Enjoy Brewed Coffee from the 5 Best French Coffee Press

Last Update: April 14, 2021
The French press provides one of the easiest ways and best way to enjoy brewed coffee. Read on about the five best french press on the market in 2021.

The French press is one of the most popular ways to make coffee. The great taste and superior quality are two of the main reasons for this popularity. There are many different types and styles of French presses on the market, but not all of them will produce a quality cup of coffee.

Today we're going to list our top five favorite french presses on Amazon in no particular order and talk about why each press made it onto our list. We'll also give you some pros and cons so you can decide which one will be best for your home.


The 5 Best French Press For the Home

They say that French is the language of diplomacy, but when the French speak diplomatically, we like to think that they would do so over a cup of steaming hot fresh coffee. What more could they use to prepare the freshest coffee than using a French press? This coffee device is not without controversy in being named or having this appellation. Perhaps, it is the easiest way to start your day, maybe even the most popular the world over, and not only in Europe or in the Americas. 

However, even as we know it as the French press, it also has another cafetière, cafetière à piston, Cafeteria, press pot, coffee press, or coffee plunger. Coffee lovers from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the UK, and the Netherlands also know it under different names. In the US and Canada, it is usually called a coffee press or French press. Having said something about the French about their diplomatic ability, the invention or development of-this device is disputed by the Italians. However, whatever its origin is or whatever name you have come to recognize, the best French press is undoubtedly one item that should be on everybody’s and not only every coffee lover’s bucket list.

Top 5 Best French Press Coffee Maker

The search for the top 5 best French press coffee makers brings us to the question of what makes French presses the ideal coffee maker above and over the fancier methods of making coffee, such as percolators and drip, Moka pot, siphon, and other modern inventions. Take, for example, the old espresso machine, the de facto go-to coffee maker of many coffee lovers everywhere on the planet. It is the best when it comes to coffee to wake you up in the morning.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford even a decent, run-of-the-mill espresso machine. Don’t be surprised at all, but French presses are not a mean stand-in to any coffee maker. Many coffee enthusiasts have come to prefer it to any other method because of its simplicity, availability, affordability, and flavorful, delicious brew it produces.

The following are the Best French Press available on the market today.

1. Secura French Press Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

The first thing that stands out with the Secura French Press Coffee Maker, Stain Steel, is its excellent thermal retention compared to its competitors’ thanks to its double-wall interior and exterior construction. This construction type helps French presses be entirely cool to the touch, which means it is safe and comfortable to pour while retaining the interior heat for a long time.

For those who have gone to dozens of broken French presses made of glass, this is the perfect permanent, durable replacement. Using it with reasonable care, you don’t have to worry about dropping just like that. It can resist intentional or unintentional marks and scratches. The plunger filter assembly works to filter fine coffee granules. With two extra filters, you are sure to enjoy your French press coffee for as long as you want.

This French press’s unique feature is its multi-layered filter made of stainless steel. It can prevent the tiniest coffee ground from going to your cup while allowing the essential oils and flavor to permeate your coffee. The filter screen will enable you to take it apart for effortless cleaning easily. Being made of stainless steel, it is a perfect companion for traveling, camping, and even mountain climbing.

Secura French Press Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

Benefits and Features

  • Filter screen is easy to take apart and clean
  • Interior and exterior are 18/10 stainless steel
  • Handle and knobs are cool to touch
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2. Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker

If you are looking for coffee that not only has a delicious taste and free of unwanted coffee sediments in your cup of coffee, you can stop searching now and get the Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker. The outstanding feature of this French press that owners have been talking about is its unique 4 level filtration system, ensuring that you can enjoy your coffee better because of less spent grounds.

The cup of coffee you serve to yourself, your family, and friends tastes better than another cup of coffee brewed with French presses made with fewer filter layers. The glass carafes are made from durable tempered borosilicate glass that, given the high boiling point where it is used, the carafe doesn’t easily break and leak. Its capacity is enough for eight delicious cups, just right for your family or your group of friends.

This French press comes with a plunger with an innovative four-level filtration system. The filter is fixed in the plunger, sealing the layered screen to the glass carafes' edges. It also has a filter on the top. This design results in coffee that are free of unwanted remnants of coffee grounds. With the provided brewing guide, you can quickly start to savor your coffee as soon as you open the package, have the water boiled, and poured into the carafe. The manufacturer has graciously included a lifetime replacement guarantee with their product, which gives you the confidence and peace of mind to use your French press as often as you want.

Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker

Benefits and Features

  • Free from BPAs and rust-proof
  • Sold with a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • The carafe is made of durable borosilicate glass.
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3. Homitt French Press Coffee Maker

The Homitt French Press Coffee Maker comes in 1000ML capacity giving you enough brew to share around the house, the campfire, or everyone in your car or RV when traveling. It is made of 100%18/10 stainless steel both in its exterior and interior construction, making it rust-proof and dishwasher safe. It has a double-wall and two-layer pot lid structure that ensures that your French press provides you with better than enough heat insulation to provide hot coffee for a longer duration but still cool to touch the handle and knobs.

The plunger filter system is fitted with four layers of stainless steel screens. The coffee comes out of your French press with pure coffee, unadulterated with small bits of coffee grounds. Still, it retains the individual oils and flavor so essential in enjoying your coffee. The manufacturer made sure that their product is BPA-free and that there are no hidden plastic parts in their product to add extra but unwanted after taste in your coffee.

This French press is 100% plastic-free, and thus you are assured that your coffee is free from harmful chemicals that mix with your brew. The stainless steel material is rust-proof, and the carafe is virtually indestructible under regular use. The French press for those who are not so careful in handling items made of glass. Also, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Homitt French Press 1000ml

Benefits and Features

  • Stainless steel filter screen could be disassembled and washed thoroughly
  • Able to maintain optimal brewing temperature
  • Durable materials made of stainless steel
  • It comes with two extra filter screens
  • Easy to clean fine mesh filter
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4. French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

The French Press Double  Wall Stainless Mirror Finish guarantees that there will be no coffee grounds in your cup after you pour you just brewed coffee in it. Using French presses, it is easy to enjoy pure, unadulterated cups of coffee. Also, they savor such delicious coffee with the full aroma and flavor of their favorite coffee beans, courtesy of its double walls screen system. 

The first filter screen is designed to touch the carafe wall more evenly and tightly, while the second one acts to filter the smallest coffee grounds that managed to penetrate the first filter screen. With a dual filter system, there would be no more coffee grounds in your mouth! It is rust-proof and dishwasher safe as well because of its stainless steel construction. It is durable as it is reliable at home or on the road. Your Sterlingpro French [press comes supplied with two bonus stainless steel screens for free.

This French press is the largest capacity coffee press available. You can fill it with water to brew coffee enough to produce 16 coffee cups. Being made with double-wall stainless steel, you can handle it without fear of being burned because it is cool to touch while the brew inside remains hot. There are no plastic parts to leach harmful chemicals to your coffee during the hot brewing process. Its handle is ergonomically designed so your hands can pour your coffee quickly and without hesitation. These properties satisfy the form and function that most coffee lovers want to have in their French Press Double-Wall Stainless Mirror Finish.

Now for a piece of special, astonishing news. Did you know that you can also use it to make coffee or tea, hot chocolate, cold coffee brew, almond milk, frothed milk, and other infusions and herbal drinks? That may come as a surprise to you, but, indeed, this French press is so adaptable and capable of being used in other creative ways for every coffee enthusiast.

French Press Double-Wall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish

Benefits and Features

  • This French press stays rust-free and dishwasher safe.
  • Double-layer fine mesh filter screen keeps coffee pure, free from coffee grounds, 
  • A double-walled carafe maintains a hot brew for a longer time.
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5. Secura 1500ML French Press Coffee Maker

The Secura 1500ML French Press Coffee Maker is designed and constructed to last longer than any other French press in the market. If you are not convinced, consider this: double-wall construction to ensure long-lasting thermal retention. It is a proven system to retain heat efficiently and give you a fresh coffee brew that keeps and locks in its fresh aroma and flavor. It has a 3-layered filter structure made of stainless steel, which traps the tiny coffee grounds. The screen is easy to clean as it is easy to disassemble.

If you want a more refined taste, you can stack the other filter screens provided free with your purchase of this French press. The handle and knob are cool to touch for safe and comfortable pouring.

The stainless steel materials used to construct this French press lend a polished, mirror-like finish on the exterior. It not only looks gorgeous on your coffee nook, counter-top, or kitchen but also keeps your brew hot for an extended period because of its heat retention properties. With the additional stainless steel filter screen you get with your purchase, you can have your precious brew more refined, ever so tasty, and delicious as the coffee grounds don’t get past these amazing filters.

You thus get your coffee with a full-bodied flavor and nose-tingling aroma. Unlike a paper filter that traps every single coffee ground and doesn’t let you get the natural coffee oils and acids, this filter enables you to get those oils and acids that make up your liquid brown brew very delicious.

Secura 1500ML French Press Coffee Maker

Benefits and Features

  • High quality – 304 stainless steel for both interior and exterior parts. 
  • Durable and high efficient in retaining heat longer.
  • It is guaranteed to keep out coffee grounds thanks to its 3-layered stainless steel filter.
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Why is the French Press Coffee Maker so Much Better?

