The Must-Have Best Single Serve Coffee Maker To Save Your Day

Last Update: April 14, 2021
Check out this best single-serve coffee maker with amazing features every coffee purist must try, welcome the day with high-quality aroma-filled coffee experience now!

There are a lot of excellent single-serve coffee makers out there. But the best ones can make an already great cup of coffee even better. They can also save you some time, provide extra variety, and brew just about anything you could want.

This article will discuss the ins and outs of what makes a single-serve coffee maker great. We will also discuss different brew types and some of the best single-serve coffee makers on the market. As always, we will go through some pros and cons at the end to help you make an informed purchase.


One of life’s great pleasures is to enjoy your freshly brewed coffee before starting the day. Whether you are relaxing or getting ready for a productive day, indeed, that cup of coffee will keep things in perspective. Check out our top 6 must-have single-serve coffee maker to enjoy a great cup of Joe anytime you like!

Best Single Cup Coffee Maker

Before jumping over to getting a famous coffee maker, you should consider a few important factors to help you get the most of it. There are a lot of single-serving brewing machines out in the market. So how can you make sure you make the best decision?

  • The power option to operate your brewing machine may be a great deal when choosing single-serving coffee machines. Whether you prefer for gravity-powered or an electric device, they are both good for their purposes. However, the electric works more straightforward than the gravity-powered brewing machine. 
  • K-cup pods. These are the usual grounds and beans to choose from. However, k-cups are recognized as convenient for their availability and variety of options to choose from. Just one setback know for them is how they are being recycled. The good news the manufacturer is making plans for better environment-friendly segregation. 
  • Capsules or k-cups. Your coffee capsules are smaller than the usual conventional size coffee pods. The capsules are designed for some brewing machines, while pods are used for most brewers. The pods are the typical size bags for your ground beans. 
  • Each brewing machine comes with different features for you to enjoy. You can choose an all-in-one bestseller brew machine at a higher cost. You can also get a simple yet quality brewing machine that suits your needs and preferences. Every device is different to match your lifestyle. So get one that has great feedback from most consumers.


  • It offers a variety of flavors to choose from. That includes your favorite beverages from a popular cafe in the comfort of your home.
  • Convenience to wake up and prepare your own brewed coffee from your kitchen countertops. 
  • Manage and reduce your cost for every single-serving coffee made at your home. 
  • Variety of cup sizes to choose from. There are brewing machines that offer movable disc tray/disc for your travel mugs and on-the-go cups.
  • User-friendly machines even for first-time users
  • Multiple brewing machine selection for your budget coffee maker machine
  • Durable and convenient models to suit both you and your countertops
  • Express home barista experience
  • Setup and programmable brewers for home automation and quick access anytime, anywhere. Automatic On/Off button.
  • LCD or individual button press control navigation for your convenience. 
  • Easy to clean units and removable water reservoir. 

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single served machine coffee makers are one of the easiest brewers you will ever encounter. You turn on the machine, put your k-cups/capsules inside, choose the drinks you preferred, and wait for your coffee to be dispensed. Whether you like it bold or substantial, the excellent cups and sizes of coffee are done conveniently on your countertops.

Getting the right feature and brew-strength varies for every need. There are bestseller machine makers to choose from. The choice of drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lattes and cappuccinos, all has one perfect coffee maker for you.


  • Easy to use machines to match your preference and need
  • Smart features for comfort and convenience
  • Programmable and Auto On/Off to manage energy and cost consumption
  • Sustainability and accessible products from almost any retail stores and shops near you
  • Variety of flavor options to choose from
  • Filters included for most models to brew your coffee grounds
  • Removable drip tray for on-the-go travel mugs and cup size accommodation
  • Residential and commercial features ideal both for home and office use
  • Compact/sleek design to ornament your countertops
  • Durable and convenient brewing system
  • The more extensive water tank reservoir to accumulate a larger number of crowds
  • Guaranteed cost management and cost reduction –cheaper cup options versus popular cafe with the same essence
  • It saves energy and allows great productivity
  • Mess-free brewer
  • A controlled water temperature of your choice

Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig is known for its single-cup machine coffee maker today. Just like any drip machine, which is easy to use and control. You have to turn the device on to heat the water, put on your capsules or k-cup pods. Wait for the brewed coffee to drip straight to your cup.

