How to Make an Americano, And Enjoy This Heady Drink

Last Update: December 29, 2020

Every coffee lover would probably want to taste different blends, and those who want to make a shift from their daily morning routine, and try a different flavor may opt for a coffee blend called Americano.

The next question may be: “how to make an Americano?” Having a nice cup of joe is the best thing to wake up to every morning.

And smelling the aroma alone would perhaps already make you excited to have one, and get you to look forward to the day ahead. There seems to be just that special experience when espresso is blended with either water or milk because when those elements are combined, you get a flavor that is rich, bold, and exciting.

Coffee Americano has been one of the most desired drinks worldwide. It represents a distinctive taste that most coffee connoisseurs will come back for more. Have you tried the famous Americano style java? If not, you are missing a lot in this lifetime.

Americano, just like your espresso, provides that shot of caffeine to keep you functioning all day. You may have heard of it but the taste builds a unique experience over this unique yet favorite java.

There is a traditional way of how you can enjoy your java like a royal. The good news is, exploring the beauty of coffee will take you to a massive portal of everlasting essence. A totally different flavor every time. With a machine to help you transform your home into a high-class cafe instantly and you, the professional barista!

Americano Coffee

One of the key techniques for you to have that best-tasting Americano java is choosing the perfect coffee beans. Since it is an espresso-based coffee that is being diluted with water, you need to find the best espresso beans for Americano.

The good thing is, when it comes to coffee, we can provide unbiased insights and top expert recommendations of the most excellent espresso beans suitable for world-class Americano. While some coffee connoisseurs need the right shot of caffeine to let them have a productive and effective day, it’s no different from creating a masterpiece

your coffee Americano--.

You will need a few things when it comes to brewing java, from the lovely aroma to its required temperature and coffee bean measurements, plus the things that you like in between that sets you apart among the rest. Coffee is not just a drink but a lovely lifestyle that only a few (well not all who drink it) can dive into a wonderful portal of drinking and completing the missing piece of your day.

Cafe Americano

Coffee Americanos represents sophistication and lifestyle. It can be a simple and complex process, which depends on your preference of taste, serving, and a popular type of coffee you can brag to your friends and family. Now, are you ready to begin brewing your Americanos like a professional barista without leaving your kitchen countertops?

The grinder is an essential part of your espresso machine that holds a huge percentage of success. The top coffee makers with grinders especially designed for espresso and americano are your number 1 tool to ignite that instant barista in you. Your espresso machine will be your magic wand to impress everyone but most especially to satisfy that craving java persona in you.

While others pertain to Americano as a black coffee, it’s name is beyond just any beverage that is produced from a certain heat. You need the expertise to create perfection when it comes to java and their distinctive taste. This means you can easily determine which is an American espresso from black java through a little bit of tasting.

Here’s what you will need for an excellent coffee americano homebrewing.

  • Your best espresso machine – The selection depends on your preference. You can go for a semi-automatic or top automatic espresso machines.
  • Coffee beans are specially designed and carefully selected. There are a myriad of options, however, it’s best to stick on beans produced for espresso brewing.
  • Grinder – One of the techniques for an excellent espresso is freshly ground coffee beans. If you want to skip the process of grinding, you can check for automatic espresso brewing machines.
  • Coffee bean scale –  The secret for your americano is accurate measurements when preparing espressos.
  • A tamper for espresso – Americano is espresso-based, so you will need a tamper.
  • Hot to boiling water – Diluting your espresso to create a lovely Americano means you need hot water.

Brewing is not just a simple procedure of preparing your morning dose of caffeine. It is a lifestyle that most java aficionados live within. Some java lovers purchase an espresso machine to make sure they get only the most excellent shots whenever needed. Plus the beans that you will use and the right type of grinder to do the job perfectly.

What is the Ratio of Espresso to Water in an Americano?

It can be tricky for some but that depends on the taste or flavor preference and how you want your coffee. Mostly and traditionally, for you to create a lovely Americano, you need espresso shots.

One-shot or single espresso shot must have the same amount of water. This means a 4oz espresso shot must have 4oz of hot water. If you made a double espresso shot, you will need to double the amount of water that will be added to your drinks.

The rules may vary for everyone’s personal preference for texture and strength. You can add more water than the traditional ratio or add sugar and cream. All of which represent the type of drink you wanted to savor.

