The French Press Cold Brew Creates Cool Drinks Your Way

Last Update: April 14, 2021
Making cold brew with the French Press is a patient way to enjoy your coffee. Read on how to make and enjoy your own cold brew, with the use of the French Press.

It’s a hot day. You have been sweating a lot. Because it’s so warm, now you feel so sleepy. But you’ve got tons of work to do. You need a drink that wakes you up yet zaps in all the energy back. You want a cup of coffee, and you want it cold! You check the cupboard and find a gadget you once saw in a magazine. It sounds like fun! Feeding your curiosity, you watch a video online and find preparing a French Press Cold Brew quite easy.

French Press Cold Brew

How to make cold brew french press is one of the most asked questions nowadays. People are interested to know how to make cold brew coffee on their own. Instead of lugging energy drinks for your 24-hour contra shut-eye, why not indulge in some smooth and creamy freshly-brewed coffee? Like your energy drinks, coffee will wake you up. Coffee contains caffeine, which can improve mental alertness. Some people drink coffee at least once a day. It is probably one of the most significant and fascinating accidental discoveries. You can thank the goats for that. An Ethiopian shepherd discovered that his goats became hyperactive after consuming coffee fruit.

Aside from being energized, coffee can decrease the risk of liver damage. It also helps in increasing the rate at which you burn calories. 

French Press Cold Brew coffee

This benefit is probably why those wanting to lose weight much more effectively would consume a full cup before heading to the gym. Coffee also contains antioxidants. These antioxidants fight off free radicals in the body. Studies show that there is a direct link between free radicals and cancer. Since coffee contains antioxidants, it may just decrease the risk of cancer. How’s that for a superfood? You become energized, you get to lose pounds, and you may become less prone to cancer.

Can You Make Cold Brew Using a French Press

Cold brew coffee, as the name implies, is coffee prepared without heat. Many people say the cold brew coffee process extracts the most flavor from the beans and reduces their acidity. When asked how to make cold brew coffee, the answer is simple: get the best grounds for cold brewing and find your favorite cold brew recipe. 

The best device for cold brewing is cold water and a cold coffee press. Coffee in a french press works well for cold brew coffee. 

You can prepare cold brew coffee and water the night before you sleep. The preparation is easy enough. The key is the length of time spent steeping coffee. Do not thoroughly grind the beans for cold brew coffee. Grinding your coffee to a medium to coarse grind may work better as it enhances the flavor of the finished cup of brew. It is easily trapped in the mesh filters as well. You don’t want a fine sandy residue at the bottom of your cup.

If you don’t have a grinder, you can use your Grandma’s trusty old mortar and pestle to make cold brew coffee. You can also use a meat tenderizer, a hammer, or a rolling pin. Just put the coffee in sealed plastic and grind it away to achieve your cold brew coffee recipe. You can also use a blender that has a grind setting. If you don’t have a mixer with this function, you can run the blender and pulse in short bursts of power until you’ve achieved your desired consistency to make cold brew coffee. Add as much water as you want in your cup and let steep.

How to make cold brew Coffee? Here are the steps to follow.

First, you grind the coffee beans. Cold-brew coffee will become more aromatic if you immediately steep the ground coffee beans in cold water. Second, stir ground coffee with the water and put the lid on. Ensure that the coffee in a french press is properly sealed to lock in the flavors of your cold brew coffee. Third, let your coffee steep in the water for 12 to 24 hours in the fridge. 

Plunge the coffee in a french press to separate the liquid from the ground coffee. And lastly, add milk or additional water if you prefer your cold brew coffee to be more liquid. You can also add in your favorite flavor while you keep coffee cold. 

You can store leftover cold brew coffee in the fridge. Keep in mind that letting coffee cold steep for more than 24 hours may result in a coffee that has a more bitter taste.

History of the French Press

Also called a coffee plunger, the French Press has its origins dating back to Italy. Legend has it that a Frenchman invented the French Press. Upon boiling his water, he forgot to put the coffee grounds first. A little stressed out, he still put the coffee grounds on the boiling water. As expected, the coffee rose to the surface. As fate would have called it, a passing Italian merchant, who conveniently has a metal screen, passes by. He pressed the metal screen on top of the coffee grounds using a stick that later became the plunger. He has now invented a new way of brewing coffee grounds. 

