Coffee has become a necessity for a lot of people. A day isn’t complete without smelling the aroma of beans and tasting the bitterness of the blends. Gone are the days that arabica coffee is only for morning consumption. Nowadays, people have a french press and drink the brew any time of the day. A man who wants to stay awake at night drinks the best kicking horse coffee. A group of friends hanging out again after a busy day may enjoy medium roast, fair trade beans at leisure. A lady who’s waiting for her next meeting drinks the same beverage. It is safe to say that coffee became an addiction for some, and it feels good in a certain way. When we talk about the best coffee beans in the world, Kicking Horse three sisters will cross your mind. This company has some of the best blends that are loved by many. Their beans have a high demand in the market, and a lot of consumers can justify its popularity. So, if you are one of those who doesn’t know much about this brand, this Kicking Horse Coffee review is for you.

Two of the most favorite products from this company are the Cliff Hanger Espresso and Kick Ass. They are the most popular blends in the market, though the other choices can bring a different kind of pleasure as well.

Cliffhanger Espresso Kicking Horse Coffee

As the name says, this fair trade blend with lovely tasting notes was created for every espresso lover. But this does not mean that you cannot use this for other brewing preferences. Different people have used these medium roast beans in making an excellent French Press brew. This kind of beans is very versatile and is excellent for a medium level of roasting.

If you are looking for a bean that will focus on the crema, then this is not the right one for you. Cliffhanger espresso focuses on the body and taste. You will be surprised by the very smooth yet very distinctive taste caused by the sweet smoky espresso blended with the Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger. No bitterness and no burning aftertaste, just a little acidity.

This blend is a strong coffee, and Cliffhanger Espresso does a great job of starting every morning when needed. Once you have tasted a shot of this sweet smoky medium roast espresso blend, you will never wish to buy any other fair trade beans. The perfect shot of horse coffee kick ass will change your perspective about espresso.

Kick Ass Dark Roast Kicking Horse Coffee

If you are a fan of dark roasts, then this kicking horse espresso review is perfect for you. Kick Ass Dark Roast is loved by people who are experiencing an upset stomach due to coffee because it is friendly to the stomach. With the very dark roasted blend, you will know the difference between pain and pleasure. Another great thing about Kick Ass Dark Roast it is bolder due to the soluble solids content and has more ashes that quickly dissolve in water.

While you are worried about bean personality evaporating with dark roasts, the Kick Ass Dark Roast will never bring this kind of trouble with you. It will surprise you as you taste your first cup. With Kick Ass Dark Roast, you might change your ideas about dark roast tasting notes.

What is Kicking Horse Coffee?

Hola Ground

Smart Ass Ground

Kick Ass Ground

454 Horse Power Ground

Three Sisters Ground

Grizzly Claw Ground

This is an organic fairtrade Canada-based company located in the Rocky Mountains of Invermere, BC. When Leo Johnson and Elena Rosenfeld started the company in the year 1996, it was solely an organic home-based business. One of the best things about the company, and many people will agree, is their value that is not profit-centered. The business has established a beautiful relationship with the industry and society. The company is one of the first ten companies to support and sign on TransFair Canada. In the year 2015,organic  Kicking Horse coffee flavours was able to make it to the 15 Best Workplaces in Canada, and you can feel it every time you taste their organic blends that is fresh from the coffee grinder.

 In the year 2003, the company chose to roast and sell 100% organic coffee beans and most select beans in the world. In the year 2017, they let go of every organic producer who was not ‘Fair Trade.’

Is Kicking Horse Coffee Low Acid?

Talking about sweet smoky coffee will eventually lead you to mention about acid. Most lovers develop a high acidity level. But that is not the thing with this type of organic beans. The blends available from this company are very low in acid, and the explanation is simple – they support organic and fairtrade beans that were roasted in the Rocky Mountains and were steeped for more or less 20 hours. Their coffee is deep, dark, unsweetened, delicious black, refreshing, low-calorie, and of course, low in acid. This is the best kicking horse coffee flavor you can find. Read one of the kicking horse coffee three sisters review before trying one and you will be astonished by how your stomach loves the tasting notes.  

How Much Caffeine is in Kicking Horse?

For those who are new with caffeine, this is an odorless alkaloid in the green coffee bean. Caffeine is also present in some plants such as cocoa, tea, guarana, kola, and yerba mate. For the record, caffeine is an ingredient in carbonated drinks and over-the-counter medicines for cold, cough, and pain solutions. Caffeine is the most common psychoactive stimulant utilized by people, and it speeds up the central nervous system. Caffeine is one of the reasons why a person who wants to stay active and alive drinks at night or at any time of the day.

Now, how much caffeine is in this brand? Let’s take a cup of blended coffee from the company. The mug is composed of 98.6% of water, and the remaining 1.4% is the dissolved coffee solids. So, how much caffeine is present in that 1.4% coffee? Only 1.2% of that 1.4% of coffee is caffeine. To make it simple, an average cup of Kicking Horse coffee has 0.0168% caffeine.

If you purchase a can of cold-brewed coffee, a Kick Ass can have 205mg of caffeine, and a Smart Ass will have 230mg of caffeine.

What is the best Kicking Horse Coffee?

There is no accurate answer to this question. The best blend from them will depend on the person’s preferences when it comes to beans and coffee. We have mentioned two of the best coffees, which are Cliffhanger Espresso and Kick Ass Dark Roast. But there are three more dark roast blends – the 454 Horse Power, Grizzly Claw, and Three Sisters – and these blends are evenly great. 

454 Horse Power – another dark blend from Kicking Horse is the 454 Horse Power. But its difference from Kick Ass is the origin of the beans, which is from Indonesia. Many coffee lovers like this blend more than the well-known Kick Ass.

Grizzly Claw – this blend is somewhat similar with the Kick Ass, but with a distinctive taste of great dark chocolate. When you are looking for a dark roast that will bring you a different flavor, Grizzly Claw is the most recommended blend for you. The coffee aroma stays because the Kick Ass beans come from South American and Central American origin, and was for dark roasting.

Three Sisters – you might have heard a lot of good things about Three Sisters, and this is one of the company’s lightest roast – a medium. This blends’ taste will remind you of cocoa and toasted coconut. Three Sisters is best for those who love cold brew and French press. 

The best coffee for you may not be the best for someone else. Some also prefer beans that are friendly to their best home espresso machine. So, there is no argument with this one and enjoy your favorite blend.

Kicking Horse Coffee Reviews Conclusion

Kicking Horse Coffee beans and blends are for those who have an adventurous heart. The business’ products have exciting pairing options and complex flavor profiles, and if you enjoy this kind of taste for your coffee, then this is perfect for you. 

This brand is one of the best coffee houses in Canada. People love them because of their aromatic and exciting coffee, and also for their vision of helping the community and living life to the fullest. The company provides coffee options that you will never forget. This Kicking House Coffee review provides insights into the various flavors of this unique brand. It also provides more options and flavors to try.

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