Breville vs Delonghi

Breville and DeLonghi are the top two brand names in espresso machines. Each brand has its lineup of topnotch espresso makers, which makes choosing the right one for you a daunting and challenging task.

Breville was founded in Australia in 1932. The company started with radios during World War II, but they entered the espresso market in 2001. Breville now has offices in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, with some of their machines manufactured in China. The company has a reputation for its superior customer service and high-end espresso machines, including the Breville BES870XL. Besides espresso machines, they also make the Breville espresso machine.

DeLonghi started with the manufacture of household appliances. The company is an Italian family-owned brand. The company ventured into espresso makers only in 2008, but they have produced a variety of semi-automatic and super-automatic machines. The company is known for its accessible product range, and the brand is responsible for introducing espresso bar capabilities to the general public. Their products are sleek and top-notch, and the best part is that they are budget-friendly. A popular product is the Delonghi espresso machine. The espresso Delonghi machine is popular with those who want to have a quick cup of espresso in their homes.

Breville and DeLonghi are two companies that genuinely care for the quality of their products, product features, and deliverance.

Breville always gives their machines an impressive touch of art. Carefully observing the espresso machines from Breville, you cannot help but notice the artistically aligned parts and the classy choice of colors.

While Breville’s espresso machines are noted for their size and bulk, occupying a big chunk of real estate in your kitchen, De’Longhi machines are the slimmest on the espresso machine market. The company’s machines fit nicely in the tightest spot in your kitchen.

Operating a Breville machine gives you the feel of a professional barista as you have to fiddle with the various buttons that give you flexibility in making your espresso. The buttons give users the option of being creative on their espresso preferences.

But while Breville has buttons for your espresso creativity, De’Longhi has a programmable system that allows the machine to do its part. Programming the coffee maker works perfectly for individuals who do not have inclinations of a barista.

Breville is more thoughtful with manual settings, knowing exactly what works best manually and which will not. The machine features automatic control for water temperature. Steam is essential in making excellent espresso. De’Longhi, on the other hand, knows how to froth your milk with its automatically programmed steam perfectly.

You can make a better choice between Breville and DeLonghi after reading the full review of the two machines.


The De’Longhi Magnifica machine comes with amazing features that you don’t usually find in most fully automatic machines. It is a lot cheaper than other espresso machines, yet capable of brewing high-quality coffee than most high-end espresso machines.

De’Longhi Magnifica is different from other espresso machines because of its rich crema, aroma, and flavor. The Super-Automatic Espresso Machine and Super Automatic cappuccino machine that prepares many coffee beverages. It has great visual and functional design, with intuitive and fully digital controls that are easy to use. Cleaning the machine is very easy due to its advanced design. This machine allows you to enjoy a tasty and high-quality coffee beverage any time you want. Its many features are easy to use, and the machine is reasonably priced. This machine is the perfect choice when looking for a super-automatic espresso maker.

This machine has a one-touch double-shot 2x function that allows you to prepare your coffee by pressing a button. The thermoblock technology of the espresso and cappuccino machine ensures that the temperature is perfect when you brew your cup of coffee or cappuccino.

The milk carafe comes with an auto-cleaning system. The machine rinses itself automatically once you select the auto-clean function. The hot spout comes in handy when you want to make tea or hot chocolate.

De’Longhi Magnifica is a bit heavy machine but is still lighter when compared to other machines of the same caliber. It has a 250 g capacity, making it ideal for brewing coffee for several people at the same time, which makes it perfect also for commercial use.

This machine comes with an extractable brewing compartment that ensures perfect temperature and pressure during infusions. The unit can adjust itself for up to two shots of pre-ground coffee.

This espresso machine has a tank that can hold 1.8 liters of water. The level indicator in the tank is convenient for filling and cleaning. Also, there is a drip tray and a removable coffee container. You can easily remove the parts for effective cleaning.

Which Espresso Machine to Buy?

De’Longhi Fully Automatic Magnifica Smart Espresso and Cappuccino Maker has the following product features:

  • One-touch simplicity – One button allows you to enjoy exceptional espresso beverages.
  • The espresso and cappuccino maker creates perfectly layered espresso beverages for a dense, rich, and long-lasting foam.
  • Consistent brewing – Each cup automatically brews espresso with perfect temperature, density, and richness.
  • Perfect amount – The automatic milk carafe dispenses milk in adjustable levels for taste.
  • Breakthrough design – The machine has a contemporary design with exquisite lines and subtle curves.
  • Fresh espresso – The stainless steel burr grinder with adjustable settings grinds fresh beans every time, ensuring freshness.
Breville BES840XL Infuser Espresso Machine


  • A cheap buy in the domain of the semi-automatic machines
  • Easy to use because of step by step instructions
  • Warming trays to keep your espresso at the right temperature
  • Self-cleaning milk container
  • Allows you to control the froth and foam of your milk
  • Adjusting the grinder gives you a foamy cream


  • Somewhat expensive compared to other makes
  • Makes noise when you start
  • Needs to refill the jug after every 6 cups


The Breville BES870XL Barista Express has several adjustable controls and manual settings that make you feel like a real barista when you make your espresso. It is simple to operate and performs as well as high-end espresso machines that cost a lot more. It grinds coffee beans right into the portafilter. This espresso machine, however, requires some patience and effort to operate. It is not an automatic machine with a minimum of fuss that usually costs thousands of dollars. 