Americano is a type of coffee blend that is also based on espresso, but rather than adding steamed or frothed milk, hot water is infused instead when you make americanos. The ratio between the espresso and water is usually 1:1, but those who prefer a milder taste may do a 2:1 ratio where the amount of hot water is doubled. The amounts may be adjusted according to your liking.

Combining espresso and hot water make a lovely character on the espresso and would allow you to have a drinking experience that is a bit lighter than the traditional cappuccino or latte, and would let you have a refreshing taste of americanos.

In Italy, they call this Caffe Americano, which means American brew. The reason for this will be mentioned later in this article. The intensity of these drinks will depend on the drinker’s preference as he or she may add more or fewer espresso shots, or more or less water.

Americano’s strength will depend on how strong or how mild the drinker would like his or her drink to be. This kind of coffee is usually preferred if you want a brewed drink with a shot of espresso and made from an espresso machine.

Americano comes in different variations, so it does not only have to be a hot drink. This beverage may also be enjoyed as iced Americano. For those who want more volume and more bitter taste of the Americano, there is what they call “lungo,” which is prepared by extracting an espresso shot for a longer time. There is also the “Caffe crema” where an espresso shot is extracted longer than a lungo, and the “red-eye” where drip coffee is used rather than hot water.

Making an Americano Coffee

americano coffee

If you plan to make Americano at home, you will only need to have an espresso machine and add hot water to the espresso.

Making one from your espresso machine is not complicated at all. Here are some easy steps:

  • Get your drink mug ready
  • In a separate glass, put about 3 oz. or more shot of espresso. The amount of espresso may depend on your preference.
  • First, pour the shot of espresso into the drinks mug.
  • Then pour the same amount (as the espresso) of hot water over the espresso shot. Or you may use a double shot  for a stronger version. Add hot water if you want a milder one. You can make it as strong or as mild as you like by adding water.
  • Now, you have an Americano!

Though home brew gurus may prefer theirs without any additional components, just plain black brew some may choose to add sugar, cinnamon, honey, etc. It all depends on your taste and preference.

How To Make An Americano

Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to make the most excellent Americano like a professional barista while you’re at home, cozily waiting for that shots of espresso to complete your day.

Keep in mind that it’s not about how much water you pour into your espresso shot that makes it an instant americano. You’ll need experience and a good machine to do that.

Select the best coffee beans – Your personal selection of coffee beans will determine the quality of espresso that you will be sipping. That means, it is best to check for beans that are produced for a rich espresso shot. You can check a variety of brands as your preference for taste may differ from everyone else. For great espresso, select only the most premium quality beans.

Measure – For you to brew lovely americano, you need a strong espresso. That means a single shot measurement is not enough. try going over for a double. This means around 14-18grams of perfectly picked coffee grounds.

Grind your beans properly – Fine grounds of coffee is you’ll be needing to brew lovely and strong espresso. That means your grinder is your saving grace if you want excellent. You have to make a wonderful espresso base to create a rich-tasting americano.

Tamp it accurately – Some used an automatic espresso machine while others prefer the old-school method. Regardless of, it’s better to try tamping. It is an essential part of the success you can’t just skip and expect your coffee to be wonderfully perfect, right?

Add the machine’s portafilter – When you finished tamping, make sure to include the portafilter into your brewing machine.

Brew your espresso shot – Since you own your excellent espresso brewing machine, it is best to let it do the process until your espresso shot is ready. There is nothing more captivating than the aroma or a double shot invigorating your senses and filling up the kitchen with a flavor of happiness. There are a variety of machines to select which are top-rated and provide excellent espressos.

Prepare your hot water – Of course, you will need hot water to dilute the taste of a double espresso shot (or a single based on your preference for taste). By doing so, you need to have your hot water standby until your espresso shot is ready. The water can be around 160F to 170F but differs per personal selection.

Add hot water into your espresso shot – Or vice versa. The amount of water that is added to the shot varies to the taste that you like your Americano to taste. However, the traditional rule can be followed. You can mix your one (1)part of espresso to two (2)parts of hot water. While you can pour your hot water into your espresso, it is best to pour your espresso to the water. This will prevent burning your brewed base and the blending is much better when done the right way.

With every java connoisseurs experience, if you include hot water into your espresso, this creates a disruption of the essence which you work hard to achieve. By doing the right process, you get to maintain the balance of brewed coffee taste and its aroma. Besides, coffee preparation should never be in a rush, right?

