Percolator vs drip coffee

Percolator Coffee vs. Drip

world. Yet, some people think that percolators can do the process better. So, we came up to this thought – percolator vs. drip coffeemaker: which is better? This time, we will make a percolator coffee vs drip comparison and see which one is better than the other.

The percolator coffee maker has been popular during the 1950s to 1960s. During these years, this is considered a common household item that is responsible for making quite a strong blend of coffee. But the popularity of percolators started to fade during the 1970s because some automatic drip coffee makers joined the picture. As its name says, this coffee maker can do the coffee-making process automatically, producing a full-flavored drink with ease.

Percolator Coffee Maker

  • The brewing process is percolation
  • Coffee extraction speed is between 5-10 minutes
  • The effort required is minimal

Drip Coffeemaker

  • The brewing process is drip/filtration
  • Coffee extraction speed is between 5-10 minutes
  • The effort required is minimal

Breaking it Down

There are three essential categories that we need to discuss when it comes to comparing the percolator with the drip coffeemaker. The winner of each category will be given a point, and the winner will be the coffee maker that gets most points. The three categories are:

  • The method or process of brewing the coffee
  • The required time for making coffee
  • The ease to use and effort needed when using the device

Brewing Technology

The two coffee makers have different ways when making coffee. This difference explains why you will end up with a unique cup of coffee whenever you use any of the two coffeemakers. The question is which method can produce the best cup? We will find out here.


The coffee percolator makes coffee using the process called percolation. With this device, you will have different chambers for coffee grounds and water, and a central tube that vertically runs through the pot. The water chamber is underneath the coffee chamber. The pot is heated till the water boils, goes up to the central tube, and flows out above the ground coffee before it will seep back into the water chamber. The cycle will continue until the coffee is ready.

Drip Coffee maker

With making your drink using this coffee maker, you will need a filter where you can place the coffee grounds. Then you will need to pour the hot water over the coffee filter. Your coffee grounds will stay in the coffee filter as the hot water extracts its taste and brings it down to the pot.

When you purchase a modern model, you can enjoy an automated process of making your drink. Technology has done its part to improve the product, so you will have a component that is responsible for pouring water evenly to the top of coffee beans, and the machine will handle the rest of the process. The automation process of drip coffee makers was the reason why percolators lost its popularity in the market.

Winner: In this category, drip coffee makers won over percolators. The two principal reasons are a better quality blend of drink and convenience.

Coffee Extraction Speed

The next category is speed. We will know which coffee maker can brew a drink faster.


The required time with percolating coffee will depend on the type of product that you are using. But the usual process will take around five to ten minutes. If you are using stovetop percolators, your drink will be ready in five minutes. But if you have electric percolators, it will take seven to ten minutes before you will enjoy your blend of drink.

Drip Coffeemaker

A drip coffee maker can prepare your blend of drink between five to ten minutes as well. Some factors that will affect the brewing time are how strong you want your coffee and the number of cups that you wish to make.

Winner: In this category, we can call it a tie between the two coffeemakers since their average brewing time is between five to ten minutes.

Effort Required

The last category that we will discuss is the effort that you need to use each coffeemaker. 


Considering the type of device that you will use, a percolator is rather straightforward. If you are using a stovetop model, you need to keep an eye on the process because your drink may burn. The electric model is more convenient to use since you don’t need to think about cooking the coffee or boiling the water.

Drip Coffeemaker

The unmatched convenience of this machine is the top reason why coffee lovers prefer this than a percolator. You can simply add water and coffee, press the on button, and after a while, you can enjoy your fresh and tasty blend of drink.

Winner: For this category, a drip coffee maker grabs the point again. Though the two devices will only require minimal effort with making a drink, the automated process of this machine wins the battle. You can leave your coffee and enjoy a cup of it after doing other things that you need to do.

After all the research and comparison, it’s safe to say that drip coffeemakers win over the percolators. The convenience that any user can enjoy using this coffeemaker is unmatched, and this is the reason why the product became more popular over the decades.

Drip Coffee Machine Keurig vs Percolator

Keurig is known to be a dream come true for many coffee lovers. With this machine, you don’t need to wait for so long to taste your favorite drink. Say goodbye to filling up a big pot or measuring out the messy coffee grinds since Keurig is here to rescue you.

The Keurig machines were not only designed for brewing coffee. You can also make your hot chocolate, tea, or other hot beverages that you wanted to drink for the day. Using the K-Cup or Vue Cup, the grounds are pre-measured. In as fast as 60 seconds, your drink is ready to be delivered by Keurig.

