Espresso Machine provides balanced flavors using even brewing to allow low-pressure pre-infusion that you normally see in a commercial espresso machine. It produces a good tasting cappuccino or espresso with well-balanced acidity, sweetness, and bitterness. The Duo Pro espresso maker provides you with quality espresso at home. 

The pre-infusion at lower pressure helps ensure that all the coffee flavors are drawn out during brewing to produce a shot of espresso with a balanced taste. 

The high power 1600 watt element delivers enough steam to create micro-foam that enhances flavor and enables you to produce latte art. This machine is constructed using brushed stainless steel. It has a water tank that is capable of holding 61 ounces of water. 

The Duo-Temp Pro is faster than traditional espresso machines in the way it heats the water. It uses a high powered stainless steel thermo-coil that heats water on demand. When you turn on the espresso maker in the morning, it is ready to brew in minutes. The high-power thermos-coil produces endless steam of constant pressure. 

For brewing espresso, the Du0-Temp uses a 54 mm stainless steel portafilter. The machine includes the standard single (solo) and double shot (doppio) baskets as well as single and double-wall pressurized baskets. You will get the best results when you use the standard baskets. The pressurized baskets allow for the use of pre-ground coffee.



  • Produces barista-quality espresso
  • Café quality microfoam 
  • Compact footprint


  • It lacks a 3-way solenoid valve that makes pucks a little soupy.

The Breville BES810BSSXL Duo Pro Espresso Machine has the following:

  • 15 bar pump made in Italy uses low pressure to bloom the coffee grounds
  • Capable of extracting one or two shots of espresso at a time
  • 1 and 2-cup single and dual wall filter baskets included
  • Works at 110 to 120 volts capacity
  • 61-ounces capacity water tank
  • Micro-foam milk texturing
  • Auto purge
  • Maintenance indicators

There is no need anymore to make do with a watered-down version of iced coffee at work or home. Using the world’s sole fully automatic espresso machine that features iced coffee processing, you never have to worry again about the quality of your iced coffee. The machine brews at a low temperature to pre-infuse the coffee grounds, offering the ability to customize the coffee to the strength that you want. 

De’Longhi True Brew Over Ice can brew full-bodied and smooth coffee over ice that does not taste watered down. You can now enjoy a variety of the freshest coffee beverages at home. The Dinamica is an automatic bean-to-cup machine, offering one-touch coffee beverages of your choice – drip-style coffee, long espresso, espresso, and True Brew Over Ice. All you have to do is select the coffee strength that you want. 

This machine has an integrated manual frothier to produce espresso classics such as cappuccinos and lattes complete with a long-lasting and rich foam, regardless if you use cow’s, almond, soy, rice, or coconut milk. The quality of frothing depends on the type of milk selected. 

The True brew process of De’Longhi delivers full-bodied and smooth ice coffee by low-temperature brewing. 

The machine is capable of heating up in less than 40 seconds. It has a pump with a 15-bar setting which takes up to 40 seconds to heat up and start brewing.

The machine has a bean-to-cup system of brewing using its breakthrough burr grinder to let you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee each time.



  • It has an integrated manual frothier
  • The machine is easy to clean
  • Brew unit is removable and dishwasher safe
  • 3 years total warranty, including 1 year when the machine is registered


  • Plastic housing makes it look cheap.

De’Longhi ECAM35020W Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic has the following:

  • Adjustable burr grinder – Dinamica has an adjustable burr grinder to give you total control of the grind and coffee strength.
  • Integrated adjustable frother that can be operated manually to customize steam and levels of foam.
  • Customized one-touch setting for coffee beverages.

This machine boasts of 3 seconds startup using its Thermojet heating system. It has an intuitive interface, with an LCD that features progress animations of grinding and extracting. The screen gives you the precise information needed to make coffee the way you exactly like it.

The innovative ThermoJet heating system reaches the optimum brewing temperature within 3 seconds that instantaneously transition from espresso to steam. It is ready to make your coffee as you wait.

The machine has an integrated conical burr grinder that can be operated using a single touch. It delivers the right amount of coffee when needed because of the dose control in the grinder. 