In another version of the story, two Frenchmen drew one of the first designs for a coffee press with a plunger and patented. Different versions of the French Press were patented after. One of the most important patents, known as the Chambord, is designed by an Italian but produced and distributed by a French company. The Chambord, made popular in the 1960s, became a daily sight on the breakfast table. 

The Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee

The difference between cold brew drinks and iced coffee is that the former does not use any heat in preparing coffee. In an iced coffee cup, coffee may be made by heating the water first or using boiling water to dissolve the coffee grounds and then put ice on it.

If the ice melts, your cup of coffee will become bland. You may be drinking more water than the actual coffee itself. However, in a cold brew drink, the ground coffee is steeped in cold water for hours. The longer the coffee grounds are steeped in water, the stronger the flavor.

What is the French Press?

A manual brewing method, the French Press is a fashionable trinket usually seen on a breakfast table. There are many designs available in the market, from the traditional model to the more modern and minimalist ones. Many people still prepare coffee using the French Press. And for a good reason, coffee brewed via the French Press is smooth, creamy, and indulgent. With a French Press, you’ll get aromatic coffee and a full-bodied brew in no time. 

Coffee has natural oils. Letting your coffee steep for hours will allow the natural oils out, giving it a stronger flavor. You will notice that coffee prepared this way has a more vibrant aroma. Even the smell may be enough to wake you up! As a tip, do not grind your coffee hours or days in advance. Ground coffee used in less than 30 minutes makes for a more aromatic brew.

Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker

The best French Press coffee results in a multitude of textures in the mouth. Coffee connoisseurs describe the feeling as one being denser in the mouth because of its grainy feel. A coffee brewed via French Press is also a little bit oily. To make such a full-bodied brew even better, many French Press users steep in coffee longer than 24 hours using a thermos. Choose among the best rated coffee thermos that is easy to clean and are also leak-proof. A good thermos can keep drinks hot for 4 hours at least or cold for 5 hours. If you want to enjoy your iced coffee, an excellent one will keep the cubes in shape for a good 20 hours.

Best Coffee for Cold Brew

Good news! You can choose any type of coffee bean for making your best coffee for cold brew. Depending on your preference, you can select a variety. One of the most important factors is the freshness of the coffee bean and the roast's intensity. If you prefer coffee to have a more bitter taste, you can blend the Robusta kind. This kind contains more caffeine than the other two major types.

This variety also has a dry aftertaste, which some coffee specialists love. The Arabica variety, the most popular coffee bean globally, has less of a bitter taste than the Robusta. For this reason, the majority of coffee drinkers love this variety. Also referred to as liquid tobacco, drinkers of the Liberica type bean prefer it because of its smokey aroma.

Advantages of a Cold Brew

Having mentioned caffeine's benefits, what can make it more amazing is drinking (and preparing) it cold. A cold brew is less bitter than a coffee drink prepared using hot water. A cold brew has less acidity compared to a hot coffee drink. Now that is some good news indeed! People can switch to the colder version, especially those with acid reflux or sensitive stomachs. Check with your doctor first.

If you are in a hurry to rush caffeine into your system, choose a cold drink. Not only is it refreshing, but you can finish a cold drink faster than a hot one. And as plus points, you can be less careful with a cold drink as there is less fear of injury due to hot drink spills. You can take large sips of cold drinks even while walking. Try doing that with a hot drink!

Coffee is a lifestyle. Just like any lifestyle, you’ve got to choose well. There are tons of espresso machines or coffee machines on the market. Narrowing your options may be hard. But if you know what you want, this will be a breeze. When it comes down to two choices, this will be tricky. You have two machines that you equally like. The price is almost the same. They both have sleek styles as well that matches your countertop. But here is where it gets interesting. You have, on one side, a coffee machine that can brew hot coffee.

On the other hand, you have one that can brew hot and cold coffee, just like the Ninja coffee maker. Think of the days you bought cans of cold coffee drink and imagine doing it on your own.  

Did you notice that if you prepare your drink, it is more fulfilling? You can choose the freshest ingredients. Also, you can customize your meal according to your taste and preference. Moreso, regularly preparing your meals at home may also save money. Instead of buying your French Press cold brew at your favorite coffee joint, why not make it yourself? If you do it regularly, you may be surprised at how much you can save!

The most important reason is that people who prepare their meals have a more satisfied feeling after. If a person is satisfied, he or she is less prone to anger. And a person less likely to feel violence has more love to give. Drink in! 

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