To get you familiar, there are 3 categories when it comes to coffee maker single cup serving. These are the machine drips, which typically drips your brewed coffee to your mug. The drip machines functions and looks like most brewing system does. Only that they ‘drip’ your coffee along the process.

The Keurig coffee maker single serve models top the excellent individual serving coffee. With Keurig ruling both manufacturing and producing product range for single-serving coffee, you’ll surely get the perfect high-end cups of coffee every single day. The process allows oxidation to occur from your sealed and vacuumed pods to extract the aromatic flavor essence of coffee straight to your mug.

The Nespresso is known for its more assertive flavor of espresso styled brewed coffee. You can modify the robust flavor with espresso shots by adding milk to create a latte or cappuccino. This more substantial essence can both enjoy as it is or with crema on top.

There are important features that you need to check before getting one single-cup brewer. This will help you decide what the best single cup coffee maker to get is:

  • Your budget – The price of each cup serving brewers deviates from every peculiarity that they have. This means that you do not just check the range to cost per machine but also the supply associated with that; this will help you weigh things done. There are cheaper units but expensive commodities. That is why you need to consider affordability, availability, and convenience into the equation.
  • The unit's size – Storing your brewing machine may be a challenge if you have a smaller countertop. This means you have to check the dimension of the brewer you are planning to get. 
  • Your brewer's features matter to what type of coffee you drink – This will help you determine what you need the most. That way, you can easily find one single cup serving machine for you. Whether you like bold or strong beverages or you go for multiple selections of drinks. Keurig machines or other brands, you will surely get one that fits your taste buds. 
  • The brewer's design – Though aesthetics may be the last thing you have in mind, it is somewhat an important factor in choosing one brewing system for your countertops. This will give a unique beauty by getting one that matches your interior. 
  • Capacity is another factor to get your perfect brewer – The volume that your machine needs to produce matters. Do you need one that can accommodate a small number of people in the office or just for residential use? Does it have a drip tray for your on-the-go travel mugs? 
  • The speed for preparing your cup of coffee – This will help you measure how much brews your machine can make. The programmable point allows you to modify the velocity per brand model available in the market. Even simple control navigation can help with the speed of each brewer. 
  • The temperature your machine can accommodate – There are required heating process to get the most of your coffee pods or capsules bold taste. With Keurig, you can control the temperature by adjusting it to your desired heat. 
  • Accessories to match your brewer – The accessories also help you weigh down by adding various options for your beverages. 
  • Customer feedback and review – Believe it or not, this type of reviews help you decide better. From what to anticipate and based on other encounters, help you ponder if this product is a must-have or demand to qualify.

Best Single-Serve Brewer

Checking for the excellent single-serve coffee maker to brew your coffee is essential. With the factors to help you decide, Keurig coffee makers still dominate the market for producing superior quality from high-end coffee beans. Factors like durability, quality of coffee they made, ease of use, price tags, speed, and value, including sustainability, availability, and variations.

With Keurig models, you can get the best of both worlds. The capacity of single-serving brews and the selection associated with availability makes them crowd favorite. There are characteristics that you need to check for every single serving brewer out there. Here’s your guide to choosing only the excellent quality with brewed coffee.


  • Brew time is essential for most coffee aficionados. This will help you determine your coffee's strength based on the amount of time it needs to be prepared.
  • Water tank reservoir capacity. It is better to have a larger water tank to clean for an uninterrupted coffee experience easily. This is also convenient for programmable and automatic On/Off coffee brewers for ease of use and convenience.
  • Variety of cup sizes to pick from. This can vary from 6 to 12 ounces cups. There are coffee machines that even allows for travel mugs to fit in. 
  • Standard model units with smart features suitable for each price range, accessories, and available commodities to manage cost. 