The machine delivers a balanced and consistent espresso with the right amount of ground coffee. The key to café quality and full-flavor coffee is the 54 mm portafilter.

The machine has a digital temperature control that delivers water at the right temperature to ensure optimal extraction of flavor. It has a powerful steam wand that allows you to hand texture your micro-foam milk to enhance flavor and allow you to create latte art.

The Breville L.P. BES878BSS Breville The Barista Pro Espresso Machine has the following:

  • An intuitive interface that has an LCD that shows the progress animation of grinder and espresso extraction.
  • It has a ThermoJet heating system
  • Single-touch controls
  • Powerful steam wands


  • Can reach brewing temperature in 3 seconds
  • Single-touch burr grinder
  • Powerful steam wand
  • Made of brushed stainless steel


  • Brewing time varies 10 seconds between shots

The Espresso Machine

Espresso is coffee that originated in Italy. The brewing process involves forcing near-boiling water through fine coffee grounds. Espresso is thicker than traditional coffee that has been brewed using other methods. It is characterized by a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids with crema on top.

The espresso machine has a long and colorful history, with the first machine built by Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy in 1884. Several improvements were made into the original Moriondo design but they all share common elements which include a group head and portafilter. Espresso machines may be piston-driven, steam-driven, or air-pump-driven, either manually operated or automatic.

An espresso machine, regardless of the brand or the design, needs a water source. Water is drawn by the machine either from a small reservoir that is part of the machine or directly from a plumbed water connection. Reservoirs work well for small volumes but a commercial or professional espresso machine relies on a piped water source. The water to be supplied to the espresso machine must be clean and without too much or too little mineral content. Espresso machines typically have built-in filters. A pump to force the water into the condensed coffee puck is needed as the regular household water pressure will not have enough force. An espresso machine comes with a water pump, which is electrically operated in most machines. An espresso requires 130 PSI of pressure, or 9 bars, which is 9 times the atmospheric pressure. To give you an idea about the type of pressure needed in an espresso machine, car tires generally have between 30 and 35 PSI.

The water that is moved forward by the pump needs to be heated, which necessitates a boiler. Professional machines have two boilers – one for brewing the espresso and the other one for the steam wand. The two boilers have different temperature settings, with the boiler for brewing pegged at 93°C and the one for the steam wand needs to be at 100°C. The consistency of water temperature is important for the rate of extraction and the taste of the espresso shot.

The final step in the brewing of an espresso shot is the group head, the part that brings the pressurized water into contact with the puck of coffee. The group head contains the portafilter, a metal basket that holds the ground coffee. Group head could be saturated or semi-saturated. The saturated group head is exposed to the boiler and it comes into contact with the same temperature of the brewing water. The semi-saturated group head is separate from the boiler by heat exchange. Baristas prefer the saturated group heads because of better control of the quality of the brew although this type is more expensive to maintain.

Finding the Best Espresso Machines for Your Home

To create and enjoy the best shot of espresso at home requires having an advanced brewing process and some good features when you want to make doppio drinks and a steam wand for making a cappuccino or latte. Espresso machines for home use do not come cheap, so you would expect to pay a good sum of money for something that will whip up a legit espresso drink that will be as close as possible, if not better than, a shot of espresso from your favorite café. Don’t be discouraged by the price tag because you will be saving a lot of money on your lattes and other espresso drinks that you make at home, without having to go to your favorite coffee shop and spend a lot more money.

You can try to skimp on money and buy the best cheap espresso machine as long as you are willing to settle for mediocre espresso. However, you can forget about that idea if you plan to drink espresso regularly because sooner or later you will realize that you wasted your money and your counter space, too. Budget espresso brewers do not produce real espresso but only coffee similar to what is produced by a simple stovetop brewer that does not taste quite like the espresso your barista makes at your local coffee shop. While such coffee may not be inherently bad, it is just not real espresso.

The Search for the Best Espresso Maker

Coffee lovers started out using drip filters, French presses, stovetop espresso makers, and milk frothers but unsatisfied with the coffee beverage they got. They started browsing the web for full-on espresso machines that come with all the bells and whistles. Not everyone has reached that level of coffee addiction but those who reached the stage, the internet gives them a variety of choices on the best espresso maker that money can buy. 