If you want to know more about this machine, its pros and cons are as follow:


  • Enjoy your instant drink in a minute without instant flavor
  • It is not limited to coffee. You can also make hot chocolate, hot tea, lemonade, lattes, and more
  • Choose your desired size from 4 oz to travel size
  • The drink is pre-measured which means no mess and no wasted coffee
  • The machine can heat the water itself
  • Excellent drink at a lower price than buying from local coffee shops
  • Buy K-cups from a local grocery store


  • The machine is a bit expensive
  • You are missing many features with a low-end Keurig. Some of them are heat strength, brew strength, and smaller water reservoirs
  • You can only make a single-serve coffee at once, so it will not suit a group
  • Since it is a drip coffeemaker, you cannot have the thick and creamy flavor like the other coffees
  • VUE is a new machine so you will have limited options with the flavors

Considering the pros and cons of Keurig, you will find that the advantages strongly outweigh the cons. Paying the high price of the product will be worth it as you keep on using the machine. The fact that you can make a drink in less than a minute and the chance to choose the flavor that you want is a big reason to go for Keurig.


For those who consider this machine as their coffeemaker, here are the pros and cons of this device.


  • The machine will brew your coffee at a high temperature, which means you will get the best taste of your drink.
  • You will get a more robust and tastier brewed coffee with this device. 
  • The non-automatic models will allow you to control the brewing time.
  • The machine is perfect for outdoor use.
  • Coffee lovers who are into vintage will love the design of this device.
  • This device is very durable that you can bring and use it anywhere.


  • Over-extraction can happen anytime with this machine, and you will end up with a bitter drink. 
  • With this, you cannot specify the temperature, which is a crucial factor in making the best drink.
  • You will have a slower time using this method compared to the other available means. Time is an essential factor for coffee enthusiasts because most of them want to drink instantly.
  • The cleaning process can be complicated because you will need to remove and rinse various parts of the device.

Which is better: Drip or Percolator Coffee?

Percolated coffee and dripped coffee are both popular up to these days. But have you ever wondered the difference between these two? What makes people want the percolator method while others go with the other method?

Here is a summary that will help you in determining how drip coffee is different percolator coffee.

  • Coffee lovers who make dripped coffee filter their drink using a paper, and this eliminates almost all the coffee oils and fines. While for the coffee percolator, they don’t usually use paper filters, and this ends up with an oily coffee.
  • Drip coffee is made using a single speed, so if you want to make your brew stronger, you need to add more grounds of coffee. Percolators work differently. The taste and strongness of your drink will depend on the time you give for the process. If you want a bitter drink that can kick off your day, simply percolate the ground coffee longer, and you can enjoy your blend of drink. 
  • You can purchase an electric model or a stovetop model. For those who want an automatic model, they must have the electric one. But for those who are planning to use a machine during outdoor trips like camping or hiking, the non-electric model is perfect! For drip coffee makers, they are not portable, and it cannot do its purpose without the help of electricity. That’s why for those who love the magic of drip coffee makers, they usually get an alternative method when electricity is not available, or they will need to brew coffee outdoors.

Which is the better method of making coffee?

If you want to get the most out of your money, the percolating process can do it. With the best coffee maker, it can brew the tastiest and strongest blend of drink. But if you are a coffee lover who is not into the bitter taste of coffee, then you may like the idea of making a coffee using the dripping process. 

Individuals who haven’t tried making a percolated coffee must try this method once or twice so they can determine if this brewing process can meet their preference when it comes to coffee. The percolator method can be done with a single serve coffee maker, and you can make a great blend for yourself.

What is the Best Coffee to use in a Percolator?

When it comes to choosing the coffee for the percolating, you will have a lot of choices in the list. The market will offer you a variety of coffee and brands, but for a percolator, the best coffee is a medium roast from your favorite brand.

The top 6 coffee that you can choose from are:

  1. Sumatran Coffee
  2. Colombian Coffee
  3. Ethiopian Coffee
  4. Guatemala Coffee
  5. Kenyan Coffee
  6. Peruvian Coffee

Can you use Drip Coffee in a Percolator?

Since the filter that is used with this machine is not as fine as the filter that you can find in a drip coffee maker, so using a drip coffee in this machine is not a good idea. This means that the finely ground coffee may settle in the bottom of the pot. If you want to achieve the best coffee blend with percolator, you will need coarse ground coffee.


To summarize this percolated coffee vs. drip coffee comparison, here are some of the essential things that you need to keep in mind with choosing between these two methods.

Brew Strength and Flavor

If you want to make strong and bitter drinks, then you will go with a percolator. But if you prefer a light taste, dripped coffee is best for you.

Brew Size

If drinking coffee with a big group is your thing, you should go with percolator because they can make a large amount of coffee in a single process. If you are drinking as a couple or a group of 4, dripped coffee is enough to meet the needed number of cups.


When it comes to convenience, a drip coffee maker takes the spot since it can automate the heating and brewing time. Even the cheapest model can do it. However, you can get a percolator at an affordable price compared to a drip coffee maker. So if you are considering your budget, the percolator is the way to go.

Any of these options can give you a great blend of coffee without burning your pocket. But the most important thing, whether you have a percolator coffee vs drip, is to enjoy every sip of your cup to get you ready for the day. 

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