The Breville BES870XL is approximately the size of the standard drip coffee makers but double the width. This espresso machine is significantly larger than the average compact espresso machine, making this machine physically robust and more substantial. The Breville machine has a chassis made of stainless steel, with a steel filter and a handle attachment. The bean hopper is large with a burr grinder that provides the machine some serious looks. These features are generally present on the best espresso machines.

Brewing capability

The Breville Barista Express lets you pull a fantastic espresso shot even if you don’t have much experience doing it. This espresso machine has 4 filter baskets – single and double filters with pressurized and non-pressurized version. You can start using the pressurized basket if you don’t have much experience operating the machine as it eliminates the need to set and adjust the grind amount. You can make the necessary adjustments as the pressure dial guides you.

Milk frothing

The Breville Barista Express is not an automatic machine, which requires you to learn the proper way of steaming and frothing your milk. The machine comes with a 360-degree steam wand that allows you to quickly find the correct angle for the steaming pitcher and let you make a head of milk froth for your cappuccino or a silky microfoam for your latte. You can use the conventional steam wand for your practice runs until you get the hang of making milk froth.


The best espresso machine usually takes too much time for their parts to be cleaned. Some machines require to be disassembled and reassembled as part of the cleaning process. If you have an espresso machine like this, you would prefer to run to the nearest coffee shop and order your favorite espresso instead of going into the ritual of cleaning it. The advantage of the Breville Barista Express is that simple twists remove the parts that require cleaning.

Build quality

The Breville Barista Express consists of Italian-made parts that ensure the most exquisite Italian taste of espresso. But while the machine has a stainless steel casing, it has plastic internal parts, which is standard with machines at this price range.

This espresso machine is impressive even with the plastic internal parts. The machine comes with a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.

Product Features

The Breville Barista Express has the following product features:

  • The machine has an integrated conical burr grinder that gives users full espresso flavor.
  • The grind size and amount is adjustable to give you the optimal coffee ground fineness and extraction.
  • It comes with a half-pound bean hopper, giving you enough space for the storage of your coffee beans.
  • It allows hands-free grinding to let you dispense the freshly ground espresso beans straight into the filter.
  • It has an adjustable temperature control to give you optimum coffee flavor regardless of the type of beans you use.
  • The machine has a proprietary Thermocoil heating system that controls the temperature.
  • It has an automatic filter size that lets you choose the type of basket you want to use.
  • The 67 oz water tank is removable, allowing you to replace the filter.
  • It comes with a 55-mm tamper.
  • The machine gives you instant hot water to speed up the brewing process.
  • There is a light that turns on when it is time for cleaning the machine
  • It provides easy disposal of the coffee puck.
Delonghi ECAM35025SB Dinamica TrueBrew Over Ice Fully Automatic


  • The superior quality of material
  • Easy-to-use compact machine
  • All accessories are included
  • It is available in a variety of colors
  • Default settings


  • It is quite pricey
  • All parts are to for manual cleaning only
  • The filters are expensive

DeLonghi Magnifica vs. Breville Barista Express

Espresso lovers often compare DeLonghi Magnifica and Breville Barista Express as both are great espresso machines that come with great features and have the capability to produce great-tasting espresso.

The most noticeable difference between DeLonghi Magnifica and Breville Barista Express is the technology. DeLonghi Magnifica is a fully automatic espresso machine, allowing you to grind the coffee beans, measure the frother, and the strength needed to make your espresso with a push of a button.

Breville Barista Express, on the other hand, is a semi-automatic espresso machine. You can set the machine according to your taste. The Breville Barista Express has a notable feature not found in the DeLonghi Magnifica – the Auto-Purge that automatically adjusts the temperature of the water.

Another difference between the two machines is the water reservoir capacity. Breville Barista Express has a slightly bigger water reservoir than DeLonghi Magnifica.

Your choice of espresso machine between DeLonghi Magnifica and Breville Barista Express should focus on what fits your preference. Breville Barista Express lets you craft your espresso according to your taste. If you want your espresso machine to be fully automatic, you should choose DeLonghi Magnifica. You press your desired button, and the machine makes your type of espresso drink.


The espresso machine that you buy should depend on your budget and your experience with brewing espresso at home. If your budget allows it and you have a reasonably good experience pulling espresso shots, Breville Barista Express is the right espresso machine for you.

On the other hand, if you are still new in the espresso landscape, and if you are a little bit tight on your budget, De’Longhi should be the espresso machine you should buy.

Regardless of the espresso machine that you get, you have a highly reliable specialty coffee maker for your home. Either machine is a source of pride when you display your newly purchased machine to your family and friends.

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