How To Use A French Press Like A Pro Barista

Last Update: March 26, 2021
If you've never tasted a coffee from a French Press, you can't call yourself a coffee aficionado. The process is simple: Read along for more tips to become a pro!

There’s just something special about a French press that captivates every coffee aficionados love for java. The simplicity of a plunger, filter, fresh coffee beans, and the right pressure of hot water creates a stunning earthly flavorful cup of hot coffee instantly. However, understanding the key secret of using a French press is something you have to perfect over time.

There are known techniques on how to create pure excellence. French press coffee maker’s key secret is all about your grind. You have to go for a medium grind as finely ground coffee beans will result in a muddy cup, while coarse grinds tend to clog over your coffee filter.

Did you know that the French Press was invented in the middle of the 1800s in France? Over time, word of mouth and personal experience help spread the technique, and more coffee purists embrace this method. Later on, the process gained a few names aside you might be familiar with. Like plunger pot, melior, press pot, plunger coffee, and French Press. Which one do you prefer to call this method then? 

How To Make French Press Coffee Like A Pro

If you are new to French Press machines, we have a short, simple, and easy yet comprehensive guide on making coffee in a French Press like a pro. First things first, you have to prepare your favorite coffee maker; if you don’t have one yet, you can find the best top-rated French Press coffee maker here.

Did we mention the key secret to an excellent French Press coffee experience is the perfect grind? The right coffee grinder to do the job. Read along and get to know more about the wonderful world of java through French Press brewing technology. It’s health benefits and why you should indulge in this brewing method with guilt-free features.

How To Use A Coffee Press: Easy Guide For The Barista In You

There are specific factors to practice to get the rich-tasting, excellently luxurious coffee blend French Press offers. It can be overwhelming, and you may be at that certain point of brewing your freshly ground coffee beans today, but get hold of it; we are taking you to a portal where perfect coffee is served. Like how you want it, the trick is, you can instantly be the master barista without leaving your home!

When you’ve heard that patience is a virtue, that means you have to let the coffee soak a little bit into your hot water before pressing the plunger and extracting that flavorful coffee oil out of your beans.

Nothing beats the best cup of java than using freshly ground coffee beans. The genuine taste, rich aroma, and flavorful coffee brewing process add beauty to its taste. Now, grinding is essential to this technique. Not too fine and not too coarse. A medium grind is perfect for that excellent java experience.

Secura French Press Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

Here’s how to use French press like barista pro with a few steps!

  • Add your freshly grounds coffee beans to your java maker. You can check the right java serving the ideal for how much ratio would be needed. 
  • Pour the boiled water into your French Press and let it sit there for a minute. You can do halves of the hot water first and add the remaining later on. Wait until your coffee grounds bloom perfectly. 
  • Now add the remaining hot water into your French Press. 3 minutes is ideal. However, if you like your coffee to be stronger, you can let it sit a few more times.
  • Now the exciting part, you can press the plunger slowly. There is no need to use all your strength; the weight of your hand would be enough to do the job perfectly.
  • Serve and, of course, enjoy it while it’s hot. 

Enjoying a lovely flavorful hot java is not your thing, especially during the hot summer season? A French Press is as versatile as your taste for perfection. You can have that icy java on-the-move. The process from above is almost the same, sans boiling water in the process.

With your freshly grind beans to brew, add them into your room temperature water. Your ratio will depend on the serving of java that you will make. Mix your beans into the water, let it sit into the coffee press while keeping the plunger and lid as they are. There should be no pressing until the next day. Keep your French Press inside the fridge for the whole night. When you wake up or ready for those cold drinks, you can press the plunger down. Icy nice shot of flavorful java!

The Best French Press Coffee Maker To Buy

There is a myriad of French Press coffee machines that promise excellent. However, not all of these products have the ease of use, giving you a flavorful cup of piping hot java. With the right water ratio over freshly ground coffee beans and the perfect brewing machine to keep your cup of coffee as it should be, less the bitter taste we don’t want in our morning sips.

It may take a few minutes to prepare your java cup, but it’s all worth the time you have for an excellent experience. We have gathered the best practices when preparing a lovely French Press for every java connoisseur out there.

  • One of the ideal preparations for your brewing machine is to rinse it with warm water before the process.
  • Coarse ground coffee makes flavorful coffee from French Press brewing machines.
  • Balance is the secret to success. This means one tablespoon of coffee grounds over a cup of water. You can play with the water over grounds ratio over time but in the meantime, stick to standards until you’re ready to explore.
  • If there is leftover brewed coffee, transfer them over to a carafe to retain its flavor. Otherwise, it will be bitter to taste.
  • Maintenance and cleaning your brewing machine is a must. That way, there are no grounds of residue left that may affect your next brew.

Features Of A Good Coffee Grinder To Check

When we say a good coffee grinder, we don’t just pertain to an arbitrary alone. This means we carefully and intensively check features that meet our high standard. Like how you want your coffee, simply the best among the rest. Not just an ordinary cup, but every cup represents your lifestyle.