Best K Cup Coffee Maker

The Keurig tops the market for the best k-cup coffee maker since its first launched. It became a household name for the best single-serve brewer of all time. With a variety of model units to check, you will get excellent coffee cups every time. There are even Keurig coffee machines that have a fabulous recommendation with less price. 

The latest Keurig K-Elite single-serve coffee machine is one of the most favorite coffee brewing machines for coffee aficionados out there to top it all. With state-of-the-art features and sleek design to match your active lifestyle, your coffee brewing experience will never be the same again. It’s an all-in-one coffee brewer for modern style brewing.


  • 75 oz massive removable water reservoir to keep your coffee supply for the rest of the 
  • Easy to clean and refill the water tank
  • Accommodates travel mug and larger cups from its detachable drip tray.
  • Individual control button press for easy coffee machine navigation
  • Digital display clock
  • Iced coffee control button with one press option
  • Easy smart automatic start feature. Programmable and compatible with smart automation
  • Energy saver automatic On/Off power supply that turns off after 2 hours of inactivity
  • Compatibility to k-cup pods
  • Variety of options to decide for your drinks

What Is The Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker

You will surely agree with me that coffee is an essential part of your day. This helps you perform better, and a great way to start the day is by enjoying your preferred brewed coffee. Whether you like it from a favorite coffee shop or like to make it by yourself, you can never go wrong with it. 

What could be the best machine to produce high-quality flavored coffee? Keurig had been in the industry for quite some time now and have established their name not just in the market but even on our countertops. A pioneer when it comes to the great tasting coffee and other beverages to pick from. Aside from that, there are a variety of units to prefer from. All of which depends on what you need—your style and budget. The great thing about Keurig is its availability. You can grab k-cup pods on almost any retail store and shop near you. That alone is a great advantage for a unique brewing experience.

There are factors to help you decide what you need for your brewing system. That way, you can easily weigh things down to get the right machine preference and savor every cup of Joe the way you deserved them.


  • Affordable price range without compromising quality and features
  • Brewing coffee style, bold and strong, espresso-style, and other variations like tea, cold or hot chocolate, fruit drinks i
  • Environment-friendly accessories and materials that are reusable or recyclable 
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Manages cost and saves energy
  • Availability and variation of coffee capsules/pods
  • Low maintenance, easy use of the coffee machine
  • Accommodates a variety of cup sizes and larger mugs for traveling
  • Larger water tank (commercial or residential use)
  • Programmable settings and features

1. Keurig K200 Hot Brewing System

The Keurig K200 hot brewing system is a compact designed-coffee machine that holds up to 40 oz from its removable water tank reservoir. It has a grayscale touchscreen display for an easy control navigation brewing system, with multiple cup size options to provide your caffeine need. The variation includes a 4-cup carafe or individual k-cup pack. 

  • Brew a bolder coffee of your choice from the strength control button
  • Brew regular options for your cup size, including mugs for traveling through k-mugs, k-cup carafe, k-cup pods, and single-cup from your chosen k-cup pods flavors
  • Smart programmable feature. Automatically turns your machine On/Off and/or automatically brew your k-carafe. Fits perfectly with your schedule. 
  • Customized control speed options of your choice, including a clock, saved favorite settings, wallpaper, and water reservoir information. 
  • Color options to pick from
  • Temperature control settings to meet your demands
Keurig K200 Hot Brewing System

Benefits and Features

  • Compact designed Keurig coffee machines are best for limited space countertops without compromising the fittest brewing system. 
  • 40 oz compact water tank reservoir
  • Four easy steps brewing method. Insert your Keurig k-cup pod into your brewer, lower the machine handle, decide on your brew size and press the brew button. 
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2. Hamilton Beach 49979C FlexBrew Single-Serve Plus Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach 49979C Flexbrew Single-Serve Plus Coffee Maker is a user-friendly single-serving pack or grounds decoction packs. Easy to view water window that is visible from its side to the front area. With durable five years limited warranty from Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach 49979C FlexBrew Single-Serve Plus Coffee Maker