Coffee is part culture, part lifestyle, and the total of taste, flavor, and aroma. Many coffee drinkers will not dispute that their love affair with this venerable product of unique labor of love and a humble bean can be traced to the home where they grew up, smelling the home-cooked aroma food freshly coffee. The French press coffee maker we know today and the brew made from it is not unlike the others in how it has been from more than a century ago. The design handed down to us was from Attilo Calimani, who was, surprisingly, or not for you, an Italian. It is indeed a simple machine – consisting of a plunger assembly fitted with a filter screen and a carafe. It could be made of a special glass, stainless steel, ceramic, or stoneware with some plastic parts.

The truth is brewing your morning coffee in a French press is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you have just woke up and still trying to stifle that yawn. However, there is also truth in saying that coffee from French presses is more delicious, and some say it is beyond richly rewarding and awakening from a deep slumber. Can it change your life? 

Well, it could, but more than that, it can introduce you to a culture that encompasses earth-shaking moments and a lifestyle that is above the rich and famous. It uses the manual method of brewing, reminiscent of the farm life when many modern industries and amenities have not yet been introduced or even invented. You get to measure the beans yourself and grind them coarsely, for this is the best grind for French presses, or if you prefer, use your previously bought ground coffee. Use boiling water and allow it to cool down for about 30 seconds. Put the hot water in the carafe. Carefully put the ground coffee into the carafe. Watch and wait for the brew to do its magic. Then finally, press the plunger ever so slowly and not permit yourself to reach the plunger down to the bottom.

Many will argue that it is a slow-mo, time-consuming spectacle. It is two minutes of preparation, plus four minutes for brewing time. You will be rewarded with a rich, full-bodied coffee, unique taste, intensity profile, and aroma. Part of the French press allure besides the ritual you have gone through is its ability to allow natural oils to permeate the filter, pass through, and enrich your liquefied creation in your cup. That is what taste, flavor, and aroma are all about.

If you observe, the French press’s way of brewing coffee allows you complete control in the brewing process. That makes it a thing of culture and lifestyle. It has its ritual that we have just described above and provided the practitioner with the power to create their unique blend all their own. The brewed product is an elixir, if you may want to call it, which promotes the power to awaken the mind against the morning's lazy inertia. And drinking, you can go on with your tasks for the rest of the day. If you need to re-calibrate or replenish your store of strength along the way, then you may drink more as required. 

French presses are the best way to enjoy a simply delicious cup of coffee, but you should not forget that even the best available coffee machine needs cleaning to brew the perfect cup. Part of obtaining the magical brew is to allow your coarsely ground beans to bloom in the carafe and steep at the correct length of time. Remember that for a French press to work correctly, you should use a coarse grind as it allows you to extract the best flavor intensity and avoid the resulting sludge, which you will get if you use excellent ground coffee. 

One cup of fresh water to one tablespoon of your favorite coffee grounds is the magic ratio in all types of French press coffee makers, whether they are from stainless or borosilicate glass. You can adjust as you please but remember too that balance is the key. You should also not forget to clean your French press after each brew, so you get the same consistent flavor every time. Without cleaning, the carafe would be stained and could retain the bitter taste of previous coffee grounds and spoil your next batch. Rinse it with preferably hot to warm or boiling water before you begin brewing your next cupful. Additionally, to make sure that your brewed coffee tastes delicious as the last time you used it, never leave spent grounds in the carafe after brewing.

One surprising fact about the French press and many of you uninitiated know is that you can use it in various inventive ways in the kitchen. Being a versatile kitchen gadget, you can use it to prepare your loose-leaf tea, or you can also use it to make frothed warm milk by directly pouring the desired amount of milk and pumping the plunger several times. 

If you are a creative enough cook at home or the campfire, you can use it to infuse your special oils with herbs and spices. The French press is also handy in emulsifying choice ingredients for making exotic vinaigrette blends. Using its straining ability, some people use it to strain their homemade vegetable or chicken stock. Some people have still used it to soak and rinse their quinoa or arborio rice for a delectable risotto.

What to Look for in the Best Coffee Press

Coffee lovers the world over have always been on a quest for java Nirvana and now not a few of them would think they have found it in a brand new, shining espresso machine, but they would all be wrong. The truth is, you can find the ultimate coffee haven in the best France press coffee maker wherever you see one. However, just like all the other noble quests around the globe, you have to go through a not-so-familiar ritual before you can taste your coveted brew.