Sit back and enjoy it – Well, Americano is also called black coffee. Now here’s the trick, you can enjoy your Americano anyhow you like, with cream or as it is. You can experiment with the taste that you like, from adding sugar and cream or just the plain and lovely Americano itself.

Repeatability enables you to experiment with taste and create new recipes to improve the flavor you prefer. It can be tricky but as you brew each day and check variables, from grind size to right amount of water, you will surely find the perfect Americano taste just for your personality.

While summer is fast approaching, you can still savor a cup of Americano. Making iced Americano has a few step revisions. This is as simple as adding cold water instead of using hot water. You will need to pour your espresso into the cold water and simply add some ice.

Don’t get confused with iced coffee and iced americano. The two are far different from each other. Iced coffee is your basic morning dose of java that you can place in the fridge and add ice later during the day. While iced americano is your traditional americano java sans sugar or/and milk.

What is an Espresso?

Before going further and since the espresso will be mentioned a lot as it is the main component of most coffee beans blend, it would be best to have a clear idea of what this word means, and what it is all about.

The word “espresso” means quick, and is produced by using high pressure to press nearly boiling water forcibly through the finely ground coffee beans. This kind of brewing process is really quick and usually takes place for only about 30 seconds. This procedure produces only a tiny amount of highly caffeinated drinks that are very rich.

This kind of brewing method is of Italian origin, and this type of drinks can be made with several different varieties of coffee beans and roasts. Espresso can be served hot or cold.

Espresso then is a very strong brew and is ideal for those who are looking for a drink that will give them a boost. Some drink it as it is, but others may prefer the ones with a blend such as a latte or an Americano.

What is the Difference between Regular Coffee and Americano?

Americano may look very similar to the regular brewed, but the difference between them lies in the taste and how they are prepared. In terms of taste, since the Americano has a fuller-bodied texture than the usual brewed beverage its flavor is richer, which then makes it more distinct.

Though Americano and brewed are two different coffees, their caffeine content is similar to each other.

Brewed is made by allowing the hot water to drip down through the grounds, while Americano starts as an espresso shot before the hot water is added into it which makes this espresso less intense.

Americano is usually drank without any sweetener by traditional drinkers because they want to have the full experience of the coffee beans distinctive taste and flavor. For these people, they believe that if you add sugar or creamer to this kind of beverage then Americano’s taste will not be any different from the regular home-brewed concoction. But then, whether you add something to make this sweet or drink it on its own, it is a matter of personal choice and preference.

If comparing brewed beverage with Americano, the latter has a more sophisticated and bolder taste.

Is Latte or Cafe Americano Better?

Then again, the answer to this would first depend on personal choice and taste, but for comparison, how is Americano different from a latte?

Both Americano and latte use espresso as their base and both are rich in taste and flavor. These two coffees are certainly different from each other as milk is added into the espresso of the latte, while water is added into the Americano’s espresso.

What Ingredients are in an Americano

americano ingredients

Americano is prepared by adding hot water to about 1 to 2 shots of espresso. The amount for the shot may vary depending on personal taste. The ratio between the espresso shot and water usually ranges from ½ and ½ to 1/3 espresso and 2/3 water. The latter is the ratio that is mostly used in coffee shops.

The reason why espresso comes before the water is to dissolve the crema, which is the reddish-brown foam that adds to the aroma and fullness of the espresso shot. If the process is reversed, and the water is added first before the espresso, the crema will not be dissolved. But with this reversed process, another type of blend is created and is called Long Black. This kind of blend is popular in Australia.

If you are looking to make a coffee alternative to drip coffee without the milk, but still with a rich flavor and texture, then Americano is a perfect choice. This type of coffee is usually served in a 6 oz. cup.

This blend has its own story, and they say that it dates way back to the Second World War. Americano, as the name suggests, was unintentionally created during World War II by the American soldiers who found the Italian espresso to be too strong and intense for them. Because of this, the American soldiers diluted the espresso with water, so the taste will not be too strong for them. The result was a rich and bold coffee but with less intensity, and which we now enjoy and call as the Americano.

Can You Add Milk to an Americano?

If you want milk, then it is no longer an Americano. Adding dairy products to an espresso base makes it a latte or a cappuccino, or some other variant.