The Italian Espresso National Institute follows very strict standards on what to call a true espresso. The basic concept is that an espresso machine forces an amount of almost boiling water with at least 9 bars of pressure through very finely ground beans to make true espresso. The result of the process is a creamy and thicker coffee with a lot more caffeine in it. The pressure is the best metric of making real espresso, which explains why a stovetop espresso maker cannot produce real espresso.

There are two kinds of espresso machines – pump-driven and steam-driven. There are two types of steam-driven machines – the stove-top espresso maker and pump-less electric machines. Pump-driven machines are very common, with many varieties falling under that category. 

The following are the types of pump-driven machines:

  • Manual lever pump – It works by manually pumping the espresso out by hand. It works without electricity.
  • Electronic pump – This machine needs the proper setting of temperature and electricity pumps the espresso for you.
  • Semi-automatic pump – You have to grind the beans before tamping them into the filter, then you turn on the machine. You will have to pump the button to turn it on while waiting for the water to turn black. At this point, you have to turn it off.
  • Automatic pump – The machine grinds the beans, tamp them into the portafilter and automatically turns on to start the brewing process. It automatically turns off when it is done.
  • Super-automatic pump – This machine takes everything from you. It grinds the coffee beans, tamps the coffee grounds into the filter holder, heats the water, pushes the water using lots of pressure, and removes the wastes for you. This machine is very easy to use but it will cost you money.

You can then choose the best espresso machine that will suit your needs, taste, and budget.

Why are Single-shot Espresso Maker Expensive?

Espresso is usually served as a single shot or double shot. A single shot of espresso has about 30 ml of espresso while a doppio has about 60 ml. When ordering your favorite espresso beverage from a coffee shop, the barista typically uses a doppio espresso. A single shot makes a weak espresso beverage so people traditionally order a doppio espresso.

An espresso machine that makes only a single espresso shot is expensive in the long run because there is a need to pull two separate shots to make a double espresso for a latte or a cappuccino. It is more economical to be purchasing an espresso machine that is capable of brewing two shots at the same time.

Read the Espresso Machine Reviews

When you want to buy an espresso machine but are overwhelmed by the number of choices, there is a way of knowing where to invest your money to enjoy a good cup of the best espresso anytime you want one.

One way of choosing the best espresso machine for your home requires that you examine each of the machines in the market, an endeavor that is not practical as it could be time-consuming. The next best step you could take is to search for the best espresso machine reviews to get an idea or two on how a particular machine works.

There are plenty of good machines out there, but what may work for coffee shops may not be the best choice for you. Before selecting a particular brand of espresso machine, you must consider what you need and what you expect. You have to consider the following:

  • Espresso quality
  • Available labor
  • The time it takes to prepare an espresso
  • The type of coffee
  • Target consumer – Is the machine for your personal use, for your family or colleagues, or for paying customers.
  • Installation site – Do you have enough space for a large machine?
  • Who will be preparing the espresso drinks?
  • Any personal preference as to price, country of origin, design, etc.
  • Price

When you read the reviews for the different espresso machines and coffee maker on the market, you will learn, in addition to how they were constructed and how they work, the common problems attributed to a machine. You have to decide if those downsides will not affect your purpose of buying the espresso machine in the first place.

By the time you get convinced by a particular review on the merits of a machine, then that is the time to decide which one to buy.


If you are that kind of person who regularly grabs an espresso on your way to work, it will be a good idea that you invest money on an espresso machine for your home. You can easily make your favorite espresso drink even before you leave your house. The same thing when you get home at the end of the day. You can immediately brew your favorite espresso while you finish the work that you took home or when you simply want to relax with the members of your family.

There is no hard and fast rule on what is the best espresso machine for your home. The best espresso machine is the one that will suit your needs, whether it is a small machine or a large machine, manual or semi-automatic or fully automatic. What is best for another person may not be good enough for you. You alone can decide what is the best espresso machine for your needs.

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