Before you are rewarded with your sought-after coffee brew, you need to get your basics down covered first to know what to look for in the best coffee press. The continuing study includes knowing the ratio between your coffee and the freshwater you will use, how to grind the coffee beans correctly coarsely, and of course, how to brew your chosen coffee grounds in your French coffee press. You cannot forget one and overindulge in the other as they go hand in hand to produce the desired brewed product. One practice that you should not do, and all experienced baristas everywhere swear by them, is to press down the plunger until the coffee grounds are squashed firmly to the bottom of the carafe in the thought that you could squeeze the last drop of the cherished liquid. 

However, if you want to taste the delicious coffee you want from your French press, stop to smell the brew right there before you ruin your coffee. Brewing time-wise, you should not go over four minutes in brewing your coffee, and that’s plenty enough time to extract the best acids, aromatic oils, and notes you knew are in your coffee beans. 

Beyond that time, the bitter tannins start to leach into your brew, which results in over-extracted coffee. You don’t want to force the bitter flavors from the grounds into your coffee cup. Take note that the brewing process doesn’t stop after the plunge if you leave the liquid in the carafe. Slowly plunging means that all the goodness and, unfortunately, all the harmful elements – oils, acids, tannins – are still permeating the brew. Your best practice then is not to pour out the coffee into your cup after the allotted four minutes are over and leave the sludge behind.

Although the French press is a simple mechanical design product, the best French coffee press is from the best materials available and suitable for such a noble machine. The first thing you should consider is a sturdy carafe made of quality, durable glass or other materials we have mentioned above. The carafe material should maintain the optimum temperature within the four minutes allotted for the brewing time. The other thing you should look at is the filtration system, the heart of the French press, as it allows the coffee grounds to be separated from the golden black liquid after the brewing time. It should be strong to keep off the spent coffee grounds while still allowing to complete the brewing magic.

Searching for the Best French Press in Canada

French press coffee makers come in different forms and functions depending on your purpose or how you want to enjoy your coffee. There are presses for traveling, enjoying a cup of coffee while you are on the road, in picnics or camping trips, and need a quick caffeine boost. Some designs focus on their utility as their users want their coffee warm for a long time. This type of French press usually has double-wall insulation for this purpose. If you go for the classic, some are both made to follow form and function. You can find them in specialty stores designed along with modern trends.

If you search for the best French press in Canada, you are definitely in luck for all these readily available types. Most of them are of high quality and durable materials, with the product depending on your budget, design options, and the brew quality they produce. However, if you take good care of them, they will surely last for a long time. Both form and function are essential for the French press and the coffee you get from it. Thus you can select the best one according to usability, amount of coffee grounds retained after pouring the brew, heat retention, and of course, taste. 

Other factors that could affect your final selection could include ease of taking apart for cleaning, accessories, water volume and capacity, portability, and cost. Some French press users will look for comfortable, cool-to-the-touch handling, and the plunger should be smooth and pour without hesitation when pressed. The most solid materials in durability and quality would include either stainless steel and borosilicate for the carafe and mostly stainless steel for the plunger. As you can observe, almost all French press parts are principally used in creating your coffee and can undoubtedly influence its final flavor.

Those who go for fair trade coffee would be happy to know that the French press is, without a doubt, one of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient ways of brewing and enjoying your coffee. It doesn’t use many virgin materials in its manufacture, and most of all, it doesn’t use electricity, and the spent coffee can easily be made part of your garden landscape and help your plants grow. You don’t even need paper filters nor plastic capsules either to wake up your mornings fast.


The French press coffee is part of the manual brewing mode that many people have come to appreciate. Its history ties in with people who are part of coffee history, of people who have and continue to labor to bring us the coffee we deserve and, want, of the science that brought us how and when to best plant, care, and harvest coffee. 

Coffee’s existence links with all we have mentioned, revealing its complexity and deep roots. On the other hand, the French press is as simple as it can be in contrast.

Any coffee expert worth his or her brew can tell you this, and that is their choice of the best French press coffee maker, and they will be right. You won’t have any reason to doubt their recommendations; primarily, they are based on their research and experimentation with the product they have tested. However, the best French press's ultimate judge is yourself; as you gain expertise in using it, let the coffee grounds steep, for how long and how much amount of water and coffee ratio you use. While some will go for looks or design, some will let their choice seduce themselves through the resulting brew's quality and properties.

Still, others will always like to find a balance of form and function. But at the end of the brewing and coffee drinking day: let your tongue and nostrils guide you in buying the coffee beans; how to grind them to the best size applicable to French presses; and the brewing time. As we said above, consult the experts, manuals, or even online sources to best brew your chosen blend to obtain the results that would please you most.

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