As for the latte, you can make this blend by mixing three elements which are: 1/6 or about 1 to 2 shot of espresso, 4/6 or about 5 to 6 oz. of steamed milk, and 1/6 or a thin top layer of milk foam. The top automatic espresso machines make it easy to make espresso, Americano, latte or a cappuccino.

Coffee lovers who enjoy a velvety and creamy texture love to make the latte. The word “latte” is the shortened version of how the Italians call it, which is caffe latte, meaning milk coffee.

This fun blend is usually served in an 8 oz. cup, and though it certainly offers a gentler flavor than the bolder and more assertive Americano, it still has caffeine to give you the boost. In this type of coffee, baristas can add some flair and allow them to be creative as they can create some very delicate designs using the foam on top.

Both Americano and latte can be served cold or hot.

If you are serving cold Americano, use cold water instead of hot, then add some ice. For a cold latte, on the other hand, pour the espresso over water, then add cold milk. Whether you choose hot or cold latte or Americano, one thing for sure is that it will taste so good!

To help you decide which coffee suits you more. If you are fond of milky and sweet flavor with just a hint of coffee, and if you like customizing your coffee by adding other components such as flavored syrup or sugar, then the latte may work best with your taste.

However, if you prefer a stronger coffee taste with all its bold and rich texture and flavor but has a low calorie and is dairy-free, or is looking for something similar to a home-brewed coffee but with a bit of sophistication, then Americano is the kind of coffee that you are looking for.

How to Choose the Right Blend for Americano Coffee

Can the choice of coffee be reflective of a personality as well? How do you choose the right coffee?

There is plenty of discussion about the right blend, the best espresso beans for americano are deep roasted and finely ground. The top coffee makers with grinders usually have settings for regular coffee as well as for espresso.

There is no right or wrong blend, to begin with, because the choice of coffee is a matter of personal choice and preference. No one can tell you which one is best for you because it depends on what you like, and sometimes it depends on your mood as well—but having a wide array of coffee blends to choose from does help in making an enjoyable cup. You can also tailor your espresso-based drink to be a double shot one if you are in the mood for something strong.

For a milder brew at home, or if you are making it using a machine, you can use less or add more water to make it less punchy. Adding water will also help lessen the caffeine hit if you are already on your nth cup for the day.

If you cannot decide which coffee to choose, a double shot Americano may be a good option as it gives you the full-bodied coffee flavor without any fuss. This type of coffee is simple and can be done easily even in your own home if you have an espresso machine because that is all you need plus hot water, which you can also get from the same machine, but then again it depends on the type of espresso machine that you have. Investing in a reliable machine to use for home or your office beverage making is always a good decision.

How to make an Americano, whether mild or strong, really all depends on the coffee drinker’s choice and taste. There may be a standard recipe, but it is simply a guide or a suggestion. After all, the coffee drinker gets to decide how much espresso or water will go into his or her Americano.

FAQ's about Americano Coffee

The distinctive taste of Americano makes it one of the most favorite drinks of java lovers. It is traditionally made by diluting your espresso shots with the same amount of hot water. This provides a unique flavor compared to traditional coffee with almost the same caffeine strength.

Americano is versatile, it enables you to add water of your choice depending on the taste preference and texture. You can add water, sugar, cream, or ice, all of which vary to what you want.

Is An Americano Stronger Than Coffee

As a coffee connoisseur, you know the difference between traditional drip coffee and Americano. Though the caffeine content of these two may slightly be different but not much. They may look similar in appearance but their texture and strength vary.

A double shot espresso turned americano can have between 94-150mg of caffeine. While coffee has around 95-200mg caffeine. Single espresso shot has about 47-75mg of caffeine. These two have different processes of brewing and preparation.

How Does Starbucks Make An Americano

Starbucks americano style is different compared to what we normally do but the flavor and taste are almost the same. The popular cafe company is known for its great-tasting coffee.

Starbucks pour the 2 parts of espresso as soon as they are brewed into the cup and immediately pour boiled/hot water to produce that perfect crema with a light layer.


One of the best ways to get familiar with how to make an americano perfectly is by repeating the process. experiment and try new recipes once you reach that taste you like the most. You can add sugar, cream, or ice later on.

Drinking java is not just a daily routine but it represents a unique lifestyle. Enjoy every sip and let it take you to a new world of flavor and texture.

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