Remember that a coffee grinder will make or break your coffee experience, especially if you want only the most excellent brewed coffee today. One of the main reasons and probably the most important one is the right flavors. That alone is enough reason to find the most excellent coffee grinder today with updated features and ease of use.

Your grinder is the key secret to excellence, especially for most java connoisseurs. A simple change of ratio and settings while using the same coffee grounds for your experiment will enable you to explore limitless boundaries in the world of java.

Manual Coffee Mill Grinder with Ceramic Burrs

Don’t settle for the second-best. We have the most excellent selections in the market when it comes to grinders. Knowing what you need may alter when you encounter a myriad of selections. From a blade to burr grinder and manual to automatic grinders offered by most brewing machines for your coffee grounds.

Best Tasting Coffee Selections

Brewed coffee is a representation of your lifestyle. Whether you like your grounds, dark roasts, blonde roast, caramel drizzles all fall into every individual style and preference. The truth is not everyone is a java connoisseur. Some need caffeine to get them through the day. Like an essential routine before leaving your home.

While others need the aroma to keep them pumping and productive. Like it’s an important part of your daily routine. It runs into your blood, and you only want what’s best. There may be a myriad of selections for the best-tasting coffee grounds in the market.

Like you, we want the most excellent flavor of coffee grounds to meet the highest standard when it comes to java. The selection gives you an endless option, but if you want only the finest. We got it all covered for you.

Why French Press Coffee Is Bad For You

Everybody loves a freshly brewed coffee to complement their day. That includes a smooth, bold, and flavorful luxurious cup of French Press coffee. If you haven’t tried this process, you are missing half of your java existence. The brewing process includes slowly allowing the fresh coffee grounds to bloom into the hot water before pressing your plunger.

In the news or word of mouth, you may have heard that a French press cup of coffee may have setbacks to your health. Studies may show you proof of this, but above all, it’s all about moderation and the right knowledge that keeps what is hazardous to others perfect for someone else.

The brew method for french presses may increase bad cholesterol consumption. That is one of the main dire information and warnings when it comes to enjoying an unfiltered cup of coffee from your French Press Coffee brewing machines.

The truth is, it will not be a risk for your health if your intake is slowly monitored and with precautions. Diterpenes in the coffee oils are produced along the process of not filtering your grounds properly. Though this can raise your ‘bad’ cholesterol level, as long as you can limit your cup of coffee to 3-4 servings, it will be safe.

Is French Press Coffee Better

You certainly are a coffee lover if you have an intensive taste for perfection. The truth is, there is not a single cup of coffee to truly keep you content all your life. As adventurous as your grounds are, you can try a myriad of selections when it comes to the java world.

From drip machines to bold and strong espresso makers, you’ll jump from one coffee maker to another. Explore with different flavors and try cafe shop coffee with great price tags. Purchasing a percolator, grinder, and lastly, a French Press coffee maker to complement your collection.

At the end of the day, you will agree that french Press coffee is simply the best type of coffee to drink. Why? It’s because of the flavorful experience that it offers most java aficionados. Since French press coffee is not filtering the coffee oils, it provides the most excellent coffee experience with little grinds of beans to your every cup.

French Press Coffee

What Kind Of Coffee Do You Use In A French Press

The simplicity of the process makes the French coffee press the top choice for most java aficionados. It can be a simple way to enjoy your beans to cup straight and easy. All you have to do is grind your selected java beans, add your hot water, let it sit for a few minutes, and put on enough pressure to press your plunger.

There’s just one thing you need to remember. The right type of coffee grounds for your French coffee experience. It can be a tricky thing but selecting a coarse ground is the key to a successful process. It will greatly affect the taste of your coffee if you used the wrong type, from muddy to bitter, and all the wasted time and effort in between. 

What Is French Press Coffee

Looking at your French Press machine may feel overwhelming, but honestly, it is not. The process, from preparation, grinding, extraction, and pressing that plunger, is simple. Though not as easy when it comes to using a scoop to turn into a piping warm drink through a coffee pot. Your French press may require a little more effort, but the results it’s incredibly amazing!

French press or others call it a plunger pot, determine the process of brewing your coffee. With the perfect type of java ground, a coarse ground, hot water, soak, and press the plunger, viola, you have a flavorful, excellent luxurious cup like no other. 

How To Make French Press

The method is simple, but you may need to take a few practices to get things right. Well, when it comes to brewing java, nothing beats the method used with complete unfiltered extractions. Now hold on a second; before pressing and extracting your coffee oils with your presser, you have to let the coffee steep for a while.

Around a minute to let your beans bloom and another couple to three minutes before adding pressure down to the pot. Most beginners are looking for easy ways on how to use a French Press. This comprehensive guide and all the things you need to know about this method will help you get through and have a better java experience.


You may be surprised that it is convenient and easy for the record as it may seem to get your ideal drink with a few efforts beforehand. Using a French Press is genuinely easy with a continuous process, improvement, and the right selection of grounds. You can instantly transform your daily routine into a magical encounter with every single brewed cup.

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