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One of the most common questions of every coffee lower around the world is how long does coffee last? When you have brewed your beans at home, and the brewed coffee stayed for hours without drinking, can you still consume it? Is it safe to drink coffee that was not freshly-made? 

Does Coffee Go Bad?

When talking about coffee, the first thing that you should ask before asking how coffee lasts is, does coffee go bad? Does coffee expire in the same way as the other things in your kitchen? The answer is NO. Coffee will never go bad, and there is no such thing as “bad” coffee that can make you or your stomach sick. But if you have beans or grounds that got wet, you should never think of using them and discard the beans right away.

What is Coffee?

Many people may have the most common idea about coffee and how long it can stay. But did you ever know that coffee’s a dry and packaged food? And just like other dry goods available in the market, coffee has no fixed expiration date that you need to keep in mind. When you know the right way to store beans properly, these dry goods can stay inside your shelf for an extended time. If you failed to follow the right storage guide, there is a big chance that it will lose its freshness and flavor.

Because every coffee lover is very particular when it comes to the freshness and taste of their coffee, we researched and compiled some of the useful tips and guides on how you store and keep your coffee for a long time without compromising quality.

How Long does Coffee Last in Different Forms?

Coffee comes in different forms. It can be whole beans, ground, or brewed. Although they are all the same, every type differs when it comes to the shelf life and how long this drink lasts — considering the temperature of the storage area where you kept your coffee, which among these forms will stay longer? Should you ground the beans so that you can enjoy it for weeks? Let’s discuss this concern to maximize the freshness and overall flavor of your cup of coffee.

Whole Beans

If you want to maximize the shelf life of your beans, you have to keep it whole as much as possible. Whole beans are the coffee form that will stay the longest. If you want to keep the utmost freshness of your coffee, keep it whole until you are ready to make a cup for your crazy morning. You should also grind the right amount of coffee that you will use for brewing. The whole bean can be used between 3 to 4 weeks so you can preserve its flavor and freshness.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is the most common form that you will find in the market, and it is typical to hear the question of how long does ground coffee last. Coffee grounds are available anywhere, and most coffee shops offer this product to their customers. When you are using ground coffee at home, you need to grind the right amount of coffee that you will need in a day. For those who just bought their coffee grounds, you have to consume the product within two weeks after opening it. 

Brewed Coffee

Nothing can beat the taste and freshness of a cup of coffee if you get to consume after brewing. Happiness is different if you had the opportunity to smell and feel the aroma of the coffee without thinking about caffeine half-life. But if you cannot have it immediately, then you must drink your coffee within the same day, or 12 hours after brewing it. If you are planning to store your brewed coffee inside the fridge, you can still consume it after 3 to 4 days.

Instant Coffee

Not because it is called instant coffee, you have to consume it immediately. Instant coffee is very popular for those people who are always in a hurry because these are quick and easy to prepare. But if you have this product at home, you need to use every teaspoon of your instant coffee within two weeks.

How Long does Brewed Coffee Last?

How long does your brewed coffee last will depend on how you will store it. For instance, if you have it inside the coffee thermos, then it can last between 2 to 4 hours. But you cannot expect to have the same taste when the coffee gets warm. 

When you are camping coffee maker, you have to consume the coffee within 30 minutes so you can enjoy the beautiful aroma and taste of the coffee.

If you are planning to store your coffee in the fridge, then it can stay for 3 to 4 days.

Is it Okay to Drink Day Old Coffee?

It is not recommended to drink a day-old coffee, especially if it has developed a different smell and/or taste. There is a high chance that your brewed coffee develops mold when it is not kept inside the fridge. As soon as you transfer your coffee to your best coffee tumbler, make sure to drink it within 2 hours to enjoy the real smell and flavor of your brewed.

How Long can you Keep Ground Coffee in the Fridge?

Storing your ground coffee inside the fridge can help extend its quality for 4 weeks or 1 month. Make sure that you store it properly.

How long does caffeine last?

Your organs/membrane’s absorption of the 99% of caffeine will only take about 45 minutes. But how long does caffeine stay in your system can last between 4 to 6 hours due to caffeine half life. This is the reason why you will feel energized and boosted for hours after drinking a cup of coffee.

What are the Different Factors that Degrade your Coffee Beans?

Various factors could affect the quality of your beans and their shelf life. When you talk about coffee’s best friends, you will think about cold temperatures and darkness. But for those factors that can degrade your beans, these are the four enemies that you must include in your list:

  1. Oxygen – to keep the freshness, quality, and flavor of your seeds at its best, you need to avoid exposing it to the air. Oxygen can spoil your beans since they don’t go well together.
  2. Light – as much as you want to store your beans in a glass jar because it looks excellent inside, this is not recommended if you’re going to prolong the quality of the beans. Glass jars are transparent, and light passes through it. If you place the glass jar in a place with indirect light, it can spoil your beans. 
  3. Moisture – a moisturized environment will be bad for your beans. With a humid condition, it spoils, and coffee spoils. The ideal storage for your beans is a cool and dry area.
  4. Heat – this is one of the factors that can lose the flavor of your beans and minimize its shelf life. Your storage area must be free from heat to keep your beans’ taste.

How to Properly Store Coffee Beans?

Maybe, you have found many ways to store your coffee. And you have followed some of them. But are you sure that you are storing your beans in the right direction? Do you practice the right storage tips to maintain your beans’ quality? We will answer those questions by knowing what the right way to store coffee is.

  1. Properly seal your coffee. Your roasted coffee beans must be stored in an airtight container to avoid moisture. The best container is an opaque one so that no light can get through. After securing the container, you have to keep it in a cool and dark cabinet.
  2. Get the right amount. Be more accurate with the amount of fresh coffee that you will use within a few weeks. Avoid buying coffee that will exceed your consumption because it can only lead to a waste of money. We all know that coffee lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. Keep that in mind when buying your beans.
  3. Maintain low heat and humidity levels. When you are looking for the best place to store your coffee container, the cabinet is the best option because these maintain a cooler temperature than the other areas in your kitchen.

How you store your beans can be a significant factor in keeping its taste, flavor, and overall quality.

Is it a Good Idea to Freeze your Coffee Beans?

Though the idea is not a bad one, freezing coffee beans is not recommended. There is a simple reason behind that.

We all know that coffee is soft and porous. With these qualities, your beans can absorb any other aromas that are present in the environment. Every smell that is lingering inside the freezer, your beans will absorb it. If this happens, your fresh coffee will never taste the way you expect it. 

How to Avoid Worries about Stale Coffee Beans?

The best way to avoid worrying about stale beans and overthinking about makes coffee expires to buy the right amount of products in a month. To be sure that you are getting the best quality of your beans, you have to purchase enough for weeks. It is also a great idea if you establish a coffee-buying routine every month. If you don’t have a specific brand for beans, you can experiment and find the best one for you. Trying out different coffee varieties helps determine the best beans for you.

And the most important thing is to keep your beans properly. It will bring a big difference with how long coffee lasts. Follow the right ways with storing coffee beans so that you can enjoy the most flavorful taste and a fresh cup of coffee every morning.

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