Benefits and Features

  • Easy to use the brewing system. Lower the lid and start brewing. Two options for the regular or bold brewing process
  • 10 oz single-serving pack or 14 oz fresh ground coffee beans
  • Easy to refill water tank reservoir with visible water window to avoid water spills due to refilling
  • Pick between bold brewing settings or regular brew option
  • Coffee ground basket included
  • Storage area for your k-cup pods in the armrest or coffee basket
  • Accommodates 8” mugs for traveling or ordinary cups
  • Easy cleaning process with removable parts
  • With or without k-cups brewing system
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3. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville with Aeroccino Milk Frother

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville with Aeroccino milk frother has two cup sizes. You can select between 7.7fl ounces of coffee or 1.35 fl ounces of espresso through available capsules. You can get a larger capsule designed for coffee or a smaller one that is designed for espresso.

The process for preparing your aromatic coffee is by centrifugation extraction method; this means your capsule is processed by spinning with water at 7000 spins per 60 seconds. The machine recognizes the barcode found on the rim of your coffee capsules for compatibility with every Vertuoline.

  • The machine will automatically adjust parameter settings based on the coffee blend through the barcode rim.
  • Easy single press brewing system
  • Aeroccino frother milk, no vibration or noise while the milk is getting processed from your Aeroccino
  • High-quality single-serving coffee experience from sealed and recyclable aluminum capsules
  • Exclusive machine repair assistance. To the picked up, repair, and delivered right back to your doorsteps. 
  • Online coffee capsule distribution, full flavor variety found it the website.
  • Milk frother for a creamy latte and smooth cappuccino experience
Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso Machine By Breville

Benefits and Features

  • One button easy control navigation
  • Smart technology machine automatically adjusts the setting for the excellent brewing experience
  • 15-20 second preheating process
  • Automatic energy management. The device will automatically turn off after 9 minutes of idle mode
  • 12 complimentary Vertuo coffee capsules in different flavor variations
  • Convenient coffee machine with five cup sizes to pick from
  • Centrifusion extraction process brewing system
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4. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville

Enjoy the authenticity of espresso from the pioneers of individual-serving coffee makers. Experience the fresh aroma flavor straight to your cups. There are two cup sizes to select from. Either you go for large capsules (7.7fl ounces) to create your cup of Joe or Espresso 91.35fl ounces) for small ones. The machine has an easy control button when you prepare your Nespresso capsules for brewing.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine by Breville

Benefits and Features

  • One button press easy control brewing system
  • Patented centrifugation extraction technology brewing system
  • Smart technology barcode recognition through capsule rims for auto machine parameter settings. No more manual set for every flavor you pick
  • Auto eject capsule process after brewing
  • 15-20 seconds pre-water heating process
  • Energy-saving management auto turn off after 9 minutes of machine inactivity
  • Complimentary 12 Vertuoline coffee capsules
  • Five sizes options in one coffee machine
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5. Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach 49981A individual serving scoop coffee machine maker allows you to brew your coffee grounds with a scoop filter. It can also brew up to 14 ounces of coffee to your mugs for traveling. Made with a stainless steel body and comes with a built-in stand for your cups. With a five year limited warranty. Labeled scoop filter to avoid overflowing and weaker flavored coffee.

  • Labeled scoop filter for your coffee grounds made with steel mesh.
  • The spill-resistant wide drip tray
  • Built-in adjustable mugs and cup to accommodate standard or large size coffee cups
  • Select between bold and regular brew coffee settings
  • Features an automatic shutdown when you are done the brewing
  • BPA free materials and parts when goes in contact with moist or water
Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

Benefits and Features

  • An individual serving coffee experience that comes with a more robust, hotter, and faster speed brewing system that provides richer coffee flavor
  • Simplified coffee grounds brewing system in three easy steps; scoop, place, and brew your coffee.
  • Steel mesh filtering scoop for your fresh coffee grounds
  • Adjustable built-in stand to accommodate a variety of cup sizes, including mugs for traveling
  • Provides more robust bold coffee flavors and brands to select
  • The made plastic water reservoir
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6. Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

The Keurig K-mini is the slimmest model for the best individual-serving coffee you’ll ever get. With only 13 cm width, it’s a perfect brewing system for your kitchen that fits perfectly. With easy function features for that excellent tasting coffee brew to make your day. Just refill your water reservoir, put on your k-cup pods, and press that controls brew button, and savor the moment.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Benefits and Features

  • Counter space saver brewer coffee maker best for your kitchen. With just 13cm wide
  • Multiple selections of beverages to select. Compatibility with all Keurig k-cups
  • Individual serving brewer water tank reservoir
  • Fast and easy freshly brewed coffee, tea, or hot chocolate of your choice
  • Three cup sizes to select from 6 to 10 oz
  • Oasis and black color model to select
  • Compatibility with My K-cup universal reusable coffee filter
  • One-touch control button press
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Which Single-serve Coffee Maker Makes the Hottest Coffee?

When it comes to coffee, you have to get the right temperature for your hot water. This will help your ground beans extract the perfect aromatic flavor you’ve been anticipating before starting your day. This can be frustrating if you only get a lukewarm cup of coffee after waiting for less than a minute or more. There is a required temperature to get a strong, bold taste or the regular taste of the coffee

Check for a coffee machine that brews your coffee at around 195 to 205 °F. This will give you the best tasting, rich flavor aromatic experience you’ve been looking for. Remember that water is considered boiled once it reaches 212 °F. The right water temperature is the key to achieve the best aromatic flavor of coffee beans.

If you are that person who waits until your water is overflowing when boiling before you add it to your coffee, then you are more likely to burn your coffee grounds when you pour that water. 

Suppose you will search for Cuisinart SS-10 Premium individual-serving coffee maker with the right temperature for a great tasting coffee. It is compatible with k-cups with the right hot temperature to prepare your coffee fast and be ready in less than a minute. However, reports say that there are coffee spills. To avoid this, you can use a taller mug for traveling to keep your coffee hot. 

The Keurig K155 Pro Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker caters to your office needs using k-cups alone. The best part is about the speed when brewing. The adjustable water temperature makes you the right hot drink you need. With a larger water tank that can accommodate up to 18 cups of coffee, refilling will not be a problem. This is best to get the right type of coffee you need.

Are Single Serve Coffee Makers Safe?

To keep your cool about coffee makers, they are safe for your health as long as you follow the right manufacturer’s requirements in keeping them clean. That is why cleaning your machine is essential. Just keep in mind a routine decalcifying process. Some devices have a built-in rinsing feature with paper filters to keep everything smooth. 

Suppose you are wondering about the chemicals present when water is in contact with plastics or metals such as Zinc, Manganese, and Nickel. However, coffee makers are generally safe from all these chemicals. All you have to do is properly maintain your machine, and you are doing great. 

Following the required cleaning procedure for every model is essential. You can also get yourself a cleaning product that is specially designed for coffee machines. Otherwise, the popular vinegar over your water reservoir will do the trick. Set the best time for you to clean up your coffee maker to ensure its longevity. It may just take a minute or two, but the results are enjoyable.

What is the Best Rated Single-serve Coffee Maker

You can never go wrong when it comes to brewing coffee grounds, whether you like to brew your coffee grounds or with k-cups. Checking out customer reviews from different machine makers in mind will surely get the right unit for your preference. Some say testing the water first, but you can be wiser than that. 

Whether you like it bold and black coffee, espresso-style, or feels like you want to add some milk for extra creamy coffee capsules or k-cups.


What is the best single-serve coffee maker for 2019? We say it’s Keurig K200 tops it all, from the time it takes to brew your desired coffee to how you like it serve to you. Keurig is the best coffee maker of 2019, not just that they can produce high-quality coffee shop tasting coffee; there are a variety of options to enjoy your favorite beverages.

It takes a minute to enjoy your cup of java, select if you want to add milk or not. The k-cups coffee pods availability helps you enjoy the most from one cup that you